News & What's New - March 2016
Dayworld: A Hole in Wednesday
18 Mar 2016
Meteor House announced the publication of a new Dayworld novel, A Hole in Wednesday, written by Philip José Farmer & Danny Adams.

Meteor House: «Philip José Farmer’s Dayworld trilogy, as well as his short story “The Sliced-Crosswise Only-On-Tuesday World,” imagines an overcrowded future that cures the problem by “stoning” six-sevenths of the population each day.

Farmer began a prequel Dayworld novel, A Hole in Wednesday, but did not complete it, and Meteor House is pleased that Danny Adams has picked up the mantle. Set some time before the events in the original trilogy, the novel nonetheless has direct links to the acclaimed series, exploring the developing world and antecedent characters who vigorously challenge the life in which they find themselves trapped.».

You can preorder the 'Signed Hardcover Limited Edition' for $35, and 'Trade Paperback Edition' for $25.
The books will be released at FarmerCon XI, July 21-24 2016.
The Green Odyssey received
18 Mar 2016
I have received the new edition of The Green Odyssey, which Positronic Publishing released on January 20, 2016.

This Print-on-Demand book's price is $7.99 via Amazon or Barnes & Noble. It is also available as an eBook from Amazon for only $0.96.

It is a nice and handsome trade paperback with a cover illustration by Catmando.
The publication has been added on the book page.

Human Spirit, Beetle Spirit
15 Mar 2016
The second magazine I received from Fred Fischer (USA) is a copy of Aboriginal Science Fiction, Issue Nos. 41 & 42, of Fall (July) 1983.

John Gregory Betancourt wrote a Riverworld story, "Human Spirit, Beetle Spirit", for the anthology Quest to Riverworld (1993). A month before the book publication the story appeared also in the above issue of Aboriginal Science Fiction.

Betancourt writes in his "Author's Notes": «When I was asked to write a story for an anthology of new stories set in Philip José Farmer's Riverworld, at first I was thrilled and excited. An then I was scared.»
This was with his first Riverworld story, "The Merry Men of Riverworld", which he wrote for Tales of Riverworld (1992).
Both stories are included on the page Shared Worlds.

Thank you Fred for both magazines!
French academic journal
13 Mar 2016
This week I received from Fred Fischer (USA) two magazines.
One of them is the French academic journal Les Cahiers du CERLI Nº 12 of January 1986.

It contains an essay by Jean Marigny, "Art et artifice dans Riverworld de Philip José Farmer". In this essay Marigny gives his opinion about the Riverworld series, if the series is 'art' or 'artificial'.
His conclusion is very positive. If you need a reason to buy the book below, you can read it in this essay.

A huge hardcover: Le Monde du Fleuve
6 Mar 2016
Philip José Farmer's work is still popular in France. Especially the novels in the Riverworld series. They have been kept in print during all these years, by publishers Robert Laffont and Le Livre de Poche.

This time publisher Mnémos took all five novels of the Riverworld series, and the novella "Riverworld", and published them together in one volume, the omnibus Le Monde du Fleuve. A huge and beautiful hardcover book, with 1273 pages.

The price of the omnibus is only €35,00. That's not much money for this book, but you have to be able to read French...
Would love to see an omnibus edition like this in the US!
The Green Odyssey
6 Mar 2016
Positronic Publishing released on January 20, 2016 a new edition of Philip José Farmer's first novel, The Green Odyssey.

This novel is in the public domain, free from publishing rights, and can be obtained as a free eBook.
Positronic Publishing's print-on-demand book costs $7.99 via Amazon or Barnes&Noble.

Last month I received the information from Fred Fischer (USA) about this publication. I ordered a copy, but I'm still waiting for it. Delivery has been delayed.

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Seven new additions (The Green Odyssey and the French Riverworld omnibus, Le Monde du Fleuve, with five novels) on the book pages this month.
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