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Advanced Readings in D&D: Philip José Farmer
26 Dec 2017
I had missed it completely the past four years, but on November 25, 2013, Mordicai Knode wrote a post at Tor.com with the above title.

«In “Advanced Readings in D&D,” Tor.com writers Tim Callahan and Mordicai Knode take a look at Gary Gygax’s favorite authors and reread one per week, in an effort to explore the origins of Dungeons & Dragons and see which of these sometimes-famous, sometimes-obscure authors are worth rereading today. Sometimes the posts will be conversations, while other times they will be solo reflections, but one thing is guaranteed: Appendix N will be written about, along with dungeons, and maybe dragons, and probably wizards, and sometimes robots, and, if you’re up for it, even more.

This week it’s Philip José Farmer and his World of Tiers, an epic that bridges high fantasy, the pulps and whimsical science-fiction.»

It is quite interesting, the essay leads to the conclusion that The Maker of Universes "is a DM's novel".
The Bronze Gazette 80
26 Dec 2017
Issue 80, Winter 2017, of the fanzine about Doc Savage, The Bronze Gazette, was published this month. I did not yet receive my copy of it, but under follows the announcement.
This issue has a great cover!

The website: «This was our issue to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the birth of Philip José Farmer. Included are reprinted Farmer-penned articles on Doc Savage and Escape from Loki, plus new work from Chuck Welch and Jeff Deischer. Everything, new and old, beautifully designed by Kez Wilson.»

You can order Issue 80 at the website of The Bronze Gazette. Do not wait too long with your order as older issues soon are sold out.

These are the numbers for the book pages this month.

1888 publications
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