News & What's New - July 2016
New books signed at FarmerCon
27 Jul 2016
PulpFest 2016, together with Farmercon XI, was held in the weekend of July 21-24. The newly announced books from Meteor House were released at FarmerCon, and the preordered copies were signed by the authors.

Christopher Paul Carey with Blood of Ancient Opar

Danny Adams with Dayworld: A Hole in Wednesday

Win Scott Eckert with the chapbook Being an Account of the Delay at Green River, Wyoming, of Phileas Fogg, World Traveler, or, The Masked Man Meets an English Gentleman.

The items will be shipped to the people who preordered the books. That is also the case with Phileas Fogg and the Heart of Osra by Josh Reynolds, who signed the books in the UK before they were shipped to the US.

Go to the site of Meteor House if you want one or more of these books. They are gone before you know!
HBO with Riverworld?
7 Jul 2016
For many years fans are writing about their wishes for a decent Riverworld TV-series. Especially after the less successful movie Riverworld (2003) and the mini series Riverworld (2010). Both were for Sci-Fi Channel, later called Syfy.
Discussions went on by fans in forums and blogs. Some wanted a new series to be done by HBO, like their very good and successful series Game of Thrones.

I for one would very much like a Riverworld series done by HBO. The series they make are of much higher quality than we ever saw on Syfy. Alas, nothing specific has been published online, that I know of, about HBO's plans for a Riverworld series.

But recently I found a review at 'Goodreads' of To Your Scattered Bodies Go, in which the reviewer Brad mentions that HBO and Showtime both optioned the novel for an ongoing series.
I'm a bit cautious, because the date of the review is April 1, 2016.
If it's true, it sounds very promising!
More from Gateway ebooks
5 Jul 2016
Gateway changed more 'covers' of their ebooks. The novels, The Lovers, The Maker of Universes, and The Unreasoning Mask show new covers in the Gateway Essentials series of ebooks.

In these cases only the price of The Maker of Universes more than doubled since the new cover. The price of the other two stayed nearly the same.

I expect more new covers from Gateway Essentials, at least of the other books in the World of Tiers series.
Many books from other authors also have new covers.
I added the new information on the page Audio Books & eBooks.
New 'covers' for Gateway ebooks
4 Jul 2016
British publisher Gateway changed some of their ebooks with new 'covers'. All five of the Riverworld books have new pictures, but also new prices. The ebooks are now called 'Gateway Essentials'.

I don't know about you, but I like these pictures a lot more than the standard yellow cover with red and black lettering.
But with the change of cover, the price (nearly) doubled in all cases.
- To Your Scattered Bodies Go - £5.52 (was £2.39)
- The Fabulous Riverboat - £5.10 (was £2.48)
- The Dark Design - £5.52 (was £2.48)
- The Magic Labyrinth - £5.56 (was £3.99)
- Gods of Riverworld - £5.56 (was £3.99).

Added Books
No new additions on the book pages this month.
Only 8 eBooks with new 'covers'.
These are the numbers for the book pages this month.

1849 publications
1210 different covers

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