News & What's New - July 2017
Heidi Ruby Miller signing Man of War
30 Jul 2017
FarmerCon XII was held this weekend, at the same time and place as Pulpfest 2017. Meteor House released their new books here, like The Best of Farmerphile in hardcover and trade paperback.

But also a sequel to Farmer's Two Hawks from Earth, the by Heidi Ruby Miller written Man of War in hardcover and trade paperback.

The new books were signed at FarmerCon XII, where you could buy a copy.
On the photo you see Heidi signing the books. Meteor House will now start shipping the ordered books to those people not attending FarmerCon XII, like me. I'm looking forward to them.
The Official Philip José Farmer Web Page
30 Jul 2017
A major update of the Official Philip José Farmer Web Page. Not so much of the contents but of the looks. The site is more than 20 years online, but the design didn't change very much in that time.
But now there is total new layout of the website, done by Farmer fan Chris Schendel.

The new design looks fantastic. Schendel did a great job with the web page. There are still several things incorrect, for instance links that are not working, but the new pages are worth your visit!
There is even a link to the PJF Forum that does not work, because the forum is long gone. But do not let that stop you to visit the Official Philip José Farmer Web Page (again).

For many years now a friend of mine, Harry Pinkster, is trying to convince me that my website needs a new design. But I have not yet persuaded him to help me with the enormous job. This site counts about 500 pages.
Two books from Colombia
9 Jul 2017
My North American friend Fred Fischer visits the family of his wife in Colombia regularly. As always he also visits some second hand bookshops in Bogota, but never found any translated Farmer books, published in Colombia, for his collection.
But the last time he visited the city Pereira. He wrote me: «I was looking through some used SF books at the oldest bookstore in Pereira, and a title caught my attention.»

That title was Los porticos de la creation (The Gates of Creation), published in Colombia by Deimos Editores. Other that it was printed in 1981 in Colombia, the book gives no further publication information.
Neither Fred nor I are sure if this is an authorized or unauthorized printing. The text of the novel is an exact copy of the Spanish publication by Dronte in 1977, printed from the same plates.

Searching the internet for more information about Deimos and its publications we came accross other titles, for instance by Robert Sheckley and Hayden Howard. All with exactly the same cover illustration.
And we found yet another title by Farmer, El dios de piedra despierta (The Stone God Awakens). Again with the same cover. This one was published before by Dronte (Spain) in 1976.

I found no futher informatio about Deimos Editores, and it is unknown if there was a relationship between Dronte and Deimos. I only know that there are two more books on my wantlist...

Added Books
Two new additions on the book pages this month, both from Colombia. Los porticos de la creation (The Gates of Creation) and El dios de piedra despierta (The Stone God Awakens).
These are the numbers for the book pages this month.

1863 publications
1220 different covers

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