News & What's New - January 2020

Philip José Farmer Day
26 Jan 2020

Unknown artist.

January 26. 1918

Latest additions to my PJF collection
24 Jan 2020
In December 2019 and this month, January 2020, I received three foreign publications with stories by Philip José Farmer. They were mentioned earlier on this page, but I did not have the publications myself yet. I try to buy every publication worldwide for my already very huge Farmer collection.
Often I get very nice responses from the sellers when I explain the reason why I want to buy the book or magazine, in a language I do not understand. Always referring to this website. From a Czech book shop I got: «Your website is fine and interesting.»

The new publications are:
  • Japan: Dangerous Visions 1 (危険なヴィジョン 1)
  • Romania: Dangerous Visions (Viziuni periculoase)
  • Czech Republic: The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction
The first two books, from Japan and Romania, contain "Riders of the Purple Wage". The Czech version of The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction contains the novelette "A Scarletin Study", published under the pseudonym Jonathan Swift Somers III.
I had to correct some of the information that already was included.

These are the numbers for the book pages this month.

1920 publications
1303 different covers

There are less covers than publications due to the reprints with the same cover, and due to omnibuses.

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