News & What's New - November 2014
The universe in reverse
30 Nov 2014
Farmer's books are still being reprinted in France. I discoverd reprints of some of his books. Of one of these we have more details now, the others will follow when I receive the ordered books from France.

Alain Brion

First also is this reprint of L'univers à l'envers (Inside Outside). It was published by Le Livre de Poche in June 2005 (cover at right), and reprinted in May 2014 (see above). It has a new cover illustration by Alain Brion.

Jackie Paternoster
The Bottomless Pit in ten parts
25 Nov 2014
I halted the restyling of the last few story pages, because I discovered that I had to finalize indexing the fanzine Farmerphile before I went on with the story page of "Up from the Bottomless Pit".
The indexing has been done, so on with the restyling of the last nine story pages. One was just finished.

Keith Howell

The first ten issues of Farmerphile all published a part of the novel Up From the Bottomless Pit. Each issue had a part, consisting of two or three chapters, of the novel.
All parts were introduced by editor Paul Spiteri, and illustrated by Keith Howell.

The ten parts were published in novel form in the collection Up from the Bottomless Pit.

Keith Howell
More on Tuesday
23 Nov 2014
Till now I did not know of any Romanian translation of one of Farmer's stories. The yearly published literary science fiction and popular science magazine Almanah Anticipaţia of the year 1984 published however a translation of his short story "The Sliced-Crosswise Only-on-Tuesday World" (as "Marti oamenii sunt sparti, miercuri oamenii sunt cercuri").

The story is accompanied with a biography by David Pringle, which appeared some years before in The Science Fiction  Encyclopedia.

Thanks Ralf Lux (Potsdam, Germany) for this new information! Ralf is the webmaster of the Clifford D. Simak - International Bibliography.

Alexandru Andries
Farmerphile indexed
19 Nov 2014
I finally finished the long overdue project of indexing the last five issues of the fanzine Farmerphile. At the time of publication, in 2008 and 2009, I didn't come to it. It would be done at some later time. But that it would take so many years to do the job properly I had no idea.

Keith Howell

So the last few weeks I read these five issues again to give a brief description of the included items. It was no punishment to read the pieces again, on the contrary. I still miss the fanzine. Publisher Mike Croteau did a great job with Farmerphile.

Between reading and indexing the fanzine I made a new logo for the website. I thought it was time for something new.

Joey Van Massenhoven

Added Books
One new addition on the book pages this month.

Inside Outside
The French reprint (L'univers à l'envers) from Le Livre de Poche, 2014.

These are the numbers for the book pages this month.

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