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Scarletinova studie
25 Nov 2018
There was a Czech version of The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, that has the same title.
In 1998 in issue no. 6/1998 publisher Polaris included a translated story by Jonathan Swift Somers III, which is a pseudonym of Philip José Farmer.

The story "A Scarletin Study" was translated in the Czech language as "Scarletinova studie".
It is one of the two stories about the intelligent dog Ralph von Wau Wau, written by Jonathan Swift Somers III.

I hope to be able to buy a copy of the magazine, but received no answer (yet) on my e-mails.

Acheron in the Wild West
15 Nov 2018
Farmer wrote some stories that are not science fiction, as: gothic, horror, mystery, mainstream, and western for instance.
That makes it hard to search for translations of these stories, because they are often not included in the expected and known foreign science fiction magazines, or anthologies.

I found a German translation of the story "Uproar in Acheron" (German: "Aufruhr in Acheron") in the anthology with the English sounding title 18 Western Stories, in 1966 published by Heyne.

As far as I know there is only one other translation, the French one, "Tumulte à Acheron", from 1962.
I haven't found more translations of this story.

A Beast Of The Fields, on A Writer's Desk
11 Nov 2018
From Fred Fischer (USA) I received two items for the Bibliography. One is a copy of the fanzine ERB-dom No. 52 (1971), but this I already had, and so the contents was known.

The second item is a copy of the fanzine Fantasy-Times Volume 8 Number 5 (Whole Number 175), of March 1953. The fanzine calls itself "World's Oldest Science-Fiction Newspaper".
It has some (now old) news about the pulp magazine Startling Stories, that it will go bi-monthly starting with the August 1953 issue.
In the same article is the following announcement: «Farmer's serial, the first in Startling will begin in the October issue. It will be called "A Beast Of The Fields"-and will be in three parts.»

Originally the announcement was true, but due to the fact that Startling Stories had to go bi-monthly was for the editor the reason not to publish serials anymore. It would take too long, six months, to have the story complete. Farmer's story vanished for a very long time after this.
See also the info on the page Announced Books.
Many thanks for both items Fred!

Online I found the information of an article, stated to be written by Philip José Farmer, in the weekly magazine Saturday Review of June 1985, called "A Writer's Desk". My guess is that it is not so much as written by Farmer himself, but he is quoted a lot by the editor in this article. Farmer gives a description of the items on and under his desk, and of all the art, paintings and drawings, on the walls around his desk.

The article is accompanied with a half page photo of Farmer's office: «...the office is "chock full of mementos" that reflect his wide-ranging interests, including WW1 aviation, lighter-than-air craft, genealogy, steamboats, and anthropology, to name a few. These, and artwork from books, enliven a work space that began as a bare, unfinished basement in his home in Peoria, Illinois.»

Discussion about the Riverworld Series
1 Nov 2018
Dan Getz (USA), see the previous post, also sent me a link to a video at YouTube, called 'Philip Jose Farmer's Riverworld - Worlds of Speculative Fiction (lecture 13)'.
It is a very interesting video, but it takes 1:33 hour to listen and see the full tape. The lecture by Dr. Gregory B. Sadler is very worthwhile though. Just click on this link to go to YouTube.

Many thanks again Dan!

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