Interviews with PJF
All the interviews with Philip José Farmer that have been published in magazines, fanzines and books or published online. This listing is in chronological order on first publication of the interview.
If more than one publication is mentioned, the publication of which a cover scan is included is indicated with a .
The Book of PJF

"Les univers de Philip José Farmer"
Conducted by Jacques Sadoul.
  • (French)
    Le nouveau Planète
    No.18, September 1970
    [Magazine, edited by Jean-Claude Guilbert.]


"Philip José Farmer"
Interview conducted by Paul Walker.
  • Luna Monthly #54, September 1974
    [Fanzine, edited by Ann F. Dietz.]
  • (Spanish: "Entrevista con Philip José Farmer")
    El fabuloso barco fluvial
    Dronte (Nueva Dimension no.62), trade paperback, 01/1975
  • (Italian: "Intervista con Philip J. Farmer")
    Un amore a Siddo
    La Tribuna / Science Fiction Book Club (No. 53), trade paperback, 01/1978
  • Speaking of Science Fiction by Paul Walker
    Luna Publications, ISBN 0-930346-01-7, trade paperback, 08/1978
    Luna Publications, ISBN 0-930346-02-5, hardcover, 08/1978
  • (Serbian: "Intervju - Filip Hose Farmer" ("Reč je o naučnoj fantastici").
    Alef #5, December 1987
    [Science fiction magazine, edited by Boban Knežević. The interviewer is uncredited. This issue also contains Part 1 of 4 of the novel Idite svojim rasutim telima (To Your Scattered Bodies Go).]


Dexter Dickinson

Vojislav Vasiljević

"Interview: Philip José Farmer"
Conducted by Jerry Rauth, Paul McGuire and David Truesdale.
  • Tangent No. 2, May 1975 
    [Fanzine, edited by David Truesdale. Also with an editoral by Dave Truesdale, "Farmer Revealed as Kilgore Trout", in this issue.]
  • Online: SF Site, March 2009
    [Because of the death of Phil in February 2009 an Epilogue has been added to the interview.]

Mark Gruenwald

"An Interview with Philip José Farmer"
Conducted by David Kraft & Mitch Scheele.
Followed by "Commentary on the Kraft Interview" by Phil Farmer and by "Follow-up Interview" conducted by Richard E. Geis.
  • Science Fiction Review #14, August 1975
    [Fanzine, edited by Richard E. Geis.]
  • (Italian)
    Alternativa no. 4, December 1976
    [Italian fanzine.]

Stephen Fabian

"Science Fiction ist kreative Mythologie, Gespräch mit dem 'Weltenmacher' Philip José Farmer"
Conducted by René Oth.
  • (German)
    Luxemburger Wort, June 4, 1976
    [Newspaper in Luxembourg.]


"Philip José Farmer"
Interview conducted by David Pringle.
  • Vector #81, May-June 1977
    [Journal of the British Science Fiction Association, edited by Christopher Fowler.]

Eaianne Cooke

"An Interview: Philip José Farmer"
Conducted by Jay Kay Klein, Chris Steinbrunner, Peter Gill and Charles McKee.
  • Bakka Magazine #6, Fall 1977
    [Fanzine, edited by Charles P. McKee. There is also an essay by Ronald Swiddle with additions to a Farmer bibliography in this issue.]

Derek Carter

"A Talk with Philip José Farmer"
Conducted by Marty Klug.
  • Whizzard #10 (Vol.2), Fall 1977
    [Fanzine, edited by Marty Klug.]

Craig Anderson

"Interview med Philip Jose Farmer: Sf er et redskab"
Conducted by Erik H. Swiatek & Niels Dalgaard.
  • (Danish)
    Proxima nr.12/13, October 1977
    [Danish fanzine. In this issue also several photos of the Farmers at Fabula77 in Denmark.]

Lars Beierholm

"Philip José Farmer Interview"
Conducted by Chris Landry.
  • Alpha Log 6, March/April 1978
    [Space:1999 newsletter.]
  • Read it online (PDF)


"Interview with Philip José Farmer"
Conducted by Jim Purviance.
  • Pulsar!, Summer 1979
    [Fanzine, edited by A. E. Ubelhor. In this issue also an article by PJF.]


"An Interview with Philip José Farmer"
Conducted by Philip A. Shreffler.
  • Xenophile #42, September-October 1979
    [Fanzine, edited by Nils Hardin. In this issue also an article by These Ven about Farmer.]

Frank Hamilton

"Philip José Farmer"
Interview conducted in May 1979 by Charles Platt.

  • Dream Makers (The Uncommon People Who Write Science Fiction), by Charles Platt
    Berkley Books, ISBN 0-425-04668-0, paperback, 11/1980
    [With a photo of PJF and with Bibliographical Notes.]
  • Who Writes Science Fiction?, by Charles Platt
    Savoy Books, ISBN 0-86130-048-3, trade paperback, 12/1980
    [With a photo of PJF and with Bibliographical Notes.]
  • (German: "Philip José Farmer")
    Gestalter der Zukunft (Science Fiction und wer sie macht), by Charles Platt
    Hohenheim (Edition SF), ISBN 3-8147-0021-X, hardcover, 04/1982
    [With a photo of PJF and with Bibliographical Notes.]
  • (French: "Philip José Farmer")
    Univers 1982, edited by Jacques Sadoul
    J'ai Lu (No.1340), ISBN 2-277-21340-3, paperback, 06/1982
  • Dream Makers (Science Fiction And Fantasy Writers At Work), by Charles Platt
    Xanadu [UK], ISBN 0-947761-14-4, hardcover, 11/1986
    Unger [US], ISBN 0-8044-2745-3, hardcover, 03/1987
    [Revised edition; composed of updated profiles published in Dream Makers (1980) and Dream Makers II (1983) and completely new profiles. With a photo of PJF and with Bibliographical Notes.]
  • Dream Makers, by Charles Platt
    The Stairway Press, ISBN 978-1-941071-00-7, trade paperback, 04/2014
    The Stairway Press, ISBN 978-1-941071-01-4, ebook, 04/2014
  • Dream Makers, by Charles Platt
    Gateway, ISBN 978-1-473-21968-7, ebook, 12/2017

    [Originally published in two volumes, the profiles collected here have been specially updated with afterwords written in 2017.]


Oliviero Berni

Video Graffiti

"Philip José Farmer"
Interview conducted by John Bowles.
  • Starburst No. 32, Volume 3, Number 8, -/1981
    [Magazine. The book reviews in the column 'Book World' give way this time to an interview with PJF.]


"Rencontre avec l'auteur: Philip José Farmer"
Interview conducted by Martine Blond & Jean-Pierre Moumon.
  • (French)
    n° 2, (April-May-June) 1981
    [Fanzine, edited by Jean-Pierre Moumon. Next to the interview is the story "The Volcano", translated as "Le Volcan", in the same issue.]

Pierre D. Lacroix

"Philip José Farmer"
Interview conducted by E.E. Gilpatrick.
  • Fantasy Newsletter #50, August 1982
    [Fanzine, edited by Robert A. Collins.]

John Gandour

"Interview with Philip José Farmer"
Conducted by Michael Korolenko and Katherine Neville.
  • The Baum Bugle #76, Spring 1983
    [Fanzine, edited by Barbara S. Koelle.]

John R. Neill

"Philip José Farmer: Riverworld, God, and Insect Lovers"
Conducted by Darrell Schweitzer.
  • (German: "Interview mit Philip José Farmer")
    Bizarre Beziehungen
    Knaur, ISBN 3-426-05771-9, paperback, 12/1983
    Heyne (Band 4935), ISBN 3-453-05854-2, paperback, -/1992
  • Amazing, November 1984
  • (German: "Interview mit Philip José Farmer")
    Jenseits von Raum und Zeit
    Heyne (Band 4387), ISBN 3-453-00978-9, paperback, -/1987
  • Midnight Zoo Volume 1 Issue #4, 1991
    [Small press magazine, edited by Jon L. Herron.]
  • ("An interview with Philip José Farmer")
    The Bulletin No. 150, Summer 2001
    [With an update to the original interview.]
  • ("Philip José Farmer")
    Speaking of the Fantastic II (Interviews With the Masters of Science Fiction and Fantasy) by Darrell Schweitzer
    Wildside Press, ISBN 0-8095-1072-3, trade paperback, -/2004

Alex Schomburg

Donald W. Schank

George Barr

"Philip José Farmer"
Conducted by William D. Vernon.
  • The Sound of Wonder: Interviews from "The Science Fiction Radio Show", Volume 2, edited by Daryl Lane, David Carson and William Vernon
    Oryx Press, ISBN 0-89774-233-8, trade paperback, -/1985
    [Transcripts of the interview with PJF and nine others.]


"Thrust Profile: Philip José Farmer"
Conducted by E.E. Gilpatrick.
  • Thrust #22, Spring/Summer 1985
    [Fanzine, edited by D. Douglas Fratz .]

Mike Romesberg

"De schrijver die Tarzan een seksleven gaf"
Conducted by Jacques Post.
  • (Dutch)
    Het Parool, 02 Jul 1986
  • (Dutch: "De man die Tarzan een seksleven gaf - een interview met Philip José Farmer")
    Er was eens..., edited by Jaques Post
    Meulenhoff, ISBN 90-290-4070-X, paperback, -/1992

Nico Keulers

"Philip José Farmer: His Apocalyptic Life"
Conducted by Will Murray.
  • Part 1
    #155, May 1990
    ['The Science Fiction Universe' magazine. Edited by David McDonnell.]
  • Part 2
    #156, July 1990
    ['The Science Fiction Universe' magazine. Edited by David McDonnell.]


"Philip José Farmer: Chasing the Golden Glow"
Conducted by Charles N. Brown.
  • Locus #353, June 1990
    [SF newszine, edited by Charles N. Brown.]


"Pilgrimage to Peoria - Interview with Philip José Farmer"
Conducted by Michael Croteau and Craig Kimber.


"Of Creatures and Cultures"
Conducted by Nancy Ridgeway.

James Warhola

"Philip José Farmer"
Conducted by Tracy Knight.
  • Online: MysteryPages.com, October 1998
    [The site of MysteryPages.com has changed its name and address to Themysteryplace.com, but this interview has gone.]
  • Mystery Scene #66, January 2000
    [This is a somewhat edited and shortened version of the earlier online interview.]


"A Conversation with Philip José Farmer"
Conducted by Terry Bibo.
  • Online: Peoria Journal Star, January 1999
    [The web page has been removed by PJS.]


"A Novel is a Novel: Interview with P.J. Farmer"
Conducted by Carlos Orsi Martinho.
  • Online: Intempol (Brazil), September 2004
    [The short interview is in English. The website intempol.com.br is not online anymore.]


"Interview de Philip José Farmer"
Conducted 'by' the publisher, Le jardin des Livres.
  • (French)
    Gare à la Bête
    Le jardin des Livres, ISBN 2-914569-24-6, trade paperback, 02/2005

Patrice Servage

"At Play in the Fields of a Lord"
Farmerphile Interviews Danny Adams & Philip José Farmer, conducted by the editors of Farmerphile.
  • Farmerphile Issue No. 7, January 2007
    [Fanzine, edited by Christopher Paul Carey en Paul Spiteri.]

Shannon Robicheaux

"Bordering on the Absurd"
Conducted by Danny Adams in August 1997, but only published for the first time in 2010.

Keith Howell

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