Series Listing
Here you will find the novels or short stories that are part of a series, or which have one or more characters, locations or ideas in common. The numbers after some entries indicate that these are part of a continuing story.
See also the page Shared Worlds.
See this page for the Wold Newton Universe (WNU) series.
The Maker of Universes


Beverly Hills, Level 14


Detective Raspold
See also the Father John Carmody series.

Doc Savage
See also the Lord Grandrith/Doc Caliban series.

Exorcism (Herald Childe)

Father John Carmody
See also the Detecive Raspold series.

Fictional Biographies

Grant-Robeson Papers
  • "Savage Shadow", 1977
    by Maxwell Grant (pseudonym)
    [More stories by Maxwell Grant or Kenneth Robeson were announced but have not been published.]

Greatheart Silver
See also: Announced Books.
Farmer wrote notes on other stories in this series.

Kent Lane
See also: Announced Books.

Lord Grandrith / Doc Caliban
Also called: Secrets of the Nine
See also: Announced Books.
See also the Doc Savage series.

Opar / Khokarsa
See also: Announced Books

Oz Universe
See the list of the Oz Universe items at ISFDB.

Polytropical Paramyths

Ralph von Wau Wau
See also: Announced Books

See also: the page Miscellany.
See also: the Riverworld (2003) movie page.
See also: the Riverworld (2010) movie page.

  • Riverworld and Other Stories is not part of this series, this collection however contains the novella "Riverworld".
  • Riverworld War is also not part of this series, this collection however contains "Riverworld War".

Secrets of the Nine
Also called: Lord Grandrith / Doc Caliban
See above.

Stations of the Nightmare (Paul Eyre)

Strangers & Brothers

Sturch (State Church)

Wold Newton Universe
This was not intended by Philip José Farmer as a series, but the protagonists of the stories share the same genetics, they are part of Farmer's Wold Newton Family (WNF).
This WNF was expanded by others, especially by Win Scott Eckert, into the Wold Newton Universe (WNU).
See the Wold Newton Universe (WNU) series page.
See also: The Wold Newton Universe websites.

World of Tiers
See also: Announced Books.
See also the World of Tiers omnibuses.


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