News & What's New - December 2015
Christmas presents
25 Dec 2015
A day before X-mas, just in time, I received a parcel with three books from Meteor House. All three are signed, one by the author Win Scott Eckert, the other two by its coauthor Christopher Paul Carey.

The books are:
  • The Scarlet Jaguar, a limited hardcover edition of 100 signed copies, by Win Scott Eckert;
  • The Song of Kwasin, a limited hardcover edition of 125 signed copies, by Philip José Farmer & Christopher Paul Carey;
  • The Song of Kwasin, the trade paperback edition, by Philip José Farmer & Christopher Paul Carey.
If you want any of these three, maybe there still are a few to be obtained from the publisher Meteor House. Most of the hardcovers were preordered, but you could try to get one or more.
Letter in Doc Savage Quarterly
24 Dec 2015
Sometimes I discover something new that I did not yet have in my collection, but after receiving the item it disappoints me. That is the case with the fanzine Doc Savage Quarterly #7 of October 1981.

A letter by Philip José Farmer
was published in the fanzine. I had no idea what it was about. The letter is only two lines, and said: «Dear Bill, The address you used was 4 years out of date ((out of this book)). Sorry, I don't have a review of LORD OF THE TREES/MAD GOBLIN. Best, Philip Jose Farmer, Peoria, IL»
The only reason I can think of to publish this letter is to have Phil's name in the fanzine.
Shared Worlds
13 Dec 2015
Philip José Farmer wrote stories in other writer's worlds, to fill in the gaps Farmer thought they had left in their stories, or just to add something completely new to those worlds. There are many examples, like the Tarzan novel The Dark Heart of Time, the Doc Savage novel Escape from Loki, The Other Log of Phileas Fogg, and The Wind Whales of Ishmael.

Following Farmer's footsteps there are several authors who wrote stories to fill in 'the gaps' in Phil Farmer's writing. As if my life as a bibliographer isn't already difficult enough, to keep track of every PJF publication... ;-)
Most of these stories were published in the four volumes of the anthology series The Worlds of Philip José Farmer, in a section of the book called Expanded Worlds. And in other books published by Meteor House.
For these expansions, which cannot be placed anywhere else in the PJF Bibliography, I made the page Shared Worlds. I'm not completely finished with this page yet, but most of the Expanded or Shared Worlds stories are included on that page.
Venus on the Half-Shell
7 Dec 2015
A two pages extract, "Венера на раковине", of Kilgore Trout's novel Venus on the Half Shell was published in Russia. The magazine Мир Чудес (means World of Wonders) published it in 1991, together with a biography of Kilgore Trout (Килгор Траут in Russian). I have no idea if the biography is a (partial) translation of "The Obscure Life and Hard Times of Kilgore Trout".
I put the extract on the short fiction page.

Added Books
Two new additions (The Dark Design and the French edition of The Dark Heart of Time) on the book pages this month.
These are the numbers for the book pages this month.

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