Everything that has a relation with Philip José Farmer or his work, but does not fit on any of the other pages on this site can be found here. Most of them are miscellaneous other media items: the Riverworld movies, role playing games, a computer game, music, a novel with Phil Farmer as a lead character in it, comics, a musical and more.

Doc Savage
Comic based on Phil Farmer's mention of a proposed story in Doc Savage: His Apocalyptic Life (1973).
PJF's own story based on his earlier idea got published as Escape from Loki, a Doc Savage novel (1991).
The comic story, with the title "The Olympic Peril!", is written by Mike W. Barr and drawn by Gabriel Morrissette and Rick Magyar.
  • Comic:
    in Doc Savage, Annual #1
    DC Comics, -/1989, 64pp, $ 3.50

    cover: unknown


A Feast Unknown
Stage adaptation with a multimedia presentation of Farmer's novel A Feast Unknown, or as the performer, Jason Robert Bell, calls it: "a Multi-Media/Experimental Film cycle". Performed in thirty minute segments of the book from start to finish, with added pre-recorded audio soundtrack composed by Bell, as well as video projections of hundreds of original drawings illustrating the story.
June 6, 16, 18, 30 and July 2, 3 - 2005
The Brick Theater, New York
Jason Robert Bell
See: A Feast Unknown website
See: "My Feast Unknown" (article/report)
Jason Robert Bell

The Image of the Beast
Underground comic version of the novel The Image of the Beast, adapted and drawn by Grisly (= Tim Boxell).
  • Comic:
    Last Gasp, -/1973, 36pp, 75¢
    cover: Grisley
  • Comic:
    Last Gasp, -/1979, 36pp, $1.25
    cover: Richard Larson


Richard Larson

The King of the Beasts
A four page comic of the short story "The King of the Beasts", drawn by Rosey.
  • Comic:
    in: élan vital (Journal of Creative Adventure) Volume 1, No. 1
    [Magazine, edited by Mark S. Winn.]
    Hermosa Beach, CA: Élan Vital Publications, -/1977, 79pp, $
    cover: uncredited

Les Amants Étrangers
Radio play broadcast of The Lovers in France.
Repeat date:
Radio station:
September 25, 1976
July 25, 1981
Catherine Bourdet
Henri Soubeyran
Catherine Bourdet
Philip José Farmer
Dominique Paturel, François Maistre,
Robert Liensol, René Clermont,
Agathe Natanson, Georges Carmier,
Roland Menard, Jacques Degor


Moi, Tarzan
A French documentary about the origin and history of Tarzan, with three Tarzan experts. Made for the French television, it was shown on the TV channel Arte in 1996 and 2007.
French language, the two Americans are subtitled in French.

60 minutes
Arte, France
François Christophe
François Christophe
Med Hondo
George T. McWhorter (USA)
Francis Lacassin (France)
Philip José Farmer (USA)
  • DVD:
    L'Harmattan / Zarafa Films, ISBN 978-2-296-02130-3,
    -/2005, € 20,00 - in French
    [All regions.]
  • Video-on-demand:
    Online at Documen.tv - in English, for $4.99
    [Full-screen on your computer. The French is subtitled in English.]


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Philip José Farmer
The title of a track on an album of the hardcore punk rock metal band Blöödhag. This album is with very short heavy metal rock songs about science fiction authors and their work, one of them Philip José Farmer.
  • Music CD:
    Hell Bent for Letters, by Blöödhag
    Alternative Tentacles Records, VIRUS 357, Spring 2006, $12.00

Gene Ha

Philip José Farmer conquiert l'univers
By François Mottier.
A French novel in which Phil Farmer - with his permission - is a character. According to this novel PJF 'died' October 7, 2012....
With a six pages long "Postface" by Philip José Farmer.
See Mottier's essay about his visit with Farmer.
  • French book:
    Glénat (Train D'Enfer), ISBN 2-7234-0152-9, paperback, 06/1980, 190pp cover: Luc Cornillon
    [Illustrated with ten black and white illustrations by Luc Cornillon.]

Luc Cornillon

Riders of the Purple Wage
Stage version, a musical, of the story "Riders of the Purple Wage".
November 29, 1989
Live Bait Theater, Chicago
City Lit Theater Company (Chicago)
Arnold April
Arnold April
Philip José Farmer
Eric Barnes
See: "Riders of the Purple Wage" (article)
the cast

Riverworld (Gurps)
A Role Playing Game based on the Riverworld series, written by J.M. Caparula, edited by Steve Jackson.
  • Book:
    Steve Jackson Games (#6028), ISBN 1-55634-160-1, oversized paperback, -/1989, 128pp, $16.95
    cover: Alan Gutierrez
    [Illustrated by Larry MacDougall.]
See: Steve Jackson Games website

Alan Gutierrez

Computer strategy game based on the Riverworld series.
  • CD-Rom:
    Cryo Interactive Entertaiment, -/1998
See two reviews at: GameOver


Riverworld (2003; TV movie)
See the special Riverworld (2003) movie page.
A pilot film. Intended to be the first part of a series for Sci-Fi Channel, but the rest of the series was never made. Loosely based on the first two novels in the Riverworld series, for instance most of the lead characters are different from those in the books.
The movie has been nominated for The 30th Annual Saturn Awards ("Best Television Presentation" 2003).

Executive Producer:
March 22, 2003
90 minutes
Sci-Fi Channel (USA)
Alex Proyas (et al)
Kari Skogland
Stuart Hazeldine
Brad Johnson (Jeff Hale)
Karen Holnes (Mali)
Emily Lloyd (Alice Liddell Hargreaves)
Jeremy Birchall (Lev Ruach)
Kevin Smith (Valdemar)
Nikita Kearsley (Gwenafra)
Brian Moore (Monat, the alien)
Cameron Daddo (Sam)
Jonathan Cake (Nero)
Paolo Rotondo (Flavius)
Patrick Kake (Tane)
Colin Moy (Langer)
Lloyd Edwards (Mysterious Stranger)
Crawford Thomson (Warrior)
  • DVD:
    - Universal Studios (# 23789), ISBN 0-7832-9384-4, 11/2004, about $20.00
    - Italian: Il Popolo del Fiume (Riverworld)
    Eagle Pictures, -/2004
See also: IMDb.com


Riverworld (2010; TV movie)
See the special Riverworld (2010) movie page.
A mini series, in two parts of 90 minutes each. Made by RHI Entertainment for Syfy Channel. The film is loosely based on the Riverworld novels.

Executive Producer:
April 18, 2010
178 minutes
Syfy Channel (USA)
Michael O'Connor
Stuart Gillard
Robert Hewitt Wolfe
Tahmoh Penikett (Matt)
Laura Vandervoort (Jessie)
Mark Deklin (Sam)
Peter Wingfield (Burton)
Jeananne Goossen (Tomoe)
Matthew MacCaull (Hal)
Matty Finochio (Antonio)
Romina D'Ugo (Allegra)
Kwesi Ameyaw (Youseff)
Meg Roe (Amalie)
Thea Gill (Female Caretaker)
Alan Cumming (Judas Caretaker)
Arnold Pinnock (Simon)
Michael Adamthwaite (Evgeny)
Bruce Ramsay (Pizarro)
  • DVD:
    - RHI Entertainment, 06/2010, about $20.00
    - Dutch: Riverworld
    Bridge Entertainment (#2449827), 05/2010, about €10,00


The Stone God Awakens
An underground comic of the novel The Stone God Awakens. It is a serialized version of the first part of the novel, drawn by Roland Trenary. Published in five issues of Normal Bean (numbers 1-5), plus a poster in the Preview Issue, and also one in issue 6.
All issues were published and edited by Roland Trenary.
  • Comic:
  • Normal Bean, Preview issue
    Roland Trenary, -/1978, 12pp, $ 1.50
    [A center poster on two pages.]
  • Normal Bean, Number 1
    Roland Trenary, -/1980, 24pp, $ 1.50
    [First part of the adaptation, 9 pages, plus cover.]
  • Normal Bean, Number 2
    Roland Trenary, -/1980, 24pp, $ 1.50
    [Second part of the adaptation, 22 pages, plus cover.
    "Limited Edition 200 copies" on the cover.]
  • Normal Bean, Number 3
    Roland Trenary, -/1980, 24pp, $ 1.50
    [Third part of the adaptation, 13 pages, plus cover.]
  • Normal Bean, Number 4
    Roland Trenary, -/1981, 24pp, $ 1.50
    [Fourth part of the adaptation, 16 pages, plus cover.]
  • Normal Bean, Number 5
    Roland Trenary, -/1983, 16pp, $ 2.00
    [Part five of the adaptation, 9 pages, plus color cover.]
  • Normal Bean, Number 6
    Roland Trenary, -/1985, 16pp, $ 1.00
    [Only a one page poster c.q. joke, with a previous in the story used drawing.]

Roland Trenary Roland Trenary Roland Trenary

Roland Trenary

Roland Trenary

Roland Trenary

Roland Trenary

A Role Playing Game in French based on The World of Tiers.
The book has an original introduction by Farmer, a full color map of the World of Tiers and over 180 illustrations of the inhabitants of the fabulous five tiers. The illustrations are by Alexis Santucci.
  • Book:
    Descartes, ISBN 2-748-0100-9, oversized hardcover, -/1995, 432pp, FF295 cover: Wojtek Siudmak
See: Descartes publisher
or see: Thoan, website about this game

Wojtek Siudmak

Trivial Pursuit 20th Anniversary Edition
In this edition of the game Trivial Pursuit is a card with a question and answer that might be of some interest to PJF fans.
  • Hasbro, game, -/2002, $39.99

World of Tiers
The title of a track on an album of the space rockband Hawkwind.
  • Music LP and CD:
    , by Hawkwind
    Released on LP: Bronze Records (1980)
    Later released on CD (with an extra track):
    - Griffin Records GCD 230 (1994)
    - Essential Music ESM 736 (1999).


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