News & What's New - November 2008
Unknown letter in Science Fiction Review
30 November 2008

Again we found something written by Phil that was till now unknown on this website and on the Official PJF Home Page. A letter published in the by Richard E. Geis edited fanzine Science Fiction Review, issue number 60, Fall 1986.
In this letter Phil writes —among other things— the gloomy questions: "...I ask myself what an old fart like me is doing still writing? Why don't I just give up and join Ed Earl Repp and Ray Cummings in oblivion? Or, since I'm not financially able to retire on Social Security and some minor stocks and bonds, why not become a mainstream writer? There's this novel, Pearl Diving in Old Peoria, I've been thinking about for years. Why not do that?"

A scan of the letter goes to Mike of the Official PJF Home Page, who has the permission from Phil to publish the letters online. So, you can read this letter by Phil online completely in due time.

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Ripples from Oz
24 November 2008

If you have a friend who likes to lurk and nose in second hand bookshops, and who has the sharp eyes of a hawk that misses almost nothing, then you might get books like I got this one, The World of Oz by Allen Eyles.
The friend looked into the book and asked if this one would be of interest to me, with nearly a half page about Farmer's A Barnstormer in Oz, including a picture of the cover of the book.
The piece reads like a sort of review and concludes: "Most Oz devotees would probably prefer the fairyland Baum created without Farmer's detailed introduction of sex and violence. But A Barnstormer in Oz is still a tribute to the power of the original books in provoking such a far-ranging reinterpretation."

The World of Oz has had several publications, for instance by Viking in hardcover in both the US and UK (1985), by HP Books (US) in paperback in 1985, and by Penguin (UK) in paperback in 1985. My friend, Willem Hettinga, did find a copy of the last one. Thanks Willem!

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German articles
23 November 2008

Christian Endres, German journalist, emailed recently that his article, originally planned for publication in the January 2009 issue of the German science fiction magazine phantastisch!, number 33, will be published three months later in number 34, April 2009. This is because of the lenght of the article, which will be about six pages.
See the publisher's website.

Christian also emailed about another article about Farmer, written by Markus Jungvogel, that has been published in the German magazine Nautilus Abenteuer & Phantastik #57. Individual copies can only be bought in Germany, the publisher does not sell these to other countries. I could not get a copy from them, so I am trying to get the information about the article from Christian, before I can publish what this article is about exactly.
See the publisher's website.

Korean edition of The Lovers
21 November 2008

For a very long time I suspected that there must have been translations of Phil Farmer's work in Korea and China, but I could not find any proof of that. Mainly because of the to me strange characters of the Chinese and Korean language.

But finally some proof has been found of at least one Korean translation, of the novel The Lovers (연인들). This novel by Philip José Farmer (필립 호세 파머 in Korean) has been published by Nagyong munhwa in 1992.
The new information has been added on the book page.

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Discovered publication
16 November 2008

The story "Sail On! Sail On!" has had fifty-two publications worldwide since its first publication in December 1952. Well, make that fifty-three, because Lee Barry (US) has discovered an undated second printing of the anthology The Road to Science Fiction #3, edited by James Gunn, from publisher Mentor. This book has probably been published in 1980 or 1981. The book number and the cover price have been changed, but the cover illustration, by Paul Stinson, is the same as with the first printing.
Thanks for the information and the cover scan Lee!

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Spanish translation of The Peerless Peer
12 November 2008

The novella The Adventure of the Peerless Peer has had two publications in the mid 1970s. Just this year it has been reprinted and included in the new collection Venus on the Half-Shell and Others.
Only one published translation has been known till now, with the French publication in 1975.
Online we discovered another translation, into the Spanish language, La Aventura del Par sinpar. Not as a printed book, but the complete text can be read on the internet, see here. It seems to be an illegal publication, and even the cover of the original Dell paperback has been photoshopped with the Spanish title.

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Australian fanzine SF Commentary
11 November 2008

Thirty-five years ago, on May 9, 1973, Farmer wrote a letter and sent it to Bruce Gillespie in Australia. Bruce published the letter in his fanzine, SF Commentary Issue 35-36-37 of July-August-September 1973.
I have been searching for years for a copy of this very rare triple-issue fanzine of 146 pages, and finally found one for sale.
In the short letter from Phil he gives his opinion about the war in Vietnam, "...the Vietnamese people would have been far better off if the USA had stayed out...", and about Nixon, "...Nixon is being revealed as what many of us know he was all along: a petty, mean, cruel, and dishonest man...".

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Six German printings more
11 November 2008

The book page of The Fabulous Riverboat is the next page to be restyled. More printings and more scans will be coming on that page. But I am not yet finished, it will take some time before the page is ready to publish it online. You will have to wait for that.

As I am checking every publication against the books in my own collection, or against the information online in case I do not have the books myself, I found a serious source on the internet with new information on several German printings.
And also six extra printings of the German edition of To Your Scattered Bodies Go (Die Flußwelt der Zeit) from publisher Heyne. The fifth, seventh, and the ninth till twelfth printings have been added on the book page, which now counts a total of 130 publications!

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Fifth Riverworld book in Germany
9 November 2008

This month, November 2008, will Piper (Germany) publish the fourth novel in the Riverworld series, Das magische Labyrinth (The Magic Labyrinth).

And in December 2008 comes the fifth novel, Die Götter der Flusswelt (Gods of Riverworld). The cover of that book has been published on the site of publisher Piper. On the site you can read that the book will have a bonus story, that hasn't been published before in Germany.

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Finally: the lettered edition!
9 November 2008

In January this year Subterranean Press published the trade edition of Venus on the Half-Shell and Others. Two months later came the numbered and slipcased edition, but we had to wait ten months before the traycased and lettered editions were shipped. The manufacturer of the leather traycases was far behind with its schedule. But here it is finally, and the traycase is as beautiful as might be expected after the previous traycased editions from SubPress (see here and here).

This edition has an extra story not included in the other two editions, the story "The Impotency of Bad Karma". This is the very rare original version of the also in this collection included, somewhat rewritten story "The Last Rise of Nick Adams".

I wrote a review when I received the trade edition. I also discovered something strange in the book, which led to "The Case of the Bellman's Foreword". The results of the investigations in this case can be found on the February news page.

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Third printing of Ace 'Double'
7 November 2008

In 1970 Ace published the Ace Double novel Lord of the Trees | The Mad Goblin. The novels were bound back to back and the book had two covers.
Then years later Ace combined the two novels —and stated this to be the second printing— in an omnibus edition, of which you can see the cover at right.
Only recently I discovered that Ace had reprinted this omnibus edition, and so that there exists a third printing. Today I received a copy and added the information to the pages of both novels.

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Gods of Riverworld in Romania
5 November 2008

The fifth novel in the Riverworld series has finally been published in Romania.
In 2006 Nemira published the first three books in the series. In November 2007 came the fourth part, Labirintul Magic (The Magic Labyrinth), and now in September 2008 came book five, Zeii Lumii Fluviului (Gods of Riverworld).

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Farmerphile #14 received
5 November 2008

A few days ago I received my copy, again signed by Philip José Farmer, of the quarterly magazine Farmerphile, Issue number 14 of October 2008.
In number 13 we had an excerpt from the new novel The Song of Kwasin, and in this issue the very appetizing excerpt from the new novel The Evil in Pemberley House by Philip José Farmer and Win Scott Eckert.
Both novels have yet to be published.

Again a very interesting issue! Mike Croteau, the publisher, introduces Farmerphile Issue Number 14, "...this monster issue...", on The Official PJF Home Page.
You can also order your copy there for $11.

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Added Books
In November eleven new book publications have been added on the book pages.
Gods of Riverworld
The Romanian edition (Zeii Lumii Fluviului) from Nemira, 2008.

Lord of the Trees | The Mad Goblin
The third printing from Ace, early 1980's.

The Lovers
The Korean edition from Nagyong munhwa, 1992.

To Your Scattered Bodies Go
Six German printings from publisher Heyne were added.

Venus on the Half-Shell and Others
The lettered, signed and traycased edition from Subterranean Press, 2008.
Still no exact numbers right now. When the restyling is finished I will give these numbers again.

These are the about numbers, the last time - in November 2006 - they were counted:

1275 publications
750 different covers

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