News & What's New - July 2015
Ukrainian World of Tiers omnibus
30 Jul 2015
The first four novels in the World of Tiers series are included in this omnibus, with the title Многоярусный мир. It was published in a print run of 5000 copies by publisher Podillya (Ukraine) in 1996.

The first four novels are: Создатель Вселенных (The Maker of Universes), Врата мироздания (The Gates of Creation), Личный космос (A Private Cosmos), and За стенами земли (Behind the Walls of Terra).
I added this newly found publication on the book pages.
Russian Freshman
28 Jul 2015
Farmer's Chtulhu Mythos story, "The Freshman" (1979) has seen another Russian translation.

It was published in the anthology Мифы Ктулху in 2011. This anthology is a translation of the US anthology Tales of the Cthulhu Myhos from 1989, which was edited by James Turner.
The original anthology has seen ten foreign translations, including this new Russian one.

Spanish translations from Acervo
4 Jul 2015
Spanish publisher Acervo published three books by Farmer in translation: Los Amantes (The Lovers) in 1975 and reprinted in 1982, Dare (Dare) in 1978 and Noche de Luz (Night of Light) in 1979.

In the past I received some information that these books were published in hardcover as well in trade paperback at the same time. It seemed that I didn't have all the information in the bibliography. Because of lack of time I never came to check this out. Also forgot it a bit.

But now Roger Crombie (UK) sent me an email about the 1982 reprint of the hardcover of Los Amantes.
So I took the time to check things out and found the proof of two other books for a total of the following three additions:
- Los Amantes, hardcover 2nd printing, 1982
- Dare, hardcover, 1978
- Noche de Luz, trade paperback, 1979.

Thank you Roger!

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