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Philip José Farmer Day
26 Jan 2019
Today would have been Philip José Farmer's 101st birthday.

photo: Paul Spiteri (2003)

January 26, 1918
We still miss this Grand Master

More Birthday salutes to Farmer
26 Jan 2019
Not only from France but also two birthday celebrations for Philip José Farmer in the US. Fred Fischer (US) made me aware of these.

'Adventures in Fiction: Philip José Farmer'
Jeff Goad gives a view of Farmer's writing career with The World of Tiers and Riverworld, and especially the influences these writings had on games.

Strange at Ecbatan - Ace Double Reviews, 53
Rich Horton writes: «Today would have been Philip José Farmer's 101st birthday, so here's a repost of my review of his only Ace Double appearance.»
It is a great review of Cache from Outer Space / The Celestial Blueprint. Which by the way is not the only Ace Double for Farmer.

A French Birthday present for Farmer
26 Jan 2019
Philip José Farmer is not forgotten in France, not by far. Many of his books are still reprinted and published in new editions these past years.
For his 101th Birthday a French blogger wrote an entry: «This is my birthday present.» The blog has the title '10 INFOS ÉTONNANTES SUR PHILIP JOSÉ FARMER', translated: '10 AMAZING ITEMS ABOUT PHILIP JOSÉ FARMER.'

The blog gives a great and interesting overview of the themes and ideas in Farmer's work. It is written in French of course, but you can have it translated via Chrome.
The writer, I cannot find his name, made a nice logo with the use of my photo of Phil.

Galaktika and Galaktika XL received from Hungary
14 Jan 2019
I received eight Galaktika magazines from Hungary, which I ordered last month. They contain stories by Philip José Farmer
Four regular issues, Galaktika #285, #291, #298 and #307; and four XL issues, Galaktika #285XL, #291XL, #298XL and #307XL.

The XL issues of Galaktika have the same contents as the regular issues. They only have about 100 pages extra, with more stories. For instance issue #307XL contains a novel (The Black Sun) by Jack Williamson. The price of the XL issues is higher of course.

The four covers of the regular issues were shown with my post in December last year. The four covers of the XL issues are below. The cover illustrations are the same, the design is different.

Issues No 285/285XL (12/2013) include:
- "A kevésbé rossz megoldás" ("The Leaser of Two Evils").

Issues No. 291/291XL (06/2014) include:
- "Leégés" ("Skinburn")

Issues No. 298/298XL (01/2015) include:
- "Ne vizezzük a gyémántot!" ("Don't Wash the Carats")

Issues No. 307/307XL (10/2015) include:
- "Totem és tabu" ("Totem and Taboo")

I had to correct some of the data already given on the story pages, and add new information, like the cover artists.

These are the numbers for the book pages this month.

1910 publications
1301 different covers

There are less covers than publications due to all the reprints with exactly the same cover.

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