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St. Francis Kisses His Ass Goodbye
29 Nov 2013
This is a time travel story, where Saint Francis, founder in A.D. 1210 of the Friars Minor, the Lesser Brothers, is transported many centuries into the future.

"St. Francis Kisses His Ass Goodbye" was first published in Semiotext[e], Issue 14 (1989). This periodical was brought by the anarchist publishing collective Autonomedia. It intended not to publish 'standard' science fiction with this issue. The editors succeeded with these intentions, there is nothing standard with Farmer's or anyone else's story.

Mike Saenz
A Russian spy
28 Nov 2013
Philip José Farmer wrote several stories that were not sold or published at the time of their writing. He stashed them away in his archives.
Many years later he gave his permission to publish these stories in the fanzine Farmerphile.

Charles Berlin

The funny story "A Spy in the U.S. of Gonococcia" was published in issue number 8, of April 2007, and later included in the collection Up from the Bottomless Pit and Other Stories.

Keith Howell
Two publications added
26 Nov 2013
On the same day this week I received from two people the information about two not yet listed publications.

The first was from William Taylor. He discovered another copy of The Cache, that looks nearly identical to the second printing from Pinnacle/Tor. It has the same ISBN, price and cover, but the publisher's name has changed. The book gives no date and no printing information.

The second is from Fred Fischer. He found a second printing of Lord der Sterne (Knaur, 1980). This is the German translation of A Private Cosmos.

Both publications are added in the bibliography.
Thank you William and Fred!

Eric Ladd

Wojtek Siudmak
Thieves' World with big spiders
24 Nov 2013
In the late 1970s Robert Lynn Asprin created the Thieves' World series. It's a shared world series with 'sword and sorcery' adventures by many different authors. Well known authors of that period like John Brunner, Poul Anderson, Joe Haldeman, Marion Zimmer Bradley, A.E. van Vogt, Vonda McIntyre, C.J. Cherryh, and many others.

And an adventure by Philip José Farmer, "Spiders of the Purple Mage". His story was published in the second anthology of the Thieves' World series, Tales from the Vulgar Unicorn (Ace, 1980).
The series was a huge succes. Ace Books printed this anthology 22 times. Later Tor Books took over the series with trade paperback omnibuses. These are still available as print-on-demand books.

I had to check and recheck a lot of publications, and found several previously unknown ones. See the restyled story page for the complete coverage.

I also found an Ukrainian publication of the story in a World of Tiers omnibus, with the novels A Private Cosmos and Behind the Walls of Terra. These books have been added on their own pages as well.

Jean P. Target
Le saigneur de la jungle
15 Nov 2013
Fred Fischer made another great discovery. No idea how he found this magazine in or around his hometown Houston (TX, USA), because it's an old French men's magazine, but in Lui –Le magazine de l'homme moderne– of June 1974 are excerpts of Phil Farmer's in French translated novel La Jungle Nue (A Feast Unknown).

Two page illustration: Pascalini

The excerpts, with the title "Le saigneur de la jungle", is added in the bibliography on its own story page.
Two years later the same French title, Le saigneur de la jungle, was used for the translation of The Adventure of the Peerless Peer.

The Song of Kwasin excerpt
7 Nov 2013
Last year, 2012, saw the publication of the omnibus Gods of Opar: Tales of Lost Khokarsa. The omnibus included all three Opar / Khokarsa novels, the third of which saw its first publication with this book.
Four years before that an excerpt, a complete chapter, of the third novel, The Song of Kwasin was published in Farmerphile No. 13. It wetted our appetites for the final novel, for which we had to wait another few years.

The story page of the excerpt, "The Song of Kwasin", has now been restyled. Still twenty five story pages to go before they are all done.

Vladimir Verano
The New Tomorrows continued
6 Nov 2013
With the previous entry I mentioned two slightly different editions of The New Tomorrows, edited by Norman Spinrad, from Belmont Towers in 1973.
I assumed that the printing with only the price in upper right cover would be the 'first' of the two. This based on the fact only that I already had that printing for some time.

But I checked further, on ISFDB for instance, and found that all the books from Belmont Towers in 1972 and 1973, that ISFDB had a cover scan of, had the same 'logo' as shown in the previous entry. Not one cover has only t
he price printed in the upper right corner.
Later years had a somewhat different logo, but all with the letters BT in it.
So I now count the one with the 'logo' as the real first of the two and the other, with only the price, as an unstated reprint.

Tim O'Brien
The New Tomorrows
6 Nov 2013
Norman Spinrad edited in 1971 the anthology The New Tomorrows for publisher Belmont Books. Spinrad even dedicated the book to Philip José Farmer. His story "The Jungle Rot Kid on the Nod" is included in the anthology.

The publisher, by then changed to Belmont Tower Books, reprinted the anthology in 1973. All this was already known, and included on the story page.
But Fred Fischer (thanks!) discovered another printing of the same 1973 book, and sent me a copy. There is only a small change on a part of the cover.

On one copy is only the price printed in the upper right corner: 95¢.
The other printing shows a lot more information, as you can see in the picture. Otherwise the books are exactly the same. No indication in the book of another printing, a Canadian edition, or whatever. We count this as a separate printing in the bibliography.

Tim O'Brien

Added Books
Five new additions on the book pages this month.

Behind the Walls of Terra
Publication in the Ukranian omnibus Пирамидальный мир 2 (Книги 3 и 4) from Gemma, 1993.

The Cache
A not dated reissue  from Tor Books, 1982?

A Private Cosmos
The second printing from German publisher Knaur, 1980.

A Private Cosmos
Publication in the Ukranian omnibus Пирамидальный мир 2 (Книги 3 и 4) from Gemma, 1993.

World of Tiers
The Ukranian omnibus Пирамидальный мир 2 (Книги 3 и 4) from Gemma, 1993.

These are the numbers for the book pages this month.

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