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Gabutti, Diego - "Fine della storia per il grande inquisitore"
  • (Italian)
    Fantascienza e communismo
    La Salamandra (I Campi Magnetici 12 ), no ISBN, paperback, 01/1979
  • (Italian)
    Christo Marziano
    Sevagram (Fantascienza Book Club 1), no ISBN, hardcover, 11/1984

Tony Roberts

Galache, Alberto - "Presentación"
A foreword to the 2017 Spanish edition of Inside Outside, about this novel and the conflicts therin. He even asks, that if we know the truth, why we want to live another day: «Y pocos conflictos existen tan universales como la necesidad de buscar razones y motivos para continuar viviendo un día más después de haber aprendido la terrible verdad: que este mundo en un infierno.»
  • (Spanish)
    Mundo infierno
    Gigamesh, ISBN 978-84-16035-51-9, trade paperback, 11/2016

Alejandro Terán

Garcia, Christopher J - "A Box of Influence"
The personal experiences and memories of Garcia with PJF's writings. He discovered, when twelve years old, the first few books «...in a box that I knew I shouldn't be looking into. My pops, he had a box where he kept the things he'd rather not have Mom and I looking at.»

Keith Howell

Garrett, Randall - "The Bite of the Asp"
Farmer's story "The Bite of the Asp" had been butchered by the editor of the magazine, Hugo Gernsback, upon publication in Science-Fiction Plus, March 1953, as "The Biological Revolt". Garrett proves that while comparing the original manuscript against the published story, describing "...how a good story was ruined...".

Ron Archer
& Bob Warner

Geddie, Tom - "Philip Jose Farmer"
A short biography and an overview on some of Phil's work, like the Riverworld series, the World of Tiers series, and the Father Carmody stories. Also mentioned is the Wold Newton Family. Phil was one of the guests at Fantasy Fair in June 1982.
  • Fantasy Fair, no ISBN, Convention Program, 06/1982

David Martin

Giannini, A. James - "Afterword"

Giannini describes the use of 'Tiersian therapy' with his patients and says about this novel: "..In reading the fictional re-creation of group process and the individual reaction to it, I felt I was an observer in my own therapetic groups. Though Philip Farmer has never observed any of these sessions, he has reconstructed them accurately..".

Doug Beekman

Giannini, A. James - "Use of Fiction in Therapy"

Article about the results of therapy based on fiction, for example the World of Tiers books by Farmer. This kind of therapy gave Farmer the idea to write Red Orc's Rage, see the previous entry.
  • Psychiatric Times Vol.18 Issue 7, July 2001
  • Online, see here


Gieres, Jean-Marie - "Ethical Issues in Philip José Farmer's 'Trilogy of the Tiers' "

Dissertation [No further information].
  • Privately published - Luxembourg, 1975


Goimard, Jacques - "Présentation"

Foreword, about the major themes Farmer uses in most of his fiction, religion and sex, and how The World of Tiers fits in these themes.

Jean-François Colonna

Goizet, Annette - "Amour, sexualité, érotisme dans The Lovers (Les Amants étrangers) de P.J. Farmer"

Critical essay in this journal, with the theme 'Eros: Science & Fiction Fantastique'.
  • (French)
    Les Cahiers du CERLI Nº 20, -/1991
    [Critical academic journal, published by the Université de Provence.]


Gorman, Ed - "My Time on the River"
Essay about Gorman's love for Farmer's writings, which started at the age of fourteen. More than sixty years later he still admires his work. He has seventeen shelves with books reserved 'for the best of the best', one of these shelves for Farmer. Ed Gorman wrote a Riverworld story for the anthology Tales of Riverworld.
  • Farmerphile Issue No. 15, January 2009
    [Fanzine, edited by Win Scott Eckert & Paul Spiteri.]

Keith Howell

Greenberg, Martin H. - "Introduction"

An introduction to Farmer's life, study and career and to his major literary themes and obsessions. About his writing Greenberg says: "His writing is characterized by rapid pacing, some weakness of plot, a wonderful use of puns, protagonists who are deeply flawed - a quality especially true in his 'heroic' figures - and a deep cynicism that pervades even his humorous work." The stories in this volume are also introduced with a few words.

Michael Booth

Greenberg, Martin H. - "Introduction"

This introduction is the same as the one in the other Classic PJF volume (see previous entry), till the introduction comes to the stories in this volume which are also described with a few words each.
  • The Classic Philip José Farmer 1964-1973
    Crown (Classics of Modern Science Fiction, Volume 5), 
    ISBN 0-517-55545-X, hardcover, 11/1984 
  • (German: "Einleitung")
    Jenseits vom Raum und Zeit
    Heyne (Band 4387), ISBN 3-453-00978-9, paperback, -/1987
    [The combined text of the introductions in both Classic PJF volumes, see previous entry.]

Michael Booth

Greenberg, Martin H. - "Introduction to "The Alley Man""

Greenberg recalls Farmer receiving the Hugo Award in 1953 for "..the Best New Writer in science fiction.." and that he lived up to the honor with "..some of the most innovative work of the last thirty-five years..". Farmer's story is compared to Asimov's "The Ugly Little Boy".
  • The Great SF Stories: #21 (1959), edited by Isaac Asimov and Martin H. Greenberg
    DAW (#823 / UE2428), ISBN 0-88677-428-4, paperback, 06/1990 
    [Also with an introduction by Isaac Asimov.]
  • (Italian: "Introduzione")
    Le grandi storie della fantascienza 21, edited by Isaac Asimov and Martin H. Greenberg
    Armenia, ISBN 88-344-0481-5, paperback, 10/1991
    Bompiani, ISBN 88-452-5155-1, trade paperback, 04/2002
    [Also with an introduction by Isaac Asimov.]
Robin Hidden

Greenberg, Martin H. - "Introduction to "Sail On! Sail On!""

In the year 1952 Farmer's story "The Lovers" got published, "..which was too long for inclusion here..". So the editors picked another important story that "..is almost as remarkable as the former story in its own way..".
  • The Great SF Stories: #14 (1952), edited by Isaac Asimov and Martin H. Greenberg
    DAW (#660 / UE2106), ISBN 0-88677-106-4, paperback, 01/1986
    [Also with an introduction by Isaac Asimov.]
  • (Italian: no title)
    Le grandi storie della fantascienza 14
    , edited by Isaac Asimov and Martin H. Greenberg
    SIAD Edizioni, ISBN 88-443-0135-0, hardcover, 10/1986
    Bompiani, ISBN 88-452-2717-0, trade paperback, 01/1996
    [Also with an introduction by Isaac Asimov.]

Tony Roberts

Greenberg, Martin Harry & Milstead, John W. & Olander, Joseph D. & Warrick, Patricia - "Introduction to "The Sliced-Crosswise Only-on-Tuesday World""
Much had been written about overpopulation and the rising problems with that. «...Rarely does a story project a future of underpopulation, nor do many demographers today predict this future for the world's population. This coincidence of demographic projection and the science fiction writers' vision makes such stories as "The Sliced-Crosswise Only-on-Tuesday World" sociologically meaningful as well as fascinating reading...»
  • Social Problems Through Science Fiction, edited by Martin Harry Greenberg, John W. Milstead, Joseph D. Olander & Patricia S. Warrick
    St. Martin's Press, no ISBN, hardcover, 02/1975
    St. Martin's Press, no ISBN, trade paperback, 02/1975


Grossman, Leigh Ronald - "Philip Jose Farmer (1918-2009)"
Introduction about Farmer's life and writing career, with the story "Riverworld".
  • Sense of Wonder (A Century of Science Fiction), edited by Leigh Ronald Grossman)
    Wildside Press/Swordsmith Books, ISBN 978-1-4344-3074-3, large paperback, 08/2011

Crop / Shutterstock

Gunn, James - "Farmerworld"

A foreword about alternative-history stories to Farmer's story "Sail on! Sail on!".
  • The Road to Science Fiction #3 (From Heinlein to Here), edited by James E. Gunn
    Mentor (ME 1784), ISBN 0-451-61784-3, paperback, 
    Mentor (ME 1910), ISBN 0-451-61910-2, paperback, not dated [= 1980 ?] 2nd
    Mentor (ME 2427), ISBN 0-451-62427-0, paperback, not dated [1981-1982 ?] 3rd
    White Wolf, ISBN 1-565-04821-0, trade paperback, 07/1996

    Scarecrow Press, ISBN 0-8108-4245-9, trade paperback, 05/2002
  • (Polish: "Farmerworld")
    Droga do Science Fiction, tom 3*: Od Heinleina do dzisiaj, edited by James Gunn
    Alfa, ISBN 83-7001-171-3, trade paperback, -/1987
  • (German: "Farmerwelt")
    Von Heinlein bis Farmer, edited by James Gunn
    Heyne, ISBN 3-453-03466-X, paperback, -/1989
  • (Czech: "Farmerworld")
    Od Heinleina po Aldisse, edited by James E. Gunn
    AFSF, ISBN 80-85390-15-9, paperback, -/1994

Paul Stinson

Gunn, James - "Introduction to "After King Kong Fell""

A summary of PJF's live, writing career and his then recent writing projects: a biography of Allan Quartermain, which has never been published, and a screen treatment for the movie 'Doc Savage: Archenemy of Evil', which has never been used. About the story Gunn says: "..Farmer is a grandfather who writes about grandfathers in a way few grandfathers write..".
  • Nebula Award Stories 10, edited by James Gunn
    Harper & Row, ISBN 0-060-11628-5, hardcover, 12/1975
    Victor Gollancz, ISBN 0-575-02059-8, hardcover, -/1975
    Berkley (D3278), SBN 425-03278-7, paperback, 12/1976 
    Corgi, ISBN 0-552-10485-X, paperback, -/1977

Richard Powers

Gunn, James - "Read On! Read On!"
Essay. Phil Farmer's story "Sail On! Sail On!" is used as an example for close-reading to show how reading science fiction is different from the ways in which more traditional fiction is read.

Keith Howell

Gunton, Sharon R. - "Farmer, Philip José 1918-"
After a very short introduction, "...Farmer's most intriguing work, known as the Wold Newton Series, plays with the concept of time and reality, mingling fictional characters with real people...", there are several excerpts of critical essays and reviews. Articles from Leslie A. Fiedler, Franz Rottensteiner, Claudia Jannone, Russell Letson and J.A. Sutherland, and three reviews, from The Times Literary Supplement on The Fabulous Riverboat, by Ross Rosenberg on Jesus on Mars and by Thomas M. Disch on Dark is the Sun.
See also Carolyn Riley (in CLC-1).
  • Contemporary Literary Criticism, CLC-19 (Excerpts from Criticism of the Works of Today's Novelists, Poets, Playwrights, Short Story Writers, Filmmakers, Screenwriters and Other Creative Writers), edited by Sharon R. Gunton
    Gale Research Company, ISBN 0-8103-0121-0, hardcover [no dustjacket], -/1981


Güven, Dr. Sönmez - "Önsöz"

Introduction to The Lovers.
  • (Turkish)
    Ithaki Yayinlari, ISBN 975-8607-63-4, paperback, -/2002


Güven, Dr. Sönmez - "Philip Jose Farmer Neden ve Nasil Kilgore Trout Olmuştu"

Introduction to Venus on the Half-Shell.

Hajime Sorayama

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