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The same Russian books, but different
27 Sep 2016
Russian books can be confusing. The title printed on the cover is not always the same as the one on the title page. I found two new books, omnibuses, with the same problem.
On the title page it says Многоярусный мир. Том 1 (World of Tiers, Volume 1), on the cover is printed Создатель вселенных (Maker of Universes). To make it even more confusing the title of the first novel is in the book written as Создатель Вселенной.

The same goes for Многоярусный мир. Том 2 (World of Tiers, Volume 2), with this on the title page and Личный космос (A Private Cosmos) on the cover.
See the first two books below.
They were published in 1992 by Васильевский остров (Vasilievsky ostrov) in Saint Petersburg.

This same publisher, Васильевский остров, published exactly the same books with a different dustjacket. On the dustjackets appeared the title Клуб любителей фантастики (Fantasy Literature Club), with the numbers 4 and 5 in the series.

The books have exactly the same data. The only difference is the dustjacket and that the last two have the name of the series, Клуб любителей фантастики, blind stamped on the front board.
My guess is that the first two were sold in the bookshops, while the other two were for members of the book club.
Russian books
25 Sep 2016
It looks like nothing happened this month on the site. That is far from the truth. But nothing 'big' happened, to bring it with a news item. I'm still working hard on the Bibliography to get it more correct, checking out items and their data. I'm only human, and I do make mistakes too...

One of the things I am checking again are Russian books. I found a source to order them directly from Russia, to get my collection of Farmer books even more complete. In a couple of weeks I got three shipments with books in Russian, published in Ukraine, Uzbekistan, and in Russia of course.

Here you see the ten books from the third shipment. I'm still checking the details of these publications, which isn't going as fast as I would like.
Most of the books were already known in the Bibliography, but there are also two new ones. I'll be back on the two.

As soon as I have finished the details of the books, I will do another order in Russia. There are many more to go.

Added Books
Two new additions (Многоярусный мир. Том 1 and Многоярусный мир. Том 2, both from Russia) on the book pages this month.
These are the numbers for the book pages this month.

1853 publications
1214 different covers

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