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The Evil in Pemberley House
31 Aug 2014
This month the new edition of the novel The Evil in Pemberley House was published by Meteor House and presented at FarmerCon IX.

Cover: Glen Orbik

This novel, written by Philip José Farmer & Win Scott Eckert, was first published in hardcover in 2009 by Subterranean Press. That edition was soon sold out.

Now we have a beautiful new edition in a trade paperback, with (nearly) all the extra material that came in a separate chapbook with the original limited signed hardcover edition.
Win Scott Eckert wrote a new foreword for this edition, in which he tells how he first met Lady Patricia Clarke Lupin Wildman and her worries at first about the completion of the novel by another writer than Phil Farmer.
More Strange Relations
18 Aug 2014
Orbis, a Spanish publisher, brought in the 1980s the series "Biblioteca de Ciencia Ficciön (Serie azul)" of exactly one hundred titles.
Many (or most?) of this series of books were also published in Argentina by Hyspamérica. The Orbis and Hyspamérica books were in fact the same, but what changed only were the name of the publisher, sometimes the publication date, and the ISBN.

Fred Fischer (Houston, USA) found, while on vacation in Colombia, a second printing from 1986 of the Spanish publication by Orbis, of the collection Relaciones Extrañas (Strange Relations).
While searching the web I found proof of the Argentinian publication by Hyspamérica (1986), of the same book.
Both editions have been added on the book page.

Thanks again Fred!

Tomás C.Gilsanz
SF Gateway Omnibus with three novels
17 Aug 2014
British publisher Gollancz launched in 2011, after their huge success with the SF Masterworks series in print, the SF Gateway.
Gollancz: «The SF Gateway was designed to be the new home of classic science fiction and fantasy — the most comprehensive electronic library of classic SFF titles ever assembled. The programme has been extremely well received and we've been very happy with the results. So happy, in fact, that we've decided to complete the circle and return a selection of our titles to print, in these omnibus editions.»

The SF Gateway omnibus (see the bookpage) with novels by Philip José Farmer was published this month, and brings us the titles: The Maker of Universes, To Your Scattered Bodies Go, and The Unreasoning Mask.

The omnibus was earlier announced with three first novels in a series, with Dayworld as the third novel. That one has been replaced with the stand alone novel The Unreasoning Mask. Gollancz doesn't have the rights to publish Dayworld, whether electronic or in print.

The Foundation of Kor trilogy
15 Aug 2014
At FarmerCon IX were plans to announce the publication of The Monster on Hold, written by Philip José Farmer & Win Scott Eckert, and of The Foundation of Kor trilogy, written by Christopher Paul Carey.

But The Foundation of Kor trilogy has been put on hold. Christopher Paul Carey got unexpectedly the green light to write two more books in the Opar / Khokarsa series, Hadon, King of Opar and Blood of Ancient Opar.
See also the previous entries.

I asked Chris Carey if The Foundation of Kor trilogy will be written at a later time.
Carey: "Yes, that's the plan if the permissions are all still in place when I'm able to write it."

So we can look forward to some very interesting stories!

More exciting news: Ancient Opar returns
15 Aug 2014
This was brought as breaking news at FarmerCon IX (combined with PulpFest 2014).

Meteor House is pleased to announce Hadon, King of Opar and Blood of Ancient Opar, new authorized novellas in Philip José Farmer's epic saga of Khokarsa, a civilization lost to the mists of time. Christopher Paul Carey, coauthor of The Song of Kwasin, will be writing the two novellas based on Farmer's notes.

Twelve thousand years ago, the vast empire of Khokarsa ringed the shores of ancient Africa's inland seas. In the novels Hadon of Ancient Opar, Flight to Opar, and The Song of Kwasin, the hero Hadon and his giant cousin Kwasin led the battle against the priests of the sun god Resu, who sought to usurp the beneficent rule of the priestesses of Kho. Twenty years have passed since the heroes' victory, and mighty Khokarsa lies in ruin, victim to a continent-wide earthquake. Of all the cities of the empire, only shining Opar, the city of gold and jewels, remains standing. Now, Hadon must lead his people against a brutal enemy that seeks to pillage Opar's most precious treasures and slaughter its king.

Hadon, King of Opar and Blood of Ancient Opar will be published in limited edition hardcover and trade paperback editions (both signed by Christopher Paul Carey), with the first volume to be released Summer 2015.
Follow along at meteorhousepress.com and on Facebook (facebook.com/MeteorHouse) and Twitter (@MeteorHouse) for all the latest developments.

Carey: "I just want to give my heartfelt thanks to all of the parties involved for giving their blessing to allow these projects to go forward."

This is super fantastic news!

Roy Krenkel
Great news: The Monster on Hold
14 Aug 2014
This news was announced at FarmerCon IX, this past weekend, August 7-10.

Meteor House and Win Scott Eckert are thrilled to announce they have entered into an agreement with the Estate of Philip José Farmer for Eckert to complete the Doc Caliban novel The Monster on Hold!

The Monster on Hold. The Unspeakable Threshold. Down to Earth's Centre.
The very titles evoke the sense of mystery and horror that the bronze-hued superman, Doc Caliban, feels when faced with another descent deep into a subterranean complex to confront an unfathomable evil--an evil that is described, but never explained, in the final Doc Savage novel published during the original pulp run, Up from Earth's Center, written by Lester Dent.
Philip José Farmer utilized all three titles, at various times, while working on his fourth Nine book. However, The Monster on Hold was the latest title, and the one under which he announced the book at the 1983 World Fantasy Convention. Thus, it's only fitting that this Doc Caliban adventure will finally appear under the title best known to Farmer's legions of fans.

Eckert, under Farmer's direction, previously completed another unfinished Farmer manuscript, The Evil in Pemberley House. He also served as series editor for the recent Titan Books editions of the Nine novels (rebranded for the reissues as the Secrets of the Nine series), and will faithfully utilize all known prose by Farmer, as well as all existing notes, in completing the fourth novel--including little-seen text found in a folder in Farmer's "Magic Filing Cabinet," which was very suitably labeled "Cthulhu Story."
The Monster on Hold will be published in limited edition hardcover and trade paperback editions (both signed by coauthor Win Scott Eckert), with a tentative release date of summer 2016 and a painted cover by Douglas Klauba. Follow along at meteorhousepress.com, on Facebook (facebook. com/MeteorHouse) and Twitter (@MeteorHouse) for all the latest developments.

Eckert adds:  "I am so excited and grateful for this opportunity. I've been waiting a long time for this. Lots of research and outlining ahead of me; I'm going to really enjoy writing this one!"

Eckert is not the only one who is excited. I cannot wait to see the book published. Great news indeed!

Rowena Morrill
Received: Phileas Fogg and the War of Shadows
13 Aug 2014
Josh Reynolds wrote a sort of sequel to Farmer's novel The Other Log of Phileas Fogg. Reynolds' novella, Phileas Fogg and the War of Shadows, was published this month by Meteor House.
It was published in two limited editions. A special hardcover edition of 125 copies, and a special trade paperback edition of 125 copies. The two editions are both signed by the author. I received a copy of each of these two editions.
See the webpage of the publisher Meteor House for more and ordering information.

Christopher Paul Carey writes this praise for the novella: "With all the verve, sense of adventure, and sly reference to classic literature that I've come to love and expect in his work, Josh Reynolds carries forward the secret history of Phileas Fogg in a manner both highly entertaining and true to the spirit of Philip José Farmer."

I did not have the time yet to read and comment on the book, but I do want to read it very soon.
Trip to France
13 Aug 2014
We just came back from a vacation of several weeks in the south of France. Very nice weather, good wine and beer, delicious food, fantastic friends that came along this vacation, time to read (a lot) of course, a swimming pool that came with our vacation home, what else do you need?

Naturally did I browse the bookshops I saw in the several places we visited, for French Farmer editions still missing from my PJF collection. I found only one, alas. That book was already known to me and so included in the Bibliography.

Added Books
Seven new additions on the book pages this month.

The Evil in Pemberley House
The paperback reprint from Meteor House, 2014.

The Maker of Universes | To Your Scattered Bodies Go | The Unreasoning Mask
SF Gateway omnibus with these three novels, Gollancz (UK) 2014.

The Maker of Universes
Published in the SF Gateway omnibus from Gollancz, 2014.

Strange Relations
The Spanish second printing (Relaciones Extrañas) from Orbis, 1986.
Also the Argentinian publication of the same book from Hyspamérica, 1986.

To Your Scattered Bodies Go
Published in the SF Gateway omnibus from Gollancz, 2014.

The Unreasoning Mask
Published in the SF Gateway omnibus from Gollancz, 2014.
These are the numbers for the book pages this month.

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