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Four more books from France
28 May 2019
Online I discovered the following publications, and ordered them. Three covers for four books? Of the first I found two printings, both from 1975, with the same splashing cover.

1975 2007 2018

La jungle nue (A Feast Unknown)
The first publication of this edition was in April 1974. But, as it turned out after nearly forty-five years, was reprinted twice:
- Champ Libre, January 1975, 2nd printing,
- Champ Libre, October 1975, 3rd printing.

Les amants étrangers (The Lovers)
The first printing of this book was published in January 2007, and it was reprinted with the same cover:
- Gallimard, July 2007, 2nd printing.

Le bateau fabuleux (The Fabulous Riverboat)
The publisher keeps this novel in print:
- Le Livre de Poche, November 2018, 10th printing.

Nice photo of the Farmers
27 May 2019
I was very much surprised some days ago to receive an envelop with a photo of Philip José Farmer and his wife, Bette Farmer. The photo is signed by both on the back. There is no information about the photographer, or the reason why, where, or when this picture was made. It is not dated, but my guess is —based on comparing it with other photos of the two— that it is from about 1993.

The sender of the photo, Fred Fischer (US), neither has any information about the picture. He received it a while back from someone who sold him a Farmer book online.
Many thanks for this nice photo Fred!

Farmer Sales on U.S. EBAY
20 May 2019
From Fred Fischer (US) I received an e-mail with a link to a web page on 'Euro Sports Network', with a blog entry of May 1, 2019 called: "Voices Against Time, Ebay Nationalism Part 3". The blog was written by GithYankee.

Fred writes: «My notion is that the author of the chart is trying to use it as an example of proof that the new movement towards diversity in science fiction authorship is doomed.  I guess this argument is part of the brouhaha that the Hugo Awards or perhaps their nominations and the nomination process were embroiled in a few years ago. Maybe it continues?»

The chart shows the Pringle Science Fiction 100 list of bestselling authors. Given are the names, ethnicity, orientation, gender, top 10 sales, and finally 'Last 90 days units'.
I'm not interested in the diversity issue of this blog. That's why I only took part of the chart with the first 16 names. The 16th is that of Farmer.

Author Top 10 Sales Last 90 days units
Herbert, Frank $11,796.00 981
Orwell, George $7,941.00 1368
Bradbury, Ray $7,410.00 1374
Wolfe, Gene $7,122.00 199
Moorcock, Michael $5,612.00 421
Asimov, Isaac $5,068.00 1304
Dick, Philip K. $4,796.00 980
Heinlein, Robert $4,645.00 681
Vonnegut, Kurt $3,917.00 1039
Clarke, Arthur $3,261.00 545
Burgess, Anthony $3,037.00 203
Burroughs, William S. $2,692.00 288
Le Guin, Ursula $2,389.00 407
Leiber, Fritz $1,994.00 191
Gibson, William $1,931.00 229
Farmer, Philip Jose $1,540.00 183

The only reason to show this chart is to give you an idea how PJF is doing in comparison with the other authors of the Pringle Science Fiction 100 list.
If you are interested in the blog or the complete chart follow this link.

These are the numbers for the book pages this month.

1914 publications
1301 different covers

There are less covers than publications due to the reprints with the same cover, and due to omnibuses.

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