News & What's New - March 2020

First Bulgarian editions in my collection
16 Mar 2020
As you might know by now I try to collect all editions worldwide of Philip José Farmer's work. Including all the reprints of his books. The collection now includes about 1350 editions and printings of Farmer's books. I'm still looking for about 200 known editions and reprints.
Next to his books I also collect all anthologies, magazines and fanzines, and his non-fiction work as well as the non-fiction written about him.
The collection grows and grows every year. But till now I hadn't found any of the Bulgarian editions for sale. There were seven books I was looking for, but recently I found four of them online at a Bulgarian book shop. Thanks for the service Zhivka Zhelyazkova!

The four books are:
There are still three more novels, in The World of Tiers series, that I am looking for. See the index of Bulgarian books.
Only the first two books in the Riverworld series were translated.

French ghost editions
14 Mar 2020
For years I had two French books in the International Bibliography of which I wasn't sure they really exist. Both come from the French publisher Pocket (or Presses Pocket). I have searched for them for many years, but never found proof that they really exist. I haven't been able to find or buy them in all these years.

Les murs de la Terre
First is the December 1997 French edition of Behind the Walls of Terra, Les murs de la Terre. I found an online reference to this one years ago, but that was all. I hoped to be able to purchase a copy in due time, but no. The shown cover is of the 1995 reprint.

Le privé du cosmos
The second one is the March 1992 French edition of Venus on the Half-Shell, Le privé du cosmos. There is still an online link to this one in the French bibliography NooSFere. But not any actual proof that it exists, neither anywhere else on the net. The shown cover is of the 1988 first printing.

Because I never in the past 20+ years found copies of these books I entered both on the page 'Ghost editions' (see here and here). I do not believe they really exist. They may have been announced for release, but never published.
On both book pages are the ghost editions still to be seen, with an explanatory note. In due time they will vanish from those pages.

Up from the Bottomless Pit cover revealed
10 Mar 2020
There was an entry here on February 1 this year, about the forthcoming book from Meteor House, Up from the Bottomless Pit. This week the cover was revealed, drawn by Keith Howell.
The novel will have a foreword by Christopher Paul Carey, and an introduction by award winning environmental writer Sharman Apt Russell.

Originally this novel was announced for a publication in 1975 by Ballantine Books with the title The Dragon's Breath. But Ballantine / Del Rey didn't like the novel, and neither the asked for rewrite. Farmer wrote another novel for them instead, Dark is the Sun.

This novel was published before in the fanzine Farmerphile, in ten parts (2005-2007). It was included in the collection Up from the Bottomless Pit and Other Stories, published by Subterranean Press in 2007 in two expensive limited editions.
Meteor House will bring the first trade paperback edition with an affordable price. You can preorder it now, it will be shipped in August 2020.

These are the numbers for the book pages this month.

1922 publications
1305 different covers

There are less covers than publications due to the reprints with the same cover, and due to omnibuses.

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