News & What's New - November-December 2019

Tying the world together
31 Dec 2019
«Philip Jose Farmer was tapping into something powerful when he had Doc Savage and Tarzan literally cross cocks that one time, and we're not just talking about the obvious throbbing members.

Farmer's A Feast Unknown brought together the two pulp heroes under legal-friendly aliases and is still a ridiculously entertaining action romp, 45 years after it was published in 1970. It's just a tiny slice in Farmer's massive bibliography, but it's one of the most crucial, and most fun.

The fun is self-evident, with the adventure icons racing through a fevered fight against the usual mysterious and vast global conspiracy, while all their clothes fall off. But the importance is seriously under-stated, because Farmer was playing around with some big, culture-defining ideas decades ago, and the mainstream pop world is only just catching up.»

The above intro is by Bob Temuka in his very interesting blog posted some years ago on the website "The Tearoom of Despair", where you can read the full essay
. Bob also mentions Farmer's other work.

Dangerous Visions in Romania
9 Dec 2019
The 105th publication of Farmer's Hugo Award winning story, "Riders of the Purple Wage", was added on the story page.
This time it is the Romanian translation, "Călăreții salariului de purpură sau Marea îndopare", published in the collection Viziuni periculoase (2013). Which is a translation of the complete volume Dangerous Visions, edited by Harlan Ellison.

"Riders of the Purple Wage" is with 105 publications the most printed of Farmer's stories.
Followed by the novelette "Mother" with 97 publications, and the short story "Sail On! Sail On!" with 80 publications.

Dangerous Visions in Japan
20 Nov 2019
The Japanese publisher Hayakawa published in December 1983 the first part of the collection Dangerous Visions (1967), edited by Harlan Ellison. The Japanese title is 危険なヴィジョン 1.
Parts 2 and 3 were not published in Japan at that time.
The original book and the Japanese translation in book 1 contain Farmer's story "Riders of the Purple Wage" (" 紫年金の遊蕩者たち").

After nearly 36 years, in June 2019, Hayakawa published the first book again, in a revised version with new translations. This time Hayakawa will also publish books 2 and 3 of Dangerous Visions.

The story is now titled "紫 綬褒金の騎手たち、または大いなる強制飼養".
If you wish you can order the book from Amazon (ISBN 978-4-15-012234-8).

Seven books from Japan
17 Nov 2019
Last week I discovered a Japanese web shop that had several Phil Farmer books for sale. I ordered seven of them and received the books within a week. Till now I had only been able sparsely buying single books from Japan, if at all.

The seven books shown above are:
When I received the paperbacks I discovered that five of them are not first printings, although they look the same. That are the first five of the above list. These are later, undated reprints. The copyright pages are the same as with the first printings, they only mention the publication date of the first printing.
The only difference between the printings is the new price, printed on the spine and the back cover.

These are the numbers for the book pages this month.

1920 publications
1303 different covers

There are less covers than publications due to the reprints with the same cover, and due to omnibuses.

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