News & What's New - February 2019

Working on e-books
27 Feb 2019
The last few weeks I have been working to add the e-books on the book pages. Till now, and some of them are still there, the e-books were on a separate page with Audio Books and E-books.
The audio books will stay on that page, the e-books will be moved to their book pages.

Unlike the information with the printed books, I do not try to be fully complete with the e-books. If I come across e-book publications I will include them, but these digital books have the annoying habit of sometimes disappearing.
Like this one, Dayworld, published by Barnes and Noble in 2001.
Or 'the cover' changes, or the publisher, or the price, or... I do not keep track of all of these changes.

FarmerFan a one-shot?
27 Feb 2019
Last summer, at FarmerCon 100, was the first issue of a new fanzine launched, FarmerFan. I wasn't really enthusiast about this issue, see my entry of September 16, 2018. Not about the contents, and not about the lay-out.
But there is always room for improvement I hoped.

It seems that the debut issue will be a one-shot. A second issue was announced for December 2018, but nothing happened.
The website, farmerfan.com, did not change a bit. No information on how to obtain issue No. 1 and no notice of an upcoming second issue. I'm sorry if no more issues will be published.

These are the numbers for the book pages this month.

1910 publications
1301 different covers

There are less covers than publications due to all the reprints with exactly the same cover.

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