News & What's New - July 2018
Limited Deluxe Edition
28 Jul 2018
Meteor House had  a surprise at FarmerCon 100. Next to the trade hardcover and paperback editions of The Philip José Farmer Centennial Collection, came the announcement of a limited deluxe hardcover edition.
This edition will be limited to 52 lettered copies, and signed by all of the contributors: Michael Croteau – Editor, Tracy Knight – Foreword,
Joe R. Lansdale – Introduction, Zacharias LA Nuninga – Bibliography, Mark Wheatley – Cover Art.
Alas, not by the biggest contributor, Farmer himself (now that would have been something....!).

It is a beautiful book in leatherette binding, with a sewn in silk book mark. The end pages contain the color cover illustrations of both the trade hardcover and the paperback.
It will cost you $225.00 plus shipping. Order it quick, if you want one, at Meteor House.
Great, Greater, Grandest!
23 Jul 2018
Twenty-five essays by and five interviews with Christopher Paul Carey. That is te contents of his book The Grandest Adventure. All of the pieces have been published before, some online. But often in obscure fanzines. You could not get these essays very easy anymore or even at all. Several were published many years ago, but they are however still very readable.

It is a great and very interesting book. I had read most of the essays before, but couldn't help myself in reading them again. Much to my pleasure. Carey has an easy and enthusiastic way of writing, that keeps you reading once you start a piece.

The book is extensively illustrated with photos and cover scans.
«One of the most momentous books yet published on Philip José Farmer’s writing», according to the cover text. With this I fully and enthusiastically agree. A book like this one is long overdue.
I love this book!

It is a worthwile tribute to the Philip José Farmer Centennial Celebration. You can buy the book at Amazon.com for $18.99.
Great new Farmer books!
16 Jul 2018

In less than two weeks time these books will be released
. At FarmerCon 100 in Pittsburg, PA. The titles are: The Philip José Farmer Centennial Collection, and Tarzan and the Dark Heart of Time.
The first is a huge collection of nearly 950 pages with 58 pieces of short fiction and non-fiction, all by Philip José Farmer.
The Tarzan novel is a new edition, and for the first time in hardcover, of The Dark Heart of Time.

The website Greydogtales has a great review of the Centennial Collection, and of The Best of Farmerphile, and also of The Grandest Adventure by Christophet Paul Carey, and The Beast and Other Secret Histories by John Allen Small.
Plus a very interesting interview with Meteor House publisher Michael Croteau.

The website of Amazing Stories has also some nice words for the Centennial Collection, see here. And the website Publisher's Weekly has a starred review of this collection.
Small's immersions in the WNU
16 Jul 2018
John Allen Small proudly filled a book, The Beast and Other Secret Histories, with eleven essays celebrating Philip José Farmer's 100th birthday. These interesting essays are all researches in the Wold Newton Universe (WNU).
Most of the pieces had been published before, often online on the WNU websites. But there is some great new material as well.

If you're interested in the WNU Mythos then this nice book is a welcome addition to your library.
You can buy the book at Amazon.com for $10.00.

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