News & What's New - January 2017
The 99th Philip José Farmer Day
26 Jan 2017

January 26, 1918
(February 25, 2009)
Publication statistics 2016
13 Jan 2017
17 Jan 2017 (Corrected numbers)
For the third year in a row there were six of Farmer's books published this year. Two of these, one title, were written by Philip José Farmer & Danny Adams.
Also five Farmer related books, written by Christopher Paul Carey (2), Josh Reynolds (2) and Win Scott Eckert (1). All the related book publications came from Meteor House.

year books story publications countries
2016 6 (+ 5*) 3 2 / 1
2015 6 (+ 4*) 2 2 / 1
2014 6 (+ 1*) 4 3 / 2
2013 13 (+ 1*) 8 4 / 2
2012 16 (+ 1*) 7 5 / 3
2011 12 27 2 / 2
2010 11 3 2 / 1
2009 10 4 4 / 4
2008 19 39 7 / 3
2007 17 23 8 / 2
2006 18 71 5 / 2
2005 7 8 4 / 4
*) PJF related, but written by others.

Three of Farmer's stories were reprinted in 2016: "Getting Ready to Write" (with Paul Spiteri), "Rastignac the Devil" and "They Twinkled Like Jewels".
Two new Russian omnibuses in 2017
5 Jan 2017
Also from Ralf Lux came the news of two forthcoming Russian hardcover omnibuses, Древняя Африка (Ancient Africa) and Темное сердце (Dark Heart).
Both will be published this year, 2017, by publisher Северо-Запад (Severo-Zapad, translated: Northwest) in St. Petersburg. In the series 'Приключения (синяя серия)', translated: 'Adventure (blue series)'.


Хэдон из Древнего Опара
  (Hadon of Ancient Opar)
Бегство в Опар
  (Flight to Opar)
Серебряное Сердце (цикл):
  (Greatheart Silver - series)
"Серебряное Сердце"
  ("Greatheart Silver")
"Возвращение Серебряного Сердца"
  ("The Return of Greatheart
"Серебряное Сердце в Первой Команде"
  ("Greatheart Silver in the First

Темное сердце времени
  (The Dark Heart of Time)
Вторая записная книжка Филеаса Фогга
  (The Other Log of Phileas
Приключения безземельного пэра
  (The Adventure of the
  Peerless Peer
Бегство от Локи
  (Escape from Loki)

None of these works have been translated and published in Russia before. The publisher misses the chance to publish all three Opar books together, the third one The Song of Kwasin written by Farmer and Christopher Paul Carey.

I haven't been able to order the books, because they are not yet published. A firm publication date is not yet set.
Vielen dank Ralf!
Confirmation of the ghost edition
4 Jan 2017
From my German friend Ralf Lux, webmaster of Clifford D. Simak - The International Bibliography, I got an e-mail about the Italian ghost edition from the previous entry (13 Dec 2016).
He too had found fake covers of the Italian Urania magazine, a total of twenty covers with the writings of Clifford D. Simak.

Two of these are in the Urania Fantasy series, as you can see above. None of the twenty issues have actually been published.
Ralf found the source several years ago on the internet: «Etwa im Jahre 2012 hat irgendein Italiener massenhaft solche Cover gefertigt.» (In about 2012 an Italian person made many of these covers.)

With a computer and the right software it isn't very difficult to make these fake covers.
My conclusion with the previous entry, that the Farmer cover is of a phantom or ghost edition is confirmed with Ralf's e-mail.
Thank you Ralf!

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