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Sherlock Holmes and Greystoke
30 Jun 2013
Atlantis in Germany published the translation of The Peerless Peer as Sherlock Holmes und die Legende von Greystoke.
The book contains the original Foreword and the Editor's Comments, both by Philip José Farmer. Also the Afterword by Win Scott Eckert, which he wrote for the Titan Books edition in 2011.

And finally a brand new Foreword to the German edition, "Der Napoleon des Crossovers" (The Napoleon of the Crossovers) by Christian Endres.

Christian Endres writes very enthusiastic about this novel. The crossover genre has a lot to thank Farmer for, because he paved the way for this genre with fictional characters and real historical persons together in one story. The fictional characters as if they were also real, and the real historical people as if they were still living.
Endres: «Es erfüllt mich daher mit großer Freude, vermittelnd dabei geholfen zu haben, diesen Kurzroman erstmals vollständig auf Deutsch zu präsentieren...»

I received the trade paperback and hope to receive the announced hardcover very soon.
Savage Shadow
28 Jun 2013
How did Kenneth Robeson, author of many of the Doc Savage novels, get the idea for this series? Well, leave it to Philip José Farmer to come up with the answer.
You'll find it in his novelette "Savage Shadow", originally published in the by Byron Preiss edited anthology Weird Heroes - Volume 8 (1977).

Another story page restyled.

Steve Hickman
Received The Mad Goblin
27 Jun 2013
Titan Books published this month a reissue of The Mad Goblin, the third novel in the Lord Grandrith / Doc Caliban series. It is also a novel in the Wold Newton Universe.

From the back cover: «They were known simply as the Nine. Thirty thousand years ago, these grim and ancient rulers discovered the key to eternal life, and the power to hold the world in thrall.»

This edition has a brand new afterword by Win Scott Eckert, which brings «A Chronology of Major Events Pertinent to Philip José Farmer's Secrets of the Nine Series
Eckert states that Farmer's Secrets of the Nine novels – the Lord Grandrith / Doc Caliban series – take place in a parallel universe to the mainstream Wold Newton Universe.
Interview with Mike Croteau
18 Jun 2013
Below you can see two books, coming from Meteor House. Michael Croteau, webmaster of the Official Philip José Farmer Web Page, is the publisher of Meteor House. He also publishes the annual series The Worlds of Philip José Farmer.

Anthony R. Cardno is intrigued by Meteor House, which he calls: "One of my favorite independent publishers". Reason why he interviews Mike Croteau. Read the interesting Interview online.

Keith Howell
Cover of Doc Savage: His Apocalyptic Life
18 Jun 2013
In July 2013 Meteor House publishes Philip José Farmer's fictional biography of Doc Savage. It will be published in a Deluxe Hardcover, with lots of extra material, written especially for this edition.

The book can be preordered from Meteor House!

Next to the Deluxe Hardcover there will be an edition in trade paperback – and also an e-book – from Altus Press. They will release them after the publication of the hardcover.
Cover of The Scarlet Jaguar
17 Jun 2013
Mark Sparacio finished the cover illustration and design for The Scarlet Jaguar by Win Scott Eckert, a sequel to The Evil in Pemberly House.

The book will be published by Meteor House in July 2013. You can preorder your copy now! Do not wait too long for it.
Italian Lord Tyger received
11 Jun 2013
Claudio Bovino from Milan in Italy helped me out in getting me a copy of the new Italian edition of Philip José Farmer's Lord Tyger. Published by Mondadori in the Urania Collezione series, No. 124.
I received my copy last week. Mille grazie Claudio!

Next to an essay about the life and work of Farmer, there is also a bibliography with the translated publications in Italy of all of his books and stories.

Franco Brambilla
False information
11 Jun 2013
The previous update mentioned the restyling of the story page with "Sail On! Sail On!". I came across false information about a non-existing Gollancz (UK) edition of A Century of Science Fiction, 1971. That entry was deleted from the list.
But now I deleted another entry, of the same anthology. This time of a US edition.

At first I had the information of a Simon & Schuster reprint of 1976, but it seemed that it had been published by Amereon Ltd. instead. So I corrected the entry. You can find this information on lots of places on the internet, but nowhere is there a picture of the cover. I have tried to order a copy of that edition, but received a copy of the 1962 Simon & Schuster Book Club Edition, without the dustjacket.
Also I could get no confirmation from the sellers of the Amereon Ltd. edition, that it actually was from Amereon.
My conclusion: we have another non-existing edition, and for that reason I deleted the entry from the story page.
There are now 'only' 73 publications of the story.

H. Laurence Hoffman
What if the Earth was flat?
6 Jun 2013
With "Sail On! Sail On!" Philip José Farmer not only wrote a great alternative-history story. It might also be —as far as I know— the first Steampunk story, written thirty-five years before anyone had ever heard of this theme in science fiction.
In more than one case Farmer was far ahead of his time...
"Sail On! Sail On!" was and still is a very wonderful and brilliant short story to read.

I needed a lot of time with the update and restyling of the story page. Because of missing information, wrong information, and newly discovered publications. I had to check and recheck a lot, and ordered many items I didn't yet have in my collection.
There are for instance three different publications of the hardcover Worlds of Maybe (1970), an anthology edited by Robert Silverberg, instead of the one I had. Wrong information about a Simon & Schuster hardcover reprint of A Century of Science Fiction (1976), edited by Damon Knight. This reprint is from Amereon Ltd. I'm still waiting for my ordered copy.
Not only did St. Martin's Press publish a hardcover of Decade the 1950s (1978), edited by Brian W. Aldiss & Harry Harrison, but also a trade paperback in 1979.
There was also information on a non-existing reprint of A Century of Science Fiction by Gollancz (UK) in 1971. I have searched for a long time but found no proof of this reprint, not even with the mentioned ISBN 0-575-00817-2. Maybe there has been a mix-up with the publication by the Book Club Associates (UK) in 1972. In several cases I saw the two publishers, Gollancz and BCA, mentioned together with the book of 1971 or 1972.

I discovered an Italian publication I didn't know of before, in the textbook I lunari contro i solani (1992), also a publication in Kazakhstan (a 'new' country in the bibliography) in 1992 with the translated novel Пробуждение каменного Бога (The Stone God Awakens), and two Russian publications.
There are now 74 publications worldwide of "Sail On! Sail On!", see the story page. I think I take some rest now...

Clifford D. Simak Bibliography
2 Jun 2013
Last month I got an email from Ralf Lux, Potsdam, in Germany. He let me know that his website with Clifford D. Simak - The International Bibliography had started. It was published online on the same date that Simak died 25 years ago.

According to the credits my website inspired him to do the same for Simak. And Ralf did a wonderful and thoroughly good job with the bibliography. I have tried to find some omissions in his bibliography, but I did not succeed. On the contrary, his bibliography even helped me in some cases to verify data of books with stories by Simak and Farmer.
I'm much impressed by the quality of Ralf's International Bibliography of Clifford D. Simak.

There are a few other pretty good International Bibliographies, but not always as complete with details of the publishing history or the cover scans as this Simak bibliography. See for instance the sites for Robert Silverberg, Harry Harrison, Tanith Lee, and Jack Vance.

Clifford D. Simak

Added Books
Two new additions on the book pages this month.

The Mad Goblin
The reissue from Titan Books (UK), 2013.

The Peerless Peer
Atlantis published the German translation, Sherlock Holmes und die Legende von Greystoke, in trade paperback (2013).

These are the numbers for the book pages this month.

1783 publications
1167 different covers

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