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13 May 2015
And again Meteor House has announcements of new publications, this time of two novellas in the Opar / Khokarsa series. Both stories are written by Christopher Paul Carey, coauthor of The Song of Kwasin.

First is the completely new novella Hadon, King of Opar. The publisher: «The new novella, authorized by Farmer’s estate, resumes Hadon’s storyline fourteen years after the events of Farmer and Carey’s The Song of Kwasin (we’ll have some good news about that novel later this year!), and should be considered Volume 4 in the Khokarsa series. A sequel by Carey, Blood of Ancient Opar, is already in the works.»

The second novella is Exiles of Kho, that will be published in a limited hardcover. Originally it was published in a trade paperback in 2012, but due to reader demand the publisher is happy to meet their wishes for a hardcover.

The price for both hardcovers is $25, for the trade paperback $15. See the publisher's website for more and the ordering information of course. Do not wait to long with your order, because these books all have a limited edition!

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