News & What's New - August 2017
FarmerCon XII program
24 Aug 2017
With the under mentioned two titles I also received a copy of the latest program pamphlet, of FarmerCon XII. I has only a few items on the just 14 unnumbered pages.

A tribute by Phil Farmer to Robert Bloch. Published to celebrate his hundredth anniversary birthday. Bloch and Farmer were very good friends.
An interview with Heidi Ruby MIller about her novella Man of War.

And a piece by Paul Spiteri about some ideas and plans for the next FarmerCon to celebrate Philip José Farmer's one hundredth birthday in 2018. I hope to be able to attend FarmerCon XIII, or FarmerCon 100.
A new Two Hawks novella
24 Aug 2017
Heidi Ruby Miller wrote a sequel to Farmer's Two Hawks from Earth, the novella Man of War. First she wrote the story "Dakota's Gate" (2012), and now we have this novella by her, published by our well known Meteor House.
By the way, the story "Dakota's Gate" is included in the book as a prologue. The cover art is done by Mark Wheatley, and Christopher Paul Carey wrote the introduction.

The book was released at FarmerCon XII in July and was signed by the author as planned, but also by the cover artist, who happened to be at the convention.

cover: Mark Wheatley

I did not read much or nothing at all during the last two years, since my wife (girlfriend) left me after nearly 25 years for another man. I could not find the patience, the time or the focus to read a book. Started it, read ten pages, and had to start again, because I didn't know anymore what I had read. It did not work for me to read.

Two weeks ago I had a short vacation in France. I had some books with me, and started reading, and reading, and couldn't stop. That must also have been thanks to the marvelous Blood of Ancient Opar by Christopher Paul Carey, and the more than fantastic Dayworld: A Hole in Wednesday, written by Farmer and Danny Adams.
I loved both their books!

I just started reading Miller's Man of War, and must say it starts very promising. Can't wait to read it all.
Great collection!
23 Aug 2017
The new anthology from Meteor House, The Best of Farmerphile edited by Michael Croteau, is added in the bibliography. As predicted it took me some days to add the book and all the nearly 60 items on these pages. For that, thanks Michael!

For now I only added the books, hardcover and trade paperback, to my already huge Farmer collection.
I do not have to read the book, because I've read all the essays and stories in the fifteen issues of Farmerphile when they were published. But while browsing through the book there were several items, essays and stories, I wanted to read again. There is a lot of very interesting stuff in the book! If I had to pick one highlight it would be "The Roller coaster Ride with Phil Farmer" by Bette Farmer, his wife. For instance with a lovely anecdote about Harlan Ellison.
But there is a lot more to read and enjoy.
For this, thanks Michael (this time for real)!
You can order the book from Meteor House, if you haven't already.
Meteor House books received
15 Aug 2017
Meteor House released some new books at FarmerCon XII, like The Best of Farmerphile, a huge 567 pages thick anthology edited by Michael Croteau. And the by Heidi Ruby Miller written novella Man of War. Both were released in hardcover and trade paperback.
They were delivered at my home while I was on a short vacation in France.

The new books will be added in the bibliography. I will have a lot of work to do with The Best of Farmerphile, with the nearly 60 items in it.

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