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Non fiction work by Philip José Farmer - Index
This is the index of all the non fiction work that PJF has written over the years: articles, essays, reviews and autobiographical pieces. The introductions, forewords, afterwords, postscripts and notes to other people's work and to his own fiction. And his letters published in fanzines and magazines. The index has four pages:
- Articles, essays and reviews
- Forewords and afterwords to other people's work
- Introductions, etc. to his own work
- Letters in magazines and fanzines
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Mother Was a Lovely Beast
Articles, essays and reviews
  Acceptance Speech
  Affair of Logical Lunatics, The
  Appreciation, An
  Arms of Tarzan, The
  Blueprint for Free Beer
  Book Reviews (aka. Review of The Prometheus Project)
  Bradley Brave Sees New York With Observing Injun Eyes --- And With Knocking Knees
  Brueckel/Harwood Letter, The
  Buddha Contemplates His Novel
  Charles R. Tanner
  Correspondence on the Khokarsa Series
  Creating Artificial Worlds
  Cross-Sectional Map of Opar ; see: Philip Jose Farmer's Notes
  Dede Weil: An Appreciation
  Doc Wildman's Coat of Arms (aka. Wildman (Savage) Coat of Arms, The)
  Double-Edged Sword
  Early Notes on the Khokarsa Series ; see: Philip Jose Farmer's Notes
  Edgar Rice Burroughs (aka. An Appreciation of Edgar Rice Burroughs)
  Faith in 2097
  Farmer on Wilson (aka. God's Hat)
  Farmer's Lupoff Week (aka. A Review of Chrysalis)
  Farmer Writes
  Feral Human in Mythology and Fiction, The
  From ERB to Ygg (Part 1)
  Getting A-Long With Heinlein
  Golden Age and the Brass, The
  Great Korak-Time Discrepancy, The
  Greatheart Silver
  Hayy ibn Yaqzan, by Abu ibn Tufayl: An Arabic Mowgli
  I Still Live!
  Introduction (Memoir)
  Jongor in the Wold Newton Family
  Journey, The (aka. The Journey as the Revelation of the Unknown)
  Khokarsan Calendar, The
  Khokarsan Glossary
  Khokarsan Language, The
  L. Frank Baum (aka. Witches and Gnomes and Talking Animals, Oh My)
  Language for Opar, A
  Legend of Mishiwapo, The
  Letter from Philip José Farmer on His Hadon of Opar Books, A
  Letter of Discord
  Letter to Lem, A
  Like Some Opinons: Philip José Farmer
  Lord Mountford Mystery, The
  Lovers and Otherwise
  Man Who Came for Christmas, The
  Maps and Spasms
  Mark Twain and Kurt Vonnegut Versus Free Will
  More Than Most
  Myadzian Journal
  Notes on The Khokarsa Series
  Oft Have I Travelled
  On a Mountain Upside Down
  Over All, After All
  Parables are Pablum: A Reply to Mr. Farmer, a Letter to Mr. Campbell
  Pecon 2 Guest of Honor Speech
  Philip Jose Farmer
  Philip Jose Farmer
  Philip Jose Farmer on Roger Zelazny
  Philip Jose Farmer Sez... ( aka. A Fimbulwinter Introduction)
  Philip Jose Farmer's Notes
  Philip José Farmer's Outline ; see: Philip Jose Farmer's Notes
  Plants of Khokarsa, The
  Polytropical Paramyths
  Pornograms and Supercomputers
  Purple Distance, The
  Readers of the Bronze Page
  Reap (aka. Guest of Honor Speech)
  Religion and Myths
  Remarkable Adventure, The
  Remembering Vern
  Reply to Questionnaire
  Reply to 'The Red Herring', A
  Report (aka. The Josés from Rio)
  Riverworld Dawn
  Robert Traurig Letters, The
  Rough Knight for the Queen, A
  Sherlock Holmes and Sufism—& Related Subjects
  Slender Tribute to a Big Man, A
  Some Comments (aka. The Source of the River)
  Special Review by Philip José Farmer (aka. Review of How the Wizard Came to Oz)
  Strangers & Brothers: Pitch to Publishers
  Tarzan's Coat of Arms
  Three Metafictional Proposals
  Time Has Its Mirages
  Tin Woodman Slams the Door, The
  To the Wizard of Sci-Fi (aka. To Forry Ackerman, the Wizard of Sci-Fi)
  Two Lord Ruftons, The
  Uncle Sam's Mad Tea Party
  White Whales, Raintrees, Flying Saucers....
  Why Do I Write?
  Wild Weird Clime, The
  A Writer's Desk
  A Writer's Prayer
  Writing the Biography of Doc Savage (aka. Writing Doc's Biography)
Forewords to other people's work
  Bailey, Robin W. - Philip José Farmer's The Dungeon, Book 4: The Lake of Fire
  Bloch, Robert - "All on a Golden Afternoon"
  Brown, Fredric - The Office
  Chester, S. Beach - The Arsene Lepine-Herlock Soames Affair
  Corben, Richard - Den
  Coville, Bruce - Philip José Farmer's The Dungeon, Book 2: The Dark Abyss
  Croteau, Michael - Collecting Philip José Farmer, The Illustrated Guide, Vol.1
  De Lint, Charles- Philip José Farmer's The Dungeon, Book 5: The Hidden City
  De Lint, Charles- Philip José Farmer's The Dungeon, Book 3: The Valley of Thunder
  Ellison, Harlan - All the Lies that Are My Life
  Feldman, Mark (editor) - Boris: Book Two
  Fiedler, Leslie A. - "Thanks for the Feast - Notes on Philip José Farmer"
  Herbert, Frank - Dune
  Kindzierski, Lovern - Tarzan le Monstre
  Knight, Tracy - The Astonished Eye
  London, Jack - Before Adam
  London, Jack - Curious Fragments (aka: Fantastic Tales)
  Lupoff, Richard A. - The Digital Wristwatch of Philip K. Dick
  Lupoff, Richard A. - Philip José Farmer's The Dungeon, Book 1: The Black Tower
  Lupoff, Richard A. - Philip José Farmer's The Dungeon, Book 6: The Final Battle
  McNaughton Jr., Charles - Mindblower
  Mottier, François - Philip José Farmer conquiert l'univers
  Perkins, Michael - Evil Companions
  Perkins, Michael - Queen of Heat
  Platt, Charles - The Gas
  Preiss, Byron & Betancourt, John (editors) - The Ultimate Witch
  Ramirez, Alice Louise - The Geek
  Robeson, Kenneth - Doc Savage Omnibus #13
  Todd, Peter - The Adventures of Herlock Sholmes
  Toledano, Henry - The Bitter Seed
  Upfield, Arthur - The House of Cain
  Vallejo, Boris - Boris Vallejo's Fantasy Calendar 1995
  Vallejo, Boris - Boris Vallejo's Fantasy Calendar 1996
  Vallejo, Boris - Boris Vallejo Classic 1997 Calendar
  Vallejo, Boris - Boris Vallejo's Fantasy Calendar 1998
  Vallejo, Boris - Boris Vallejo's Fantasy Calendar 1999
  Vesperini, Léonidas et.al. (editors) - Thoan
  Zeuschner, Robert B. - Edgar Rice Burroughs: The Exhaustive Scholar's and
  Collector's Descriptive Bibliography
Introductions, etc. to his own work
   Afterword to "The Jungle Rot Kid on the Nod"
  Afterword to "Riders of the Purple Wage"
  Author's Foreword to Behind the Walls of Terra
  Author's Foreword to The Gates of Creation
  Author's Foreword to The Lavalite World
  Author's Foreword to The Maker of Universes
  Author's Foreword to A Private Cosmos
  Author's Foreword to "The Return of Greatheart Silver"
  Author's Foreword and Afterword to "Greatheart Silver in Showdown at Shootout"
  Author's Introduction to River of Eternity
  Author's Note with "Crossing the Dark River"
  Author's Note in Lord of the Trees
  Author's Note in The Mad Goblin
  Author's Notes in A Barnstormer in Oz
  Author's Notes in Caterpillar's Question
  Author's Preface to Dayworld
  Author's Preface to Riverworld War
  Author's Preface and Afterword to Gods of Riverworld
  Autobiografia for Relazioni Aliene
  Comment on "Sail On! Sail On!"
  Comments in The Fabulous Riverboat
  Comments in To Your Scattered Bodies Go
  Editor's Note in A Feast Unknown
  Foreword to The Dark Design
  Foreword to Flight to Opar
  Foreword to Tales of Riverworld
  Foreword to Tarzan Alive
  Foreword to Two Hawks From Earth
  Foreword and Editor's Comments in The Adventure of the Peerless Peer
  Foreword and Introduction to The Other Log of Phileas Fogg
  Foreword and Introductions in The Book of Philip José Farmer
  Forewords in Riverworld And Other Stories
  "The Grant-Robeson Papers" - Foreword to "Savage Shadow"
  Introduction to "The Monster on Hold"
  Introduction to "Uproar in Acheron" - see here
  Introduction, Forewords and Afterword in Mother Was A Lovely Beast
  Introductions and Forewords in The Grand Adventure
  "An Overview of the Fair" - see here
  "The Peoria-Colored Writer" - see here
  "Polytropical Paramyths" - see here
  Preface and Introductions in The Book of Philip José Farmer
  Prefazione dell'autore to La Caduta di Dayworld (Dayworld Breakup)
  "Stories That Will Not Appear in This Volume" - see here
  "Why and How I Became Kilgore Trout" - Introduction to Venus on the Half-Shell
Letters in magazines and fanzines
  The Baker Street Journal
  The Bronze Gazette
  Burroughs Bulletin
  Doc Savage Quarterly
  Fantasy and Science Fiction
  The Gridley Wave
  Moebius Trip (aka. Moebius Trip Library - S.F. Echo)
  New Venture
  Other Worlds (Science Stories)
  The Patchin Review
  Philosophical Gas
  Riverside Quarterly
  Science Fiction Review (formerly Psychotic)
  Science Fiction Review (formerly The Alien Critic)
  Science Fiction Times
  SFWA Forum
  Sky Hook / Skyhook
  Startling Stories
  Tarzan - of the Apes
  Thrilling Wonder Stories
  The Wold Atlas

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