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And yet another two letters
14 Apr 2018
Checking further the information on Philip José Farmer at ISFDB I found another two letters missing in my bibliography.

First is a letter in the fanzine New Venture #4, of the Summer 1976. As I do not have a copy yet I do not know what's in the letter.

The second letter, a very small one, is in Locus #392 of September 1993. It is one of the 'Locus Silver Anniversary Letters', and in it Farmer writes:

«Congratulations on your 25th anniversary. Your professionalism equals or exceeds that of national publications (I'm not including the National Enquirer among the other big journals), and you should be very proud.
--Philip José Farmer»

The letter is accompanied with a photo of Phil from 1968, the year that Locus started
. The photo was made by Walter J. Daugherty.
It is strange that I missed the letter in Locus, because I have a subscription on this magazine since the early 1970s. I hope that I haven't missed more.
Reprint of original French collection
10 Apr 2018
I mentioned ISFDB two weeks ago, with some previous unknown letters by Farmer.
This time I discovered at ISFDB a reprint of the French collection Philip José Farmer.

There is some confusion about the title of this collection. Sometimes you see it with the name of the series or sub-series as part of the book title, as Le livre d'or de la science-fiction: Philip José Farmer. This is not correct.

This collection, with ten stories, was originally published in 1980. The reprint of this book is from October 1983. I have never seen a copy for sale, and could not find one yet since my 'discovery'.

It was reprinted again in 1990, where the title changed to Le jeu de la création. The sub-series name changed to 'Le grand temple de la science-fiction'
The Grandest Adventure of Philip José Farmer
3 Apr 2018
Christopher Paul Carey already announced the coming of this book earlier, see the entry of February 21, 2018 on this site.
His book, The Grandest Adventure: Writings on Philip José Farmer, will be released this year in July.

«To mark the centenary year of the birth of one of science fiction and fantasy’s undisputed masters, Philip José Farmer (1918–2009), Farmer scholar and collaborator Christopher Paul Carey has collected in these pages a large selection of his essays and interviews on Farmer and his work. Written over a period of more than twenty years, these pieces, many of them originally published in obscure and hard-to-find places, offer insights into some of Farmer’s most important and popular novels and stories. One of the most momentous books yet published on Philip José Farmer’s writing, The Grandest Adventure will make a welcome addition to the libraries of fans, devotees, and casual science fiction readers alike.»

Cover art by Charles Berlin
Preface by Michael Croteau

Publisher: Leaky Boot Press
Trade Paperback: 286 pages
ISBN: 978-1-909849-61-7
List Price: $18.99
Publication Date: July 2, 2018

See the website of Christopher Paul Carey.

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