News & What's New - May 2013
Italian Lord Tyger
26 May 2013
Mondadori published this month, May, a new Italian edition of Farmer's Lord Tyger. It was published in the Urania Collezione series, No. 124.
This is the third Italian publication, the previous two were published 20 and 40 years ago.

The Urania series of books cannot be bought in the (online) bookshops, only through the newsstands and kiosks in Italy. The series is treated as a magazine, which it originally was.
I hope to get a copy soon for my collection.

Franco Brambilla
The Scarlet Jaguar cover
15 May 2013
Here is a "Work in Progress" photo of Mark Sparacio's (website and Facebook page) cover painting for Win Scott Ekert's novel, called The Scarlet Jaguar.

The book, a sequel to The Evil in Pemberley House, will be published by Meteor House in July 2013. You can preorder your copy now! One could buy the book for the cover alone (sorry Win...).
Riverworld War
8 May 2013
Farmer had to cut in the manuscript of the fourth Riverworld novel, The Magic Labyrinth, because it had become too long.
PJF: «I made great slashes in the novel. Result: the reader of the fourth and final book in the series will know that many of the characters more or less prominent in the first three books had died during the battle. But the reader won't know how they died or why.»

How they died is told in "Riverworld War", five left out chapters of the novel.

Joan Hanke Woods
Artist correction
7 May 2013
Several years ago I received information from someone working at the time at Bantam Books about the name of an uncredited cover artist of the Bantam edition of Doc Savage: His Apocalyptic Life. (1975). The artist was Fred Pfeiffer.

Today I received a correction about the name from Win Scott Eckert. He discovered that the cover of that edition actually had been done by Roger Kastel. See the signed print of this cover, for sale at Kastel's website.

Roger Kastel
5 May 2013
Most of the Farmer fans will know how it all started with the Riverworld series. This is for the few who don't.
Philip José Farmer wrote this: «The first of the Riverworld series was actually written in 1952. This was a 150,000-word novel originally titled Owe for the Flesh. It was written in one month so I could enter it in an international fantasy-science-fiction-award contest. It won, but because of circumstances I won't go into here, it was never published and I got only a fraction of the money due me.»

Twelve years later, in 1964, he dusted off the unpublished novel and tried to sell it to some publishers. With no luck. Until the editor of Galaxy magazine, Fred Pohl, wanted to publish it in parts, as novelettes, in the sister magazine Worlds of Tomorrow.
In the same period as the two parts "Day of the Great Shout" (January 1965) and  "The Suicide Express" (March 1966) were published, came the first of the so called side stream stories, "Riverworld" (January 1966).

There exists three versions of the novelette or novella "Riverworld". The first two do not differ very much. The third version is nearly three times as long as the first. With this version Farmer declared he was satisfied.

I'm satisfied with the restyling of this story page...


Added Books
One new addition on the book pages this month.

Lord Tyger
The Italian reissue from Mondadori, 2013.

These are the numbers for the book pages this month.

1781 publications
1165 different covers

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