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The Alley God, cover by Richard Powers
16 Oct 2019
Online I saw this picture on the website '70s Sci-Fi Art'. It is the cover art by Richard Powers for Philip José Farmer's collection The Alley God, a paperback published in 1962 by Ballantine Books.

It is typical cover art for that period of time, and I liked it —and still like it— very much. It is not illustrating any of the three included stories, "The Alley Man" , "The Captain's Daughter" and "The God Business", as far as I remember. But still a dark and strong picture.

The Stone God Awakens in Normal Bean
8 Oct 2019
The first part of Farmer's novel The Stone God Awakens was drawn and published as an underground comic in the 1980s. The artist was Roland Trenary, and he published the serialization in the issues #1 till #5 of his fanzine Normal Bean. In the Preview issue he published a poster, as he did also in the last issue, Number 6, of Normal Bean.
With part five of the story we see at the end "To be continued...in Normal Bean". But further installments were not published. The fanzine was discontinued.
It's a pity Trenary never finished the story.

It took me several years to find and buy the seven published issues of Normal Bean. Finally I could buy them from the publisher, Roland Trenary, himself.
When I received them, many years ago, I didn't have the time to add the information in this PJF Bibliography. The issues were laid aside for later inclusion, but —much to my shame— I did forget to do just that.

It was an email from Dan Getz (US) that reminded me recently of my omission. He asked me if I needed scans of the seven covers. I had to search for the issues where I had stored them in my huge Farmer collection. Of course I found them and added the missing information on the page Miscellany.
Many thanks for the reminder Dan!

If you want to read a recent, September 30, 2019, and interesting review of the novel The Stone God Awakens you can go to MPorcius Fiction Log: «...So, I've got a lot of complaints, but the idea of a guy being turned into a statue and being revered by a long succession of societies is a cool idea, and Farmer does serve up some fun monsters and weirdos, so I'm giving this one a mild recommendation...»

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