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Another Moebius Trip (# 14)
16 Jul 2014
I also found, see previous entry, a copy of the fanzine Moebius Trip Issue # 14, of July 1972.
This issue has a reprint of an article by Leslie A. Fiedler, Thanks for the Feast: Notes on Philip José Farmer. Moebius Trip brings the original, uncut version, because with the first publication in the book review section of the Los Angeles Times, on April 23, 1972, Fiedler's article was somewhat emasculated, and the title was also changed.
The uncut version was reprinted in The Book of Philip Jose Farmer.

Also in this issue of Moebius Trip is a letter
by Philip José Farmer, in which Phil writes some comments on the essay by Fiedler, and gives some additional information.

William Rotsler
Moebius Trip # 8
14 Jul 2014
Recently received a copy of the fanzine Moebius Trip Issue # 8, of March/April 1971. I had been searching for this for years, like I did and still do with many of the other items with material about Farmer.

The fanzine has an article, Philip José Farmer: Out of Confusion, Surprise, by Ed Conner, but his article is mainly a reprint of a newspaper article that Jerry Klein wrote for the Peoria Journal Star.
Fortuitously Terry Bibo mentions this and other newspaper articles by Jerry Klein in her essay in the  anthology The Worlds of Philip José Farmer (4): Voyages to Strange Days.

In the same issue of Moebius Trip is a report of Pecon 2, where Farmer was a guest of honor. His "Guest of Honor Speech" at that convention is also in the above mentioned anthology. Coincidences?

David Lewton
Very interesting anthology
11 Jul 2014
I have read and indexed most of the entries in the new anthology The Worlds of Philip José Farmer (4): Voyages to Strange Days. It is again a very interesting collection of essays and stories, with lots of information on PJF's work.

The essays in the section "Peoria-Colored Worlds" all show how little Farmer was known in the US and especially in his hometown Peoria (IL).
When we, my wife and I, visited Peoria in 2002, we took a taxi from the airport to our hotel. The taxi driver asked where we came from, because he heard from our accents that we were foreigners. When he heard we came from the Netherlands he asked what we did in Peoria, of all places. "Going to visit one of your most famous townspeople", we said. But he didn't know who Philip José Farmer was ("Never heard of") and he didn't understand why we traveled that far to visit the man, who wasn't even a member of our family. Nearly the same response was given at the hotel.
I get these responses in my hometown whenever I mention Phil's name, but hadn't expected it in Peoria! Of all places!

Christopher Paul Carey gives a chronology in which to read the Father John Carmody and the related Detective Raspold stories,, "Strange Compulsion" and "Some Fabulous Yonder". His chronology includes the stories "The Goddess Equation" by Carey himself, and "Ite, Misse Est" by Paul Spiteri. Both these stories are included in the anthology.

There is a long overdue reprint of Farmer's "Moth and Rust", the original novella that was rewritten and expanded into the novel A Woman a Day. Art Sippo wrote a very interesting essay about the changes Phil made with the rewrite, not all for the better.

Laura Givens

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