News & What's New - March 2017
Die Welt der tausend Ebenen as German eBooks
31 Mar 2017
German publisher Heyne, nowadays part of Random House, published in December 2016 six of the seven books of the World of Tiers (Die Welt der tausend Ebenen) series as eBooks.
Oddly enough Heyne did not translate the 'real' sixth novel, More Than Fire, into German. Neither did the original publisher of the series in Germany, Knaur, by the way. Red Orc's Rage (Der Zorn des Roten Lords) is not a real part of, only connected to the series.

The six novels are:
- Meister der Dimensionen (The Maker of Universes);
- Welten wie Sand (The Gates of Creation);
- Lord der Sterne (A Private Cosmos);
- Hinter der irdischen Bühne (Behind the Walls of Terra);
- Planet der schmelzenden Berge (The Lavalite World);
- Der Zorn des Roten Lords (Red Orc's Rage).

The six eBooks are available for the Kindle, for about €4,00 (or $4) per book. 
Novella "The God Business"
30 Mar 2017
Farmer's novella "The God Business" (1954) was published last January by publisher Armchair Fiction, in an omnibus.
The other novella in this publication is "The Naked Goddess" by S.J. Byrne.

The cover art, on the back cover, is by Scott Templar, and is the same as with the first publication in the magazine Beyond in 1954.

The book, trade paperback, costs $12.95 and is available through Amazon.
I expect my copy any day now, and will then add it on the story page. 
Many more Italian fake covers
1 Mar 2017
In December 2016 we had an entry about an Italian magazine cover of Opar, la città immortale (Hadon of Ancient Opar). Christopher Paul Carey, chronicler of several Opar stories, had found this one on the internet and asked me if I knew anything about the publication.

My research showed it to be a fake cover, of an unpublished magazine. My conclusion was confirmed in January 2017 by Ralf Lux from Germany. Years before he had found many covers like the one found by Chris.

Ralf Lux (Simak website) started his search again for the source of these fake covers. He found more than 10,500 covers. They are all published on Photobucket.com, and are done by 'Hari von Olivaw' or 'Attilios'. The number of fake covers is still growing, because there are also very recent titles from different authors added.

Of Farmer's work there are about 120 fake covers, of his novels and of anthologies with his stories. Like the one showed here of Fuga a Opar (Flight to Opar).

Many thanks Ralf, it's a great find! Unbelievable that someone made that many fake covers.

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