News & What's New - August 2015
New Meteor House books received!
30 Aug 2015
Just received from publisher Meteor House the new books of:
  • Flight to Opar, the restored edition, in hardcover and trade paperback;
  • Hadon, King of Opar, a new novella by Carey, in hardcover and trade paperback;
  • Exiles of Kho, a hardcover edition of this novella by Carey.
All these books look great! Very nice!

Also included in the package were copies of the FarmerCon X program booklet. It contains the story "The Freshman" and the printed version of the interview I had with Christopher Paul Carey.
More about these books in the upcoming updates.
Opar on its way
25 Aug 2015
The publisher of Meteor House promised that the new editions would be sent late last week or early this week to the people that ordered them. So, we may expect soon our copies of:
  • Flight to Opar, the revised edition;
  • Hadon, King of Opar, a new novella by Carey;
  • Exiles of Kho, a hardcover edition of this novella by Carey.
These new books were signed by Christopher Paul Carey. The first reviews I read online were all very positive about the new novella, Hadon, King of Opar. Can't wait to read it!

Author Christopher Paul Carey signing the new books.
If you missed it, we had a great interview with Christopher about the new books.
Dark is the Sun in Moscow
24 Aug 2015
Publisher Polaris (Riga & Moscow) had 23 omnibuses with Philip José Farmer's work in the series Миры Филипа Фармера (Worlds of Philip Farmer). They were published in the years from 1996 till 1998.

In 2013 there came a book that feels and looks a lot like one of the above series, but it is not! The series name suggests as such: Миры Поляриса (Worlds of Polaris).

This book, Темное солнце, a translation of Dark is the Sun, has no publisher's name and no ISBN. Maybe it is an illegal publication...
We added this one on the book page.
Russian Gate of Time from Estonia
18 Aug 2015
Earlier this month we had a first time publication from Uzbekistan, this time is it Estonia that is a 'new' country in the bibliography.

Publisher Melor from Talinn, the capital city of Estonia, published in 1996 the Omnibus Волки севера. The omnibus has two novels, Дорога в никуда (The Gate of Time) by Philip José Farmer and Волки севера (The Sixth Winter) by Douglas Orgill & John Gribbin.
Also a story by A. Bertram Chandler, "Случайный пассажир" ("Lost Art"), which story is not mentioned in the Table of Contents.

The book is published years after Estonia became independent from the Soviet Union, but it is still in Cyrillic characters while Estonia officially uses the Roman (or Latin) alphabet.
Russian Gate of Time Anthology
16 Aug 2015
Russian publisher Argus presented in 1995 as number 3 in their series Chronos (Хронос) the anthology Врата времени. The anthology has two novels, Врата времени (The Gate of Time) by Philip José Farmer and Землянин, войди в свой дом (Earthman, Come Home) by James Blish.
Further there are 23 stories of which three are by Farmer: "Божественный промысел" ("The God Business"), "Плыви! Плыви!" ("Sail On! Sail On!"), and "Царь зверей" ("The King of the Beasts").
Book signing
15 Aug 2015
The book presentation and signing by Christopher Paul Carey, of the new Opar / Khokarsa books from Meteor House: Flight to Opar, Hadon, King of Opar and Exiles of Kho at FarmerCon X.

At left on the photo author and editor, Christopher Paul Carey. At right the publisher, Michael Croteau. In front the new books!
Pulpfest 2015 & FarmerCon X
12 Aug 2015

From Thursday, August 13 till Sunday, August 16 FarmerCon X takes place. It is held together with Pulpfest 2015 in Columbus, Ohio.

There will be a book presentation and signing of the new Opar / Khokarsa books from Meteor House: Flight to Opar, Hadon, King of Opar and Exiles of Kho. After the convention the pre-ordered books will be sent to me and everyone else that ordered them.

I wish all the Farmerphiles that are present at FarmerCon X a very good time. Enjoy and have fun!
And yet another omnibus
12 Aug 2015
The novel Night of Light is translated and published three times in Russian as Ночь света (Noch' sveta) in 1992, 1995, and in 1997. The newly discovered first Russian publication of 1991 is translated as Убить бога (Ubit' boga). This title translates back as Kill God.

Убить бога is published in the omnibus with the title Клуб любителей фантастики, T. 1. This title translates as something like Fantasy Fan Club 1.
It looks like this is the first volume of a Russian Fantasy Book Club.

Farmer's novel is accompanied by two novels from Andre Norton, Catseye (Всадник с Вордена) and Secret of the Lost Race (Сокровище таинственной расы).
Dare in Ukraine
10 Aug 2015
Philip José Farmer's novel Dare was published twice in Ukraine in the same year, 1993. It was both times translated as Дейр. Already known was the omnibus publication with this novel from Alterpress.

The second one, from publisher Zovnishtorgvidav Ukraini, was not known till now. This one is also included in an omnibus, with the title Дейр, together with the novel Rite of Passage by Alexei Panshin.

Omnibus from Uzbekistan
7 Aug 2015
I found an omnibus from a 'new' country, Uzbekistan. That means, new to this bibliography.
This omnibus, Бизнес Бога (God Business) was published in 1994.

It includes one story, "The God Business", and three novels by Farmer: Пробуждение каменного Бога (The Stone God Awakens), Плоть (Flesh), and Ночь света (Night of Light).

Added Books
There are eight new additions, from Russia, Uzbekistan and Ukraine, on the book pages this month.
These are the numbers for the book pages this month.

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