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Cover of "Phileas Fogg and the Heart of Osra"
22 May 2016
Meteor House revealed this week the cover of the novella Phileas Fogg and the Heart of Osra, written by Josh Reynolds. It wasn't yet ready with the announcement of the novella last month.
The beautiful cover illustration is done by Amar Djouad.

See the previous entry for more information about the book.
I enjoyed the first Phileas Fogg novella by Josh Reynolds, Phileas Fogg and the War of Shadows, very much! I immediately ordered copies of the hardcover, as well of the paperback, after the announcement of this second one.
It will be a hot summer this year with the three new books from Meteor House.

Do not wait too long to preorder the 'Limited, signed hardcover edition' for $27, or the 'Limited, signed trade paperback edition' for $16.
No information yet when the novella will be released, but my guess is that it will be released at FarmerCon in July.

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