News & What's New - March 2015
First in China: The Freshman
19 Mar 2015
A while ago I read something about a Chinese translation that might exist of Phil Farmer's story "Riders of the Purple Wage".
I searched for this one but haven't found any further information yet. But while searching for it I did find information about a Chinese translation of a completely other story, "The Freshman" ("新生").
This is the first Chinese translation in the Bibliography!
Farmer's name in Chinese is
菲利普·何塞·法默, which you can see on the band to the book (in the first red line).

The story was published in the anthology 克苏鲁神话 (Cthulhu Mythos) in 2012. And again printed in the second half of this anthology, 克苏鲁神话2 (Cthulhu Mythos 2) in 2014.
See the story page for more details of these publications.
The Lovers in Japan again
17 Mar 2015
About a month ago I received my first few Japanese books, with work by Philip José Farmer. One of the books I received was the 1991 printing of The Lovers (恋 人たち). I also saw for sale the earlier printing (1980) of the same novel, and ordered it from Japan. But I received instead another until now unknown printing.

This one seems to be undated, at least I cannot find a publication date in the book, but is exactly the same as the 1991 printing, but for some details and the cover price.

Le bateau fabuleux
15 Mar 2015
A new French printing of the second Riverworld novel, Le bateau fabuleux (The Fabulous Riverboat), was just found.

Le Livre du Poche (Paris) published this one last year. It is the 10th printing already from this publisher. Only the lettering on the cover and the price are different from the previous printing.
Purple Wage
15 Mar 2015
More 'news' from Poland. Farmer's story "The Riders of the Purple Wage" also saw two publications, as "Jeźdźcy purpurowej doli", in that country.

Both in the by Harlan Ellison edited anthology Niebezpieczne wizje (Dangerous Visions). In a trade paperback in 2002, and in a hardcover edition in 2010, both from publisher Solaris.
Polish Gods of Riverworld
9 Mar 2015
Publisher MAG in Warsaw (Poland) finally published the fifth novel in the Riverworld series. This novel, Bogowie Świata Rzeki (Gods of Riverworld), was published in December 2013, but discovered only recently.

The first three novels in the series were published by MAG in 2008, the fourth in 2012.

Story Publications in Japan 3
5 Mar 2015
Thirteen Japanese story publications are now newly added on these pages. Most of them were published in S-Fマガジン (S-F Magazine), like with the stories mentioned in the previous entry.
The stories are:
- "ザ・メイキング・オブ・『黙示録I』" ("The Making of Revelation, Part I");
- "グレイストーク卿、真実を語る" ("Tarzan Lives");
- "百獣の王" ("The King of the Beasts");
- "切り離された火曜日だけの世界" ("The Sliced-Crosswise Only-on-
    Tuesday World");
- "切り裂きジャックはわたしの父" ("My Father the Ripper");
- "スカーレティンの研究" ("A Scarletin Study");
- "痛がる(ソア)橋の問題 -その他いろいろ" ("The Problem of the Sore
    Bridge—Among Others");
- "だれに樹が作れよう?" ("Only Who Can Make a Tree?");
- "ダイヤモンドは洗うべからず" ("Don't Wash the Carats") - twice;
- "シュメールの誓い" ("The Sumerian Oath");
- "わが虫垂の内なる声" ("The Voice of the Sonar in My Vermiform
- "真鍮と黄金" ("Brass and Gold").

Some covers of the publications:

Added Books
Three new additions on the book pages this month.

The Fabulous Riverboat
The 10th French reprint (Le bateau fabuleux) from Le Livre du Poche, 2014.

Gods of Riverworld
Polish publication (Bogowie Świata Rzeki) from MAG, 2013.

The Lovers
The 6th Japanese reprint (恋人たち) from Hayakawa, 1998.
These are the numbers for the book pages this month.

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