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Nobody's Perfect or 沒有人是完美的
29 Jun 2021

The antholgy The Ultimate Dracula, edited by Byron Preiss, was translated in Chinese and published on Taiwan. Released in 1994 and in 2000 by YueSheng Culture Publishing, in a trade paperback With the title as 親愛的德古拉 : 終極吸血鬼 /.

This anthology contains Farmer's short story "Nobody's Perfect".
I could hardly find any online information about the book, and especially not about its contents.
So I translated the original US title, "Nobody's Perfect", via Google into Chinese as "沒有人是完美的".
I have no idea if this is used with the printed book.

Two Hawks from Earth in France
28 Jun 2021

Farmer's novel The Gate of Time was first published in 1966. It was restored and revised for publication in 1979, as Two Hawks from Earth.

Farmer wrote a brief foreword with the new publication:

«This novel was first published in 1966 and then in 1971 (actually 1970) as The Gate of Time. That was not my title. I have no idea why the editors changed it, since this is not a time travel tale, and their title certainly was misleading. So I have restored the original, Two Hawks From Earth.
The editors of that house also rewrote a scene to bowdlerize it. This was done without my knowledge, and so I have restored that scene.
Also, I have added ten thousand words. These include some chapters which go beyond the original ending.
--Philip José Farmer
January 1979»

The revised and restored text from 1979 is now for the first time translated and published in France, by publisher Mnémos, as Deux faucons de l'autre terre. The book was released this month, on June 11, 2021.
The release date is not in the book, instead it gives two other dates (March 2021 on the copyright page, and May 2021 on the last page?).

Two new ebooks from Open Road Media
10 Jun 2021

Later this month Open Road Media will release two new science fiction ebook novels by 'Science Fiction Grand Master' Philip José Farmer. Both are great novels!

The titles are:
Both titles were earlier published as ebooks by Gateway / Orion in the UK. For less than half the price than Open Road Media is asking.
See Barnes & Noble, Amazon, or Kobo for these ebooks.

Erotic Horror The Gas
5 Jun 2021

In the entry of April 19, 2020 I wrote about two books by Charles Platt that were published as ebooks by Gateway (UK).
One of the books I wrote about was Charles Platt's famous erotic, pornographic horror novel The Gas. It contains a foreword by Philip José Farmer.

That novel recently has gotten a new publication, a limited hardcover edition from Centipede Press (US). Only 300 numbered and signed copies were released.

The price of the book was $65, and the shipping costs of it to my country was the same amount...
I ordered and payed for it, but received the money back from Centipede Press: the book already was sold out. A pity!
I already saw one for sale on Abebooks for about $450, too much for my taste.

After two limited editions of the novel in Germany this is the first time that a limited edition was released in the US or UK. The contents of this new publication is nearly the same as with the ebook publication from Gateway. Only the cover art (by Ben Baldwin) and the introduction by Ramsey Campbell are new.

Second printing of Nothing Burn in Hell
28 May 2021

My best friend Willem Hettinga discovered a second printing of the first edition hardcover of Philip José Farmer's very funny mystery novel Nothing Burns in Hell (Forge, 1998).
The first and second printing are exactly alike, both state 'First Edition', only the printing per number line differs.

I never knew this one existed. As far as I know not even the mass paperback version of the novel ever got a second printing.
The new information has been added on the book page.
Thanks Willem for the find!

Second cover for The Monster on Hold
18 May 2021

From the publisher: «Meteor House is very excited to reveal Doug Klauba’s terrific cover art for the Trade Paperback edition of The Monster on Hold! This is our first time working with Doug, but Win Scott Eckert picked him for one of the two covers since Doug did a cover for Win at another publisher years ago.

Note that both the Trade Paperback and Signed Hardcover Limited Editions have interior artwork by Doug Klauba and Hardcover artist Mark Wheatley. And both artists, as well as Chuck Welch (introduction) and Win Scott Eckert, will be signing the Hardcover Limited Edition.»

«Also note that to guarantee you can get a copy of Signed Hardcover Limited Edition, you need to preorder by June 1st
Only two weeks left for that preoder!

More books received
17 May 2021

Another three books were received for my collection. I corrected the information in the bibliography, and added or replaced the cover scans. If you search long enough, someday you will find the wanted books. Or discover new information, and new books to search for...

From Greece:
Μεγαλη Ανθολογία Επιστημονικής Φαντασίας 3 (1950-1965), with "Mother"

From Italy:
Il pianeta Hellzapoppin, with: "The Celestial Blueprint"

From Spain:
El Mito de Drácula, with: "Nobody's Perfect"

As said above I'm still searching for more books with stories by Farmer. Books that I know of, but still couldn't find yet.

Or new discoveries, like the one to the left. This anthology, Ανθολογία Επιστημονικής Φαντασίας 1950-1965, from Greece is the third edition of the above mentioned book. It contanis the translated story "Μητερα" ("Mother"), and was published in April 2019. I haven't yet been able to find a copy for sale.
The new information has been added on the story page.

Russian omnibus with four novels
7 May 2021

Most of Farmer's novels already were translated into Russian, published in Russia or any of the other Russian speaking countries. But a few were still missing it seems.
In this new omnibus, Темное сердце времени, are four novels included.

The novels are:
- Темное сердце времени (The Dark Heart of Time)
- Языки Луны (Tongues of the Moon)
- Бегство от Локи (Escape from Loki)
- Другая записная книжка Филеаса Фогга (The Other Log of Phileas Fogg)

Three of them are part of the Wold Newton Universe series.

This book was announced in 2016, together with another omnibus with Farmer's work, Древняя Африка, to be published by Severo-Zapad Press in 2017 (see here). The announcement was with a different cover illustration, different title and contents and a different publication year. The new omnibus was released last year, July 2020.
The original contents was with Приключения безземельного пэра (The Adventure of the Peerless Peer). That one has been replaced by Языки Луны (Tongues of the Moon), the one novel that is not part of the Wold Newton Universe.

Limited edition of 30 copies only. Distribution of free copies among subscribers. I have not been able to find a copy for sale.

New items for my collection
4 May 2021

Recently received items that were missing in my collection were corrected in the bibliography, and the cover scan added or replaced.

From Germany:
Utopia # 413, with "The Celestial Blueprint" (part 2)

From Italy:
Il ritorno di Dracula, with: "Nobody's Perfect"
Storie dello spazio esterno, with: "Some Fabulous Yonder"

More books from Spain and Greece are on their way to me.

Venus on the Half-Shell in Belarus
27 Apr 2021

I just discovered the publication of an omnibus with two of Philip José Farmer's novels. The book was released May 2019 by a Belarusian publisher from Minsk, Подсолнечник (transliterated as: Podsolnechnik, translation: Sunflower).
Belarus is a new country in this bibliography.

It is the omnibus Венера на половине ракушки  (Venera na polovine rakushki). As you might see on the cover it contains the novels Venus on the Half-Shell, and The Lovers.

With the publication of Venus on the Half-Shell are all the essays and stories (fictional biographies) included from the Titan edition (UK) in 2013.

I have not been able to find a copy for sale. The books are probably all gone, because it had a print run of only 30 copies.

The Rise and Fall of Ancient Opar
23 Apr 2021

Christopher Paul Carey wrote on Facebook some new information:

«I've been discussing a trade omnibus with Meteor House titled The Rise and Fall of Ancient Opar that would include Exiles of Kho, Hadon, King of Opar, and Blood of Ancient Opar, plus a new story set after the latter.

I am guessing it might also have a limited hardcover edition. The only thing holding it up is that I'm too busy at the moment with ERB publishing and writing an ERB Universe novel to get to writing a new Khokarsa story. Hopefully in a year or two I'll be freed up! I'd like to get to the Foundation of Kor trilogy someday, too.»

It will take some time to get published, if at all. But if you do not yet have the included books it will be more than well worth your time to wait! These are great stories, I enjoyed them very much!

Lord Tyger review
16 Apr 2021
There is a recent review online at the website the-avocado.org of Philip José Farmer's semi-Tarzan novel Lord Tyger, which was originally published in 1970. More than 50 years ago.

From the review: «Its brutal stuff. Ras is a heroic figure physically, but he’s a savage in the truest sense of the word. He has an older brother who was left with actual gorillas, but that experiment didn’t work. The boy grew up to be little more advanced that a gorilla himself, his brain never creating the neural pathways for language as a child.»

And: «...as much as I’d like to recommend it, I really can’t bring myself to do so. Typical for a Farmer novel, there’s frank discussion of biological processes and also a lot of sex. But Ras, not growing up in any kind of civilization, experiments with bestiality.»

It has been read by me too long ago to remember everything. I only know that I thought of it as a pretty amazing novel.

Cover reveal of Deux faucons de l'autre terre 
2 Apr 2021
This French publication was earlier mentioned here in the entry of February 23rd, 2021. At that moment no cover picture was available.

As you can see there is now. No idea yet who the cover artist is.

It is a translation of Philip José Farmer's Two Hawks from Earth. The revised and expanded text of the original The Gate of Time was not previously published in France.

It’s Always Darkest Cover Reveal
19 Mar 2021
The fourth cover of the new books from Meteor House, to be published this summer/fall, is revealed. The artist of the dust jacket of It's Always Darkest is Keith Howell.

Author Frank Schildiner wrote this novella as part of the Secrets of Nine series, a series started by Farmer as the Lord Grandrith / Doc Caliban series.

In the same series as the newly announced The Monster on Hold by Philip José Farmer and Win Scott Eckert.

See the website of Meteor House for ordering information of this and the other books.

Image of the Beast review
15 Mar 2021
Margaret L. Carter wrote a sharp-witted and intelligent review of the omnibus Image of the Beast. The omnibus contains the first two novels in the Exorcism, or Herald Childe series.
The review is on March 14, 2021 published on the VampChix blog. There were in the past many pro and contra reviews written about the novels, but not many as well written and nuanced as this one.

The review ends with: «Herald Childe comes across as a flawed but basically decent person, sympathetic enough for the reader to hope he survives the weird situation in which he becomes entangled. And I can definitively state that I've never seen quasi-human monsters quite like these in any other work of fiction.»

Farmer of the Apes
12 Mar 2021
I finally found online a copy of the Canadian fanzine Borealis 2, Volume 1 number 2, Spring 1979.
On the cover and on the copyright page it is subtitled: "A Canadian Magazine of Science Fiction and Fantasy".

The issue contains an essay by Charles R. Saunders: "Farmer of the Apes". This essay has an illustration by John Charette, showing five young Tarzan-like boys harassing a big ape or gorilla.

The essay however is about Philip José Farmer's fascination of Tarzan, and about the four versions of Tarzan he wrote himself. The first Tarzan in Tarzan Alive and in "Extracts from the Memoirs of 'Lord Greystoke'", the second Tarzan persona in the novel Lord Tyger, the third in A Feast Unknown and its follow-ups, and the fourth Tarzan persona in Time's Last Gift.

The essay by Charles R. Saunders reads like a very interesting introduction for the newly announced book, The Man Who Met Tarzan. This article is very clarifying of Farmer's Tarzan personae.

French reprints of Riverworld books
11 Mar 2021
As I have written before Farmer's books are still kept in print in France, especially the books in the Riverworld series. In solo publications or in omnibuses. The following reprints were just discovered by me, both from publisher Le Livre de Poche.

Two more covers revealed
6 Mar 2021
The covers of the new book from Meteor House, of The Man Who Met Tarzan, both the trade paperback and the limited hardcover are revealed.

The limited hardcover edition

The trade paperback edition

This book will be published in a Trade Paperback and a Signed Hardcover Limited Edition featuring a cover with classic artwork, and also interior art by Keith Howell. The Hardcover Limited Edition will be signed by Christopher Paul Carey, Win Scott Eckert, Henry Franke, and Keith Howell. The artwork is by famed movie poster artist John Solie, made for a poster in 1978.
Go to the website of Meteor House for more information.

A unique alternate history book 
28 Feb 2021
The previous entry was about Farmer's novel Two Hawks from Earth (1979). Of the translation and publication in France.

By coincidence I discovered online a recent interesting review of the original novel, published on February 21, 2021. It is written by Michael Smith in his blog, "The Book that Time Forgot".

Part of his review: «This was a really interesting book. Farmer did a lot of research into the various peoples to give us a fascinating look at a world without the Americas. That Eastern Europe is populated by descendants of the tribes that migrated to America seems plausible ... So if you want a unique alternate history book I would highly recommend this one.»

Michael Smith has also reviews of The Stone God Awakens («...I would definitely recommend this book...») and Dark is the Sun («...very enjoyable. I highly recommend it...») online in his blog.
It's nice to read his praising words.

Announced: Deux faucons de l'autre terre 
23 Feb 2021
The French publisher Mnémos will release in June 2021 a translation of Farmer's novel Two Hawks from Earth, as Deux faucons de l'autre terre. It will be released as a paperback, 352 pages, for the price of € 11,90.
With ISBN 978-2-35408-917-7.

This novel was originally published as The Gate of Time in October 1966 by Belmont Books. According to his foreword in Two Hawks from Earth —published in May 1979— Farmer restored a scene and he expanded the text with «...about ten thousand words. These include some chapters which go beyond the original ending.»

The Gate of Time was translated and published once before in France. As La porte du temps by Fleuve Noir in 1983. But the revised and expanded text was not published in France till now.
The cover of the new French edition has not yet been revealed.

Cover reveal of The Monster on Hold
16 Feb 2021
The first cover of the new publications from Meteor House is revealed. This one is for the limited signed hardcover, drawn by Mark Wheatley. It is a mysterious and beautiful cover!

The Monster on Hold by Philip José Farmer and Win Scott Eckert will be published in a Trade Paperback and a Signed Hardcover Limited Edition. The trade paperback will have a different cover art, done by Doug Klauba.
I am looking forward to the new books!

Three new books from Meteor House in 2021
5 Feb 2021
A great announcement from Meteor House! Which they did on Farmer's birthday. In the summer or fall of this year they will publish three new books.
The books are:

The Monster on Hold by Philip José Farmer and Win Scott Eckert. The book will be published in a Trade Paperback and Signed Hardcover Limited Edition. This is the fourth novel in the Secrets of the Nine series and was begun in the 1970s. Using Farmer’s partial manuscripts and copious notes Win Scott Eckert has completed the novel at long last.
The drawing at left is by Jason Robert Bell.

It’s Always Darkest by Frank Schildiner. Set in the same Secrets of the Nine universe as The Monster on Hold, this hard-boiled novella follows a new, yet familiar, character, a one-time initiate of the Nine who has chosen to rebel against their formidable forces. This novella will be published as a Signed Hardcover Limited Edition.

The Man Who Met Tarzan by Philip José Farmer. This book collects many of the articles, speeches, essays and letters Farmer has written about Edgar Rice Burroughs and Tarzan over several decades, culminating in his interview with the jungle lord in 1972. This collection will be published in a Trade Paperback and Signed Hardcover Limited Edition featuring vintage cover art.

See the full announcement and the ordering information at Meteor House.

Philip José Farmer Day
26 Jan 2021

photo: Zacharias L.A. Nuninga (2002)

January 26, 1918
Phil would have become 103 years old this day.

25 Jan 2021
Today I finally received the information from the Post Office that I could pick up the three books Meteor House had sent again to me early December 2020. First I had to pay the custom clearance.

The books had been at the Post Office in my country before, but were without further notice to me sent back to the publisher. Because I hadn't picked them up.
I had never received a notice that I could pick up the books, and so didn't know they were here.

All in all it took four months for the books to reach me.
I had ordered three other books in December, twice from Subterranean Press and one through Abebooks.
These three were all received in two-three weeks time, as is standard in most cases.
I'm glad that I finally have these books:
- Up From the Bottomless Pit (trade paperback);
- A Rough Knight for the Queen (hardcover and trade paperback.

The Faces of Science Fiction
30 Dec 2020
This is the second tip I got from Fred Fischer (USA) in the past few days. First he discovered that something by Farmer had been included in the Spanish collection El otro canon de Sherlock Holmes. See the previous entry.
This time he came with the information about the book The Faces of Science Fiction (1984). This book contains black and white photos of 82 authors. The photos were all done by Patti Perret. They were especially made for this book.

The photo of Farmer with his desk and paintings of his work in the besement of their house is accompanied by a brief but very funny essay. Farmer had some ideas about all the photos in the book.

The Peerless Peer in Spain
28 Dec 2020
Spanish publisher Los Libros de Barsoom published in 2015 the collection El otro canon de Sherlock Holmes. With stories by Arthur Conan Doyle and stories and essays by diverse other hands. Also with several pastiches, one of them by Philip José Farmer. The novella The Adventure of the Peerless Peer was translated as "La aventura del par simpar".

The novella was not translated for the first time into Spanish. With the title La Aventura del Par sinpar, but that was twelve years ago for an illegal online publication. See the entry of November 12, 2008. The referred website to the story is not online anymore.

The new collection was originally published in February 2015, but was republished in December 2017 in a revised version. Several misprints were corrected in the second edition.
I cannot find a copy of any of the two editions for sale at the moment. I have searched many websites, but there is not one copy available. Have to try again later.

Still not received the new books
21 Dec 2020
Meteor House originally announced their new books for this year to be released at FarmerCon XV. This would be in August 2020, but the con was canceled. Mainly due to the COVID-19 pandemic there were more problems, reason why the books were more delayed. At the end of September 2020 the ordered books were sent by the publisher.
But I did not receive the books. I waited and finally asked the publisher what might be the reason. The shipment had be going back and forth in the US. Only later I saw in the detailed history of the tracking info that the parcel really had been in my country, the Netherlands, but was sent back. The reason why is unknown.

Finally early December Mike Croteau, the publisher, received the books back. He sent them to me again, but I haven't received them as yet. I try to follow the tracking info this time. I only see that the parcel is moving, but not where it is at the moment. I still hope for the best.

I probably will not see the new releases this year anymore, but I still wanted the new information —as far as I have it— in the bibliography. There is a new bookpage for Up From the Bottomless Pit. The other two publications, A Rough Knight for the Queen, are added on the page 'Works by PJF'.

Greatheart Silver and Other Pulp Heroes as eBook
30 Nov 2020
Last year Meteor House published the collection Greatheart Silver and Other Pulp Heroes in hardcover. The book contains five stories and one essay. The essay is the foreword to one of the stories.

Since November this year the collection is now available as eBook, for $2.99, for sale both at Amazon and Barnes&Noble.

Three new items for the bibliography
15 Nov 2020
From my friend Fred Fischer (US) again I received some items that I didn't yet have in my collection. Two of them were already known to me and added in the bibliography, but the third, RiverCon XX, is completely new. Of the first two I had to add or change some information.

The three items are:
It was nice to finally see the graphic version of the story "The King of the Beasts", but it also disappointed me somewhat. In the story Farmer leaves it open to our fantasy what kind of (alien?) creatures the biologist and its visitor are. The biologist re-creates many of the extinct species of earth, and also the most dangerous one. The drawn creatures in this graphic version seem to be humans, which spoils the punch line of the story. If you look at this illustration, maybe you understand what I mean.

Many thanks for these items Fred! Great find!

Tarzan novel as Audio Book
5 Nov 2020
Publisher Oasis Audio will release this month, on November 10th, the novel Tarzan and the Dark Heart of Time as an Audio Book.

The Audio Book will be released unabridged on one MP3 CD with a running time of 8.5 hours. Narrator is Ben Dooley. The price is $14.99.
It has ISBN 978-1-64091-503-9.

Received and still not received
5 Nov 2020
Today I received from Poland the ordered book Odyseja Green. This one already had been added on the book page, but I completed the information about the publication.

What I still haven't received are my copies of the books from Meteor House: A Rough Knight for the Queen in paperback and limited edition hardcover and Up from the Bottomless Pit in paperback. The publisher gave me the tracking code in October. The books were then still in the US. Checked again on October 30: the parcel was at San Francisco Ca International Distribution Center. Today I checked again, and it is now at Miami Ft International Distribution Center. So, there is some movement, from the West coast to the East cost in the US, but still far away from my home address in the Netherlands. My guess is that there are not that many planes flying to Europe, due to Covid-19. I have to be more patient, alas. Hope to see them this year...

It is the year 1943. In another universe.
21 Oct 2020
Two drawn world maps based on Philip José Farmer's novel The Gate of Time can be found on the internet. The novel was later revised and expanded as Two Hawks from Earth.

They are drawn by 'Chipmunken', published on April 1, 2020 (see here) and one by 'CourageousLife', which was published on October 2, 2020 (see here). The second one, which its original publication, is a very big picture, 8042x4500 pixels, 2.5 Mb.
'Chipmunken' gives with his map a rather detailed and interesting description of the novel that led to his map. Both drawings are very interesting!

L'eroe nell'immaginario di Philip José Farmer
21 Oct 2020
Delos Digital in Italy has launched the Universi/ty series, whose purpose is to publish degree theses in an ebook version. Making them available to interested parties, for as long as their authors want.

The translation of the title L'eroe nell'immaginario di Philip José Farmer is: The hero in Philip José Farmer's imagination. It is written by Michele Comani.

«The choice of the angle followed by the author for his work on Philip Jose Farmer stems from the reading of texts by Freud and Jung, but also by other scholars of anthropology and ancient myths such as James Frazer and Joseph Campbell, and from the awareness that science fiction had somehow become the guardian of all that cultural heritage linked to ancient myths and symbols. Farmer, in his books, not only was no exception, but he drew inspiration from them by reproposing and reworking them continuously. His first works, then, were heavily indebted to studies in the psychoanalytic field of the first half of the last century. The research work that resulted was a rather exciting work, which allowed to write the thesis.»

If you can read Italian, the ebook can be bought through Amazon. The price is €2.75 or $2.99.
The uncredited photo of Phil on the cover was taken by me (2002).

Sail On! Sail On!
20 Oct 2020
One of Farmer's earliest stories, "Sail On! Sail On!" (1952), has been reprinted in the ebook anthology Legends of Science Fiction: Volume 2, edited by Christopher Broschell. It was published last August by Library & Archives Canada in their series Giants of Sci-Fi Collection.

The anthology contains twenty-six stories by authors like Phillip K. Dick, Theodore Sturgeon, Clifford Simak, Arthur C. Clarke, and others.

Odyseja Greena from Poland
20 Oct 2020
This Polish translation of The Green Odyssey has recently been ordered by me. I tried to order it earlier, but alas without success.
The book was released in August 2020. I have added this translation on the book page. The missing information will be given after I receive the actual book.

Delayed delay
20 Oct 2020
The new books from Meteor House are even more delayed than at first thought of. The publisher, Michael Croteau, wrote to me that they were posted late September.
I still haven't received my copies of the three books: A Rough Knight for the Queen in paperback and limited edition hardcover and Up from the Bottomless Pit in paperback.

More patience is needed. Hope to receive them soon!
The books are already for sale at Amazon.

Somewhat delayed books
26 Aug 2020
Meteor House published the following statement about the delay of their announced books:

«Due to Covid19 affecting everything in the world these days, from our printers to the mail system (especially internationally) we're a little late getting this year's books out. But, we now have the signature sheets (after their journey from the US, to Spain, to Italy, to the UK, and back to the US) and should have all our books (A Rough Knight for the Queen in paperback and limited edition hardcover and Up from the Bottomless Pit in paperback, both by Philip José Farmer) in hand and ready to ship by the end of next week.»

So, the books will now be released early September.

Riverworld box 1980
31 Jul 2020
It took me many years to get a copy of the box Philip José Farmer's Fabulous Riverworld (09/1980) with the first three novels of the Riverworld series and the collection with one Riverworld story.

When I finally found a copy for sale of the box I also saw a second copy offered to my big surprise. I almost tended to order them both, but I could just hold back.
Publisher Berkley filled the boxes with copies of To Your Scattered Bodies Go, The Fabulous Riverboat, The Dark Design, and Riverworld and Other Stories.
The contents of the boxes are the same, but the printings of the included books may vary.

The box has no ISBN or price printed on it, but I received from someone the ISBN 0-425-04820-9.

The contents of the second Berkley box, The Complete Riverworld Novels (10/1981), may even more vary. It also caused some confusion. because there is no 20th printing of Scattered Bodies and no 19th printing of Fabulous Riverboat to be found. My guess is that an extra print run was made of the 19th of the first and of the 18th of the second title for inclusion in the boxes. The printing number and date were not changed, but these extra print runs were counted with the new printings after that. Of The Dark Design is one of the two 8th printings with different dates included.

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It’s Always Darkest, by Frank Schildiner. A related story in the Lord Grandrith / Doc Caliban series.
The following are not yet confirmed, but these books are mentioned in the past.

Christopher Paul Carey will maybe write a trilogy about Kôr, son of Hadon of Opar.
Might be published in ?.