News & What's New - September 2017
The Bronze Gazette
10 Sep 2017
There are 5 issues of The Bronze Gazette, a Doc Savage fanzine, that contain essays about Phil Farmer's work or letters by him.
These issues are #13, #17, #24, #30 and #33. For a long time I have been looking for these issues of my wantlist. But never found any for sale.
A Doc Savage fan in the US promised me to search for them, but I never heard from him again regarding these issues.

Then recently I came in contact with the new publisher and editor of The Bronze Gazette, Terry Allen. He helped me with the only back issue he had from my list, issue 24. It contains the essay "Loki in the Sunlight" by Christopher Paul Carey.

Terry Allen also had some news about the next issue of The Bronze Gazette, issue #80. It will be an All Philip José Farmer issue, and should be ready in November.
Win Scott Eckert is writing a couple articles for this issue.
Number 80 can be ordered at the website, The Bronze Gazette, when it is released.
Books from Poland
3 Sep 2017
For many years I have two pictures of Polish covers from a book by Philip José Farmer with the translated title Rytuał. But that was all I had, no further information. Online I couldn't find the information I needed to include these books in the bibliography.
My guess was that it might be a translation of the first title in the Exorcism series, The Image of the Beast, which is also sub-titled 'Ritual 1' in the series. But I had no proof of that.

Till recently my good friend Willem Hettinga found a little more information on the internet, on the Polish 'Encyklopedia Fantastyki'. This proofs that Rytuał. is a translation of The Image of the Beast. But it still does not give a lot more information.
I searched the internet and found that the publisher Klubówka was a science fiction club, that privately and illegally published translations of many science fiction books in the 1980s, when Poland was still a communist country.
Klubówka released about 100 copies of each title, photocopied or offset printed. And often they used more than one cover for the book. Many of these illegal publications were legally published in the post-communist period, but not Farmer's book. Too hot to handle it seems.

On my search I also found the information of a reprint of the Polish book Kochankowie (The Lovers). A year after the first publication in 2000 publisher Amber released a second printing, with a different cover.

Added Books
Two new additions on the book pages this month, both from Poland. Rytuał (The Image of the Beast) with two covers, and Kochankowie (The Lovers) .
These are the numbers for the book pages this month.

1865 publications
1223 different covers

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