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These are links to other Philip José Farmer websites, or to websites related to his work, like the very interesting Wold Newton sites. There is lot about PJF on the web, you can find several thousands of pages about him or his work. I selected for this page some of the most interesting international sites. I did not include the Wikipedia entries for obvious reasons.
If you know a site I should include here, or if you find a dead link, please let me know with an email.
Gods of Riverworld
Philip José Farmer pages

The Official Philip José Farmer Home Page

If there is one other website about Philip José Farmer you should visit than it has to be this one. With information about Farmer´s books and stories, with short descriptions. Also his letters, non-fiction, pieces about PJF, photos, reviews, an online interview and much more. Some articles, original fan fiction and original art. Webmaster is Michael Croteau, who published the quarterly magazine Farmerphile. And also is the publisher of Meteor House.
Books, manuscripts and other items from Farmer's estate are being sold on the website.

Philip José Farmer (French)
A bibliography of the French editions of Farmer's books. Also his stories, and articles about Phil. Nearly all books are presented with a cover scan, the French cover text, and reviews. This bibliography gives extensive information. It is worth a visit.

Philip José Farmer (French)
A bibliography of the French editions. There is an alphabetical list of the novels, collections and stories. Most books are presented with a cover scan and the French cover text. This bibliography is not as complete as is given on the pages of my International Bibliography. It really is outdated, since the last update was done in 2009.

FantLab: Philip José Farmer (Russian)
A bibliography of all the in Russian translated books and stories. The bibliography is grouped by series, by novels and by short fiction. All known publications of a book or story are given.

Conoscere Philip José Farmer
A biography, an essay about his writings and a brief bibliography of the Italian editions of Philip José Farmer's books. Written by Silvio Sosio, in Italian of course.

Philip José Farmer related pages
The Wold Newton Universe
"The Wold Newton Family is a group of heroic and villainous literary figures that science fiction author Philip José Farmer postulated belonged to the same genetic family. Some of these characters are adventurers, some are detectives, some explorers and scientists, some espionage agents, and some are evil geniuses."
It's incredible all the characters that webmaster Win Scott Eckert brings together on these pages, who are all part of the Wold Newton 'family'.

The Wold Newton Cronicles

"Here at the Wold Newton Chronicles, we intend to publish articles and speculations relating to the Wold Newton families and the world in which they live. What are the Wold Newton families, you ask? According to noted science fiction writer and genealogist, Philip Jose Farmer, these are the people who are descended from the British noble families and their retainers who were passing the village of Wold Newton in the East Riding of Yorkshire, on Dec. 13, 1795, when a meteorite impacted the ground there. The families, who were travelling in two coaches, were exposed to high levels of ionization. This caused certain mutations in their genetic code." Webmaster is Mark K. Brown.


Secret History of the Wold Newton Universe

"The Secret History of the Wold Newton Universe is a work of fiction which uses as a foundation the works of Philip José Farmer, mainly from his books, Tarzan Alive, Doc Savage: An Apocalyptic Life, The Other Log of Phileas Fogg, The Adventure of the Peerless Peer, The World of Tiers series and to a lesser degree the Riverworld series and sundry other of Mr. Farmer's books." Dennis Power is the webmaster.

PJF's Links to ERB

Every novel or story written by Farmer that has any connection to the 'universe' of Tarzan by Edgar Rice Burroughs is mentioned by Bill Hillman on three pages with lots of pictures. On page I: Books, on page II: Articles, Translations, Fanzines and Titles, and on page III: Quotes.

Thoan (French; some pages in English)
A Role-Playing-Game based on The World of Tiers series. Information and background about the Thoan, short biography about Farmer, introduction by PJF for the book Thoan and more.

Science Fiction bibliographies
The Locus Index to Science Fiction (1984-1998)
Nearly every science fiction, fantasy and horror publication in the United States of America and England in the period 1984 till 1998 is listed here: novels, collections, anthologies, stories, magazines, art books, cover artists, etc. Very comprehensive information with lots of links. There are annual links to the publications from 1999 on. And a link to the index of stories in collections and anthologies published before 1984. Text only. Also on CD-Rom available.

The Internet Speculative Fiction Database (ISFDB)
"The ISFDB is a community effort to catalog works of science fiction, fantasy, and horror. It links together various types of bibliographic data: author bibliographies, publication bibliographies, award listings, magazine content listings, anthology and collection content listings, and forthcoming books." International coverage, with lots of cover scans.

De Boekenplank (Dutch)
This website is dedicated to the exciting and thrilling book: science fiction, fantasy, horror and thrillers. Webmaster Kees Buis is a reader and collector of these books and stories. The information about his collection and more can be found on the site, a collection of more than 25,000 books and magazines translated in Dutch. Extensive information. With more than twelve thousand cover scans.

Catalogo Vegetti della letteratura fantastica (Italian)
Every science fiction, fantasy or horror book, story and magazine published in Italy can be found on this website. There is information of about 30,000 books. Extensive information with thousands of covers, more than 25,000 of them. Webmaster was Ernesto Vegetti, who died in 2010. Since then the site has been completely restyled, and is mantained by a group of bibliographers.

Bibliographie deutschsprachiger Bücher und Stories (German)
Christian Pree (Austria) is a reader and collector of science fiction and fantasy books, original or translated in German. His site covers more than 50,000 books and 62,000 stories in books. No magazines however. Extensive information. Text only.


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