News & What's New - March 2019

Finally finished with all the ebooks
27 Mar 2019
A month ago I mentioned that the ebooks were moving from the special page 'Audio Books & eBooks' (see left) to their respective book and story pages. That was a lot more work to do than I had anticipated. I checked everything again, searched for yet unknown ones, and found new information. Mainly about the stories that are in the public domain these days, as The Green Odyssey, "Rastignac the Devil", and "They Twinkled Like Jewels". Several of the published ebooks with these stories were already 'gone', not available anymore. I could not find enough information to include them in the Bibliography.

Next I have to say that I do not really like to include them all. Since these stories are in the public domain the printed and ebook publications come and go, and sometimes are sold for ridiculous prices. Who buys them? As they are also available for free.

Some of the new editions I found are: the hardcover of Fantastic Universe Super Pack #3 (2018), with the novella "Rastignac the Devil"; the ebook The Golden Age of Science Fiction Volume 1 (2018), with the story "They Twinkled Like Jewels", and an audio book of The Green Odyssey (2015) from IDB Productions.

The Pulpster #27
8 Mar 2019
Since 2011 is FarmerCon organized together with PulpFest. In that first year there was a supplement in The Pulpster #20 for and about FarmerCon. There was no separate program booklet for FarmerCon VI.

In the following years were the FarmerCons still held in conjunction with PulpFest, but had their own program booklets again. Like FarmerCon did in the years before 2011. See here.

Last year, in July 2018, was the 13th FarmerCon, but called FarmerCon 100. Because of Philip José Farmer's 100th Birthday Anniversary.
There were three different FarmerCon 100 program booklets published.
No reason to think that the yearly especially for PulpFest published magazine The Pulpster had anything about FarmerCon or Farmer.

But I was wrong. The Pulpster #27 has two pieces on Farmer. One, a short biography, by the Grand Master himself, "A Fimbulwinter introduction". Originally published in 1976 as "Philip Jose Farmer Sez..."
The second piece is an essay by Joe R. Lansdale, "The Man with the Electric Brain". This one also was published before, in 2006, as an introduction in The Best of Philip José Farmer.

These are the numbers for the book pages this month.

1910 publications
1301 different covers

There are less covers than publications due to the reprints with the same cover, and due to omnibuses.

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