News & What's New - October 2016
More books from Russia
17 Oct 2016
Last week I received the fourth package with books from Russia, published in different –former Soviet Union– countries, but all in Russian. These books are novels, omnibuses, and anthologies.
Everyone of them already is included in the Bibliography, but now I can check the data, with the books at hand, more thoroughly.

After I have checked the books from this shipment I will order more Russian books. Hope to get them all sometime. That will take several shipments to go.
French omnibus: Opar, Intégrale
13 Oct 2016
Subterranean Press published in June 2012 an omnibus, Gods of Opar: Tales of Lost Khokarsa, with the three novels in the Opar / Khokarsa series. The first two were written by Philip José Farmer and originally released in the 1970s. The third however, The Song of Kwasin, was started by Farmer, finished by Christopher Paul Carey, and for the first time published in the omnibus.

Now, four years later, there will be a French edition of the omnibus. Christopher Paul Carey announced it proudly on his Facebook page.

Chris: «Okay, about two years ago I mentioned signing a contract for the foreign rights to THE SONG OF KWASIN. Well, at long last, I can reveal that I was referring to a French-language omnibus of the first three Ancient Opar/Khokarsa novels, to be published by Mnémos in November 2016. I love seeing the new cover art (I don't yet know the name of the artist). Interesting how they titled the third novel...LA GESTE DE KWASIN (THE GESTURE OF KWASIN?). Check it out at the link!»

The omnibus, Opar, Intégrale, will be released on 4 November 2016 by publisher Mnémos. The price is €35,00. See also Amazon.fr.
Received: Fantastic Universe Super Pack
11 Oct 2016
A few days ago I wrote about two new anthologies, that were published in August.
Today I received my copy of the first of these anthologies, Fantastic Universe Super Pack.
This book contains Philip José Farmer's story "They Twinkled Like Jewels".

It comes in a large trade paperback, 25×17,5 cm or 10×7 inches, with 30 stories, for a price of $14.99. Not all the stories are good, and not every included author is very well known, like Frederic Max, John Foster West, and George Edrich. But there are also several big names in the book, like Philip K. Dick, Poul Anderson, Harry Harrison, C. L. Moore, H. Beam Piper, and more.
All the stories were published in the 1950s in the magazine Fantastic Universe.

The anthology is available as ebook (Amazon, B&N) for only $1.99.
This publication doesn't twinkle
9 Oct 2016
It looks like another rip-off. To produce and sell a story, the novelette They Twinkled Like Jewels —that is free of rights— in a softcover chapbook of 28 pages, and ask for it a price of a mere $18.95.
It is the highest price of any of the chapbooks with this story.

Why are they, HardPress Publishing, doing this? Who are they doing a favor, but themselves?
Will anyone buy this chapbook? I'm not!

If you really want this story printed on paper you could better buy the trade paperback Fantastic Universe Super Pack, see below, for only $14.99. For that price you get many, many more stories!
Strangers No More
9 Oct 2016
Dover Publications will publish in February or March 2017 the anthology Strangers No More ('Tales of Alien Life by Science Fiction Masters'). The 'masters' are Isaac Asimov, Philip José Farmer, Clifford D. Simak, Marion Zimmer Bradley and more.

Amazon: «These spellbinding sci-fi tales of Martians and other extraterrestrials first appeared in the leading pulp magazines of the 1950s: Galaxy, Amazing Science Fiction, and Fantastic Universe. Nine groundbreaking selections include "Youth" by Isaac Asimov, "Rastignac the Devil" by Philip José Farmer, and "Year of the Big Thaw" by Marion Zimmer Bradley. Includes atmospheric original illustrations.»

Strangers No More will be published in paperback, price $9.95, 192 pages, ISBN 978-0486795072.
Fantastic Universe Super Pack
8 Oct 2016
Last month I got the information from Fred Fischer (USA) that a new anthology was published in August. I immediately ordered a copy of the anthology, Fantastic Universe Super Pack, but till now did not receive my book. It contains the story "They Twinkled Like Jewels".

Also published in August is Fantastic Universe Super Pack #3, with Farmer's story "Rastignac the Devil". I ordered this one just now. I had not seen it before.

Both books are published by Positronic Publishing, in their series 'Fantastic Stories Presents', as trade paperbacks for $14.99 each.

Just received a few minutes ago a note from Amazon that my copy of Fantastic Universe Super Pack is on its way to me.

Added Books
One new addition, They Twinkled Like Jewels, on the book pages this month.
These are the numbers for the book pages this month.

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