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Thiessen, J. Grant - "The Never-Ending Bookshelf"

In his article about rare paper-covered books J. Grant Thiessen examines and reviews also the 1968 Essex House edition of Farmer's The Image of The Beast: "A lengthy postscript by Theodore Sturgeon provides perhaps the best explanation of the novel, along with a diatribe against those who would Label - in this case, those who would label this book as pornography, or science fiction, or whatever. I agree thoroughly with him that a work such as this transcends ordinary labeling."
  • The Science Fiction Collector #8, October 1979

Thiessen, J. Grant - "Philip José Farmer: an Appreciation"

Thiessen: "Philip Jose Farmer will never be reckoned as one of the great science fiction authors. The reason -- he is rarely topical, his emphasis on science is negligible, and he does not herald his own work with a great fanfare." After this opening line Thiessen discusses Farmer's work, with the topics 'Sex', 'Heroes' and 'Unique Series'. He concludes with: "It is this reader's fervent hope that Farmer continues to write for many years to come, for, regardless of his subject, his books are always entertaining and innovative."
  • The Science Fiction Collector #5, September 1977
    [Fanzine. This appreciation is followed by a bibliography of Phil Farmer's work, see Paul Whitney.]
Lari Davidson

Thompson, Don - "Tarzan, Lord Tyger, et.al."

A sort of book review of Tarzan Alive in which book Farmer tackles several of the contradictions and inconsistencies Burroughs created in his Tarzan novels. Don Thompson concludes that PJF did a brilliant job with this book but also asks the question: "Who is going to straighten out the seeming contradictions and inconsistencies among Farmer's various versions of the ape man?" He points out some of them in A Feast Unknown, Lord of the Trees/The Mad Goblin, Lord Tyger, Tarzan Alive and Time's Last Gift.
  • Erb-dom #58, May 1972

Roy Krenkel

Thompson, Don and Maggie - "Philip Jose Farmer"

Short article and a list with all of PJF's books and the prices for which you could get a regular edition in the second-hand bookshops at that time.
  • The Official Price Guide to Science Fiction and Fantasy Collectibles - Third Edition
    House of Collectibles, ISBN 0-876-37754-1, trade paperback, 1989


Truesdale, Dave - "Farmer Revealed as Killgore Trout"

  • Tangent No. 2, May 1975
    [Fanzine. There is also an interview with PJF in this issue.]

Mark Gruenwald

Tuck, Donald H. - "Philip José Farmer"

Entry, with a brief biography and a complete bibliography, including foreign editions, through 1968.
  • The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction and Fantasy, Volume 1 (A-L)
    Advent, ISBN 0-911682-20-1, hardcover [no dustjacket],


Tuck, Donald H. - "Philip José Farmer"

Bibliographies of John Brunner, A. Bertram Chandler, Edmund Cooper, Philip José Farmer, Ursula K. LeGuin, Michael Moorcock and Alfred E. van Vogt. Farmer's bibliography gives As You Desire as a published book, it's not.
  • Authors' Books Listing
    Donald H. Tuck, no ISBN, pamphlet, 07/1975


Tucker, Fender - "Bibliophile - a discussion on Fire and the Night"
A review of and hommage to one of Farmer's most unknown, most underrated, and in the words of Fender "most un-Farmerish" novel, Fire and the Night: "...Very few authors can make philosophical dialogue fun to read but we all know that Farmer is one of the world's best...".

Charles Berlin

Tucker, Fender - "Hi-Class Lit-Porn: A Genre in the Serre and Yellow Leaf"

Introduction in which Tucker explains what "Hi-Class Lit-Porn" is, and the reasons why this book not only belongs in this genre, but also is "...the best Hi-Class Lit-Porn book ever written. It's even better than Farmer's other masterpieces...".
  • Love Song
    Ramble House, no ISBN, paperback, 08/2004

Gavin L. O'Keefe
Gavin L. O'Keefe

Turzillo, Mary A. - "Philip José Farmer, Memories"

An orbituary. About her meetings with Phil, while prepairing her book Philip José Farmer, number 3 in the series Starmont Reader's Guide. Of the things he told her about his publishing history and what he let her read at his home.
In this issue also orbituaries by Charles N. Brown, Gary K. Wolfe, Joe Haldeman, Christopher Paul Carey, and Richard A. Lupoff.
  • Locus Issue 579, Vol. 62 No. 4, April 2009
    [Newszine, edited by Charles N. Brown.]


Tweet, Roald D. - "Philip José Farmer"

Critical essay with a selected bibliography. One of the most interesting articles about PJF and especially his writing that I have read. It mentions most of his novels and goes at length about the novella "The Lovers" and the first four books of the Riverworld series. Tweet: "Farmer's work might have gained even more recognition were it not for the interrelatedness of so much of his work and for his habit of doing the unexpected - puzzling his readers and dividing his critics, who have always had trouble fitting him into a preconceived outline."
  • Science Fiction Writers, edited by E.F. Bleiler
    Scribners, ISBN 0-684-16740-9, hardcover, 1982 
    Scribners, ISBN 0-684-80593-6, hardcover, 1999 [2nd edition]

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