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Scattered Bodies
29 Sep 2014
I still don't have a copy of the first Israeli edition, published in 1981, of To Your Scattered Bodies Go. The Israeli websites with their Hebrew characters are very frustrating for me to understand, to try to order one or more books. Even if I use the translation of the webpage in the browser.

But Fred Fischer (Houston, USA) was able to buy a copy on Ebay. He sent me the scan of the cover, that was still missing in the bibliography. He needs some time to decipher the publication dates of the book.

Fred also added information on the 1986 Book Club Edition of this title, which does have a date code: Q05. And I discovered another printing of the same Book Club Edition, the one published in January 1981, with date code L03.

And finally, Fred has sent me a link to the website Conceptual Fiction, which has an essay by Ted Gioia about To Your Scattered Bodies Go. Interesting reading!

Baycon, the 26th World SF Convention
29 Sep 2014
Philip José Farmer was the Guest of Honor at Baycon, the 26th World Science Fiction Convention, in August 1968.
Because of this a short anonymous biography about Phil appeared in Baycon Progress Report #2. Last year a copy of this progress report was bought by Mich West (Australia), who sent me scans of the cover and the biography. I had forgotten to include this information in the Bibliography, till now.

In the Baycon Program Book are two articles about Phil, a profile by Theodore Sturgeon and a profile by Poul Anderson. I found these profiles very moving, especially the one by Sturgeon.
The Baycon Program Book was found and then donated to me by Fred Fischer (Houston, USA). I received the chapbook last week.

Being the Guest of Honor, Farmer made a speech at the Baycon banquet, called "Reap". The speech was also published, but not by Baycon.

Many thanks to Mich West for the scans and to Fred Fischer for the program book!

Colin Cameron

Jack Gaughan
More Canadians
18 Sep 2014
I am a lucky man to have some other people looking and searching for items, that are missing from my Farmer collection. Several times I do not even know these items exist.

Like the book that William Taylor (Canada) found this time. A Canadian edition of Dark is the Sun. The first paperback edition by Ballantine Books/Del Rey was at the same time published in Canada. Both editions have the same data, but for the price and the printing statement.
Taylor: "I never thought to check for a CDN before. Of course, that was because the grand Vizier of Farmerdom hadn't listed one!!!!"

Guilty as charged! But I have corrected this...
Double thanks Bill!

Darrell K. Sweet
Nobody's Perfect (not even me)
11 Sep 2014
Some time ago Fred Fischer (Houston, USA) found two different states of the Science Fiction Book Club edition of The Ultimate Dracula than the one I have and had mentioned in the bibliography.
This collection contains Farmer's gothic horror story "Nobody's Perfect".

The difference between the three states of the hardcover consists of the statement in two of them to be 'A Dell Trade Paperback' — like the original Dell publication — and two give an ISBN, the same as the one of the original Dell publication.
Fred must be a geek as I am about details of different printings. How else could he have found these books?
But then again, nobody's perfect... :-)

Both editions have been added on the story page.
Great find Fred, thanks!

Bruce Jensen

Added Books
Two new additions on the book pages this month.

Dark is the Sun
The Canadian paperback printing from Ballantine Books /Del Rey, 1980.

To Your Scattered Bodies Go
The reprinted Book Club Edition of January 1981.

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