News & What's New - February 2015
Story Publications in Japan 2
24 Feb 2015
Another seven story translations from Japan are added now.
First we have "路地裏の男" ("The Alley Man"), published in the S-F Magazine in 1984.
Followed by "キャプテンの娘" ("The Captain's Daughter") in the same magazine in 1968.
Then "進めや、進め!" ("Sail On! Sail On!") with two publications, one in the S-F Magazine in 1964 and one in an anthology in 1980.

Next "宇宙の影" ("The Shadow of Space") in an anthology, of which the title translates in English as Starship, from 1985.
The anthology with the story "わ が内なる廃虚の断章" ("Sketches Among the Ruins of My Mind") was received by me today from Japan. Its title translates in English as Time Traveler (see the picture under).

cover: Ron Walotsky

And finally the story "トーテムとタ ブウ" ("Totem and Taboo"), also published in the above mentioned S-F Magazine, in 1961.
Story Publications in Japan
22 Feb 2015
Corrected: 24 Feb 2015
This time there are seven translated stories and one novel, that were published earlier in Japan, newly added to the story pages.
They are:
- "恋人たち" , two translations of "The
. One of the story and one of the novel.
- "母" , two translations of "Mother";
- "紫年金の遊蕩者たち" , a translation of
"Riders of the Purple Wage";
- "キング・コング墜ちてのち" , three different translations, with three different titles, of "After King Kong Fell".

Also a translation of the novella The Adventure of the Peerless Peer (as シャー ロック・ホームズ、アフリカの大冒険) in a magazine in 1977.
Monolit 1 the Third
18 Feb 2015
We already had two different publications of the Yugoslavian anthology Monolit 1. It contains Phil Farmer's story "Skice među ruševinama mog uma" ("Sketches Among the Ruins of My Mind").
Further search brought a third publication of this anthology

Monolit 2 also had three publications or printings, so I expected the same for the first book in the series. It took a while to find the proof for that. The third publication was added on the story page.
Ralf's list part 5: Bulgaria & Yugoslavia
16 Feb 2015

The final part of Ralf's list give three Bulgarian story translations. And also four story publications in Yugoslavia.

With this Bulgaria is a 'new' country in the short fiction index, with the following translations:
- "Не отмивайте каратите", 2001 ("Dont Wash the Carats");
- "Чужда принуда", 1994 ("Strange Compulsion");
- "Шумерската клетва", 2004 ("The Sumerian Oath").
The stories were published in these publications:
See the story pages for more publication details.

From Yugoslavia come the translations:
- "Senka svemira", 1984 ("The Shadow of Space");
- "Kralj životinja", 1973 + 1985 + 1992 ("The King of the Beasts").
Three publications are of the ultra short story "The King of the Beasts". I saw in a Yugoslavian list three other publications of this same story, but I could not find online any conclusive proof or more details of these story publications. So I left them out.

Many thanks again to Ralf, and I start working on his next list...
Ralf's list part 4: To Your Scattered Bodies Go
12 Feb 2015
My German friend Ralf Lux keeps me working, by sending again new and additional information. But first I want to finish the first, big list of him.
From that list comes the four parts publication of To Your Scattered Bodies Go, with the translated title Idite svojim rasutim telima, in the Yugoslavian science fiction magazine Alef.

It was published in the issues #5 (December 1987), #6 (January 1988), #7 (February 1988) and issue #8 (March 1988).
Normally I put a serial publication on the short fiction pages, at least if the original story was published in a series. In this case I added the Yugoslavian publication on the book page, like I did with the Polish serial publication of the same novel.

I'm not yet ready with Ralf's list, next come some stories published in Bulgaria and more from Yugoslavia.
Yugoslavia again
11 Feb 2015
Ralf Lux (Germany) came with more proof about the second cover of the Yugoslavian anthology Monolit 1. The cover pictures show the same scene, of a woman between snakes. But that alone was not enough.

It seems that the sites that show this cover for Monolit 3 are wrong. We saw other covers for it.
At least three reliable sources tell this cover to be the one off the second edition of Monolit 1. Reason why I now include the cover with the story.
Happy Ralf? Und vielen Dank auch!
Ralf's list part 3: Yugoslavia
9 Feb 2015
In the 1980s editor and publisher Boban Knežević self-published the anthology series Monolit in former Yugoslavia. He started the series before Yugoslavia fell apart in seven different countries. Knežević published ten of these anthologies. In the first two numbers of the Monolit series he published two stories by Filip Hozé Farmer.

In Monolit 1 is the novelette "Skice među ruševinama mog uma", a translation of "Sketches Among the Ruins of My Mind".
The information on the internet about this book is a bit confusing. It seems that the book was published with two different covers, but the information is not conclusive. The second cover below could be the second cover of Monolit 1, in 1984 or in 1987. But is also used as the cover of Monolit 3 in 1987. Because of the inconsistencies I left this cover out in the bibliography. (corrected, see next entry)

Monolit 1

Monolit #1, 1984

Monolit #1, 1987
Monolit #3, 1987

Monolit 2

Monolit #2, 1984

Monolit #2, 1984

Monolit #2, 1986

In Monolit 2 is another story of Filip Hozé Farmer, the novella "Jahači rumene nadnice", a translation of "Riders of the Purple Wage".
The anthology comes with two different covers in 1984, and has been reprinted in 1986 with another cover illustration.
Five Japanese books
5 Feb 2015
This week five odd little books arrived at my home. The first five Japanese books in my Phil Farmer collection. Odd, because the books are all very small paperbacks (15×10,5cm) with a dustjacket. And I cannot make a thing from the to me very strange Japanese characters. Fortunately there is also a copyright page with a bit of information in English.
Farmer's name in Japanese is フィ リップ・ホセ・ファーマー


The Lovers

To Your Scattered
Bodies Go

The Ultimate Werewolf

The Dungeon 1

The old cover pictures were replaced with these new scans. I'm trying to get more Japanese editions and just ordered an anthology.
I saw that I still have to restyle the book page with The Dungeon titles. Soon I hope.
Ralf's list part 2
1 Feb 2015
There are too many items in the email from Ralf Lux (Germany), see previous entry, to check and add all these items in one turn. I have to do it in parts. For now the following stories have been added.

Two publications of a Lithuanian translation, "Antradiento Pasaulis" (1991 and 1998), of "The Sliced-Crosswise Only-on-Tuesday World". The same story had also a Yugoslavian translation, "Svijet samo utorkom" in the magazine Sirius #5 (1976).

Next we added a Yugoslavian publication of "Sjenka svemira", a translation of the story "The Shadow of Space", published in Sirius #56 (1981).
Plus another Yugoslavian translation of the novella "Riverworld" with the title "Rečni svet". This one was published in the magazine Alef #23 in 1991.

As the last one this time the Swedish translation of "The Alley Man", with the title "Gubben Paley" in the anthology Det hände i morgon 3 (1974).

Added Books
Many story publications were added, and only two 'book publications', however both of them in magazines. I added these two on the book pages.

The Adventure of the Peerless Peer
The Japanese publication in the magazine 別冊・奇想天外, 08/1977.

To Your Scattered Bodies Go
The publication in four parts in the Yugoslavian magazine Alef, in 1987-1988.
These are the numbers for the book pages this month.

1823 publications
1195 different covers

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