News & What's New - October 2015
Riders of the Purple Wage in Germany
29 Oct 2015
I just discovered an omnibus, Highlights 2, with three earlier seperately published anthologies, edited by H.J. Alpers.
The book is published by Moewig Verlag in Germany in 1986. It includes the anthologies Kopernikus 2, Kopernikus 7 and Kopernikus 8.

The last one, Kopernikus 8 (1982), has a story by Philip José Farmer: "Die Reiter der Purpurnen Sozialhilfe oder Das große Ding". This is a translation of "Riders of the Purple Wage".

Newly found printing of The Dark Design
28 Oct 2015
I thought that only some of the publishers in the US had problems with correctly counting the prints and reprints of a book. It gave me a headache in the past sometimes to get the publication history right. Publishers like Ace, Signet, DAW and Berkley Books were not that precise in giving the correct data.

But now I also found a publisher in the UK, Granada, that had problems with the correct publication history, in this case with the paperback of The Dark Design. I have proof of ten printings, but only the first two give correct data.
Later printings mention reprints in 1980 and 1981, while other reprints were left out. Both the 1980 and 1981 reprints were non-existent I thought, because I had no proof for them. But recently I found in a Dutch book shop, in Amsterdam, a copy of the 1980 printing. Reason to correct the data on the book page of The Dark Design. Maybe that the phantom 1981 printing is real also.
The Dark Heart of Time in France
18 Oct 2015
It seems that no publisher in France was interested in publishing a translation of Philip José Farmer's Tarzan novel, The Dark Heart of Time.
Probably the reason why it was privately translated and printed
, by someone who really wanted the novel in French, in a nice trade paperback as Le Cœur Noir du Temps.

The book has no publication information whatsoever, but for the original title, publisher and publication year. No translator, no publisher, no date of publication (probably in 2014-2015), and no cover artist. I discovered that the cover is by Paul Renaud, who did this one for the comic magazine Lord of the Jungle # 6 in 2012.
I have no idea if this publication is a legal one, but I have my doubts.

The trade paperback is pretty expensive if you want one. It is sold for € 85,00 through eBay.
We want more...
5 Oct 2015
Another wantlist of the books we like to see in editions from Meteor House was received from Dan Getz (USA).

Dan Getz:
«Here is my short list. Fire and the Night, Time's Last Gift, The Dark Heart of Time and if the long lost manuscript can be found  As You Desire by Dr. William Norfolk.»
Thanks Dan!

That would be something, if we could see the publication of As You Desire! I have no high hopes for it, but who knows...
However, Farmer did not want it published anymore.

Added Books
Two new additions (The Dark Design and the French edition of The Dark Heart of Time) on the book pages this month.
These are the numbers for the book pages this month.

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