I started reading Philip José Farmer's books in the late sixties of the previous century. Some years later I began collecting all of his books and stories. I searched for information about everything Farmer had written and wrote that down on paper. Some of the sources mentioned on the page "Works about PJF" have been used to gather all that information. In 1987 when I had my first computer I organized the information in a database and privately published a very limited and preliminary bibliography in 1989. The project to publish the definitive PJF bibliography halted due to several reasons, but I kept reading and adding new information.
In 1998 I started the project again with new energy and at the end of that year brought the bibliography online. Not in a book as I first intended, and I'm glad that I didn't do just that. Because the information has been growing enormously since it came online, also thanks to these people who have helped me to make this site to what it is today.
I want to thank everyone very much for their contributions!!
  • Russell Wright (Australia)
    mailed the news about a limited, lettered and traycased edition of The Best of Philip José Farmer —he is the proud owner of one of only nine copies and sent some photos of this book— and he added the information of the cover artist of a Greek edition.
  • Jochen Frank (Belgium)
    helped with information about the cover artist of a book.
  • Roger Crombie (Bermuda)
    a friend and a former PJF collector, author of some articles about PJF, helped with books, supplied information about several editions and made a cover scan of 'Secret Hours'. He also donated some books.
  • Georgi Dalakov (Bulgaria)
    sent information about Bulgarian editions and also scanned the covers.
  • Jussi T. Vainikainen (Finland)
    provided information and cover scans of Finnish books.
  • Raimo Nikkonen (Finland)
    editor of the Finnish sf magazine Portti, and compiler of a PJF bibliography, helped me to get most of the Finnish books and magazines.
  • Christian Gitton (France)
    was a regular contributor with information about French publications and he kept me informed about new releases in France.
  • 'Fly Taggart' (France)
    informed me sometimes about new publications and has sent information of an older translated story and scanned the cover of the magazine.
  • Jérémie Chosson (France)
    did once regularly sent me information about new French editions.
  • Christian Endres (Germany)
    brought to our attention the articles about PJF in some German magazines, written by him or someone else, and donated these magazines.
  • John Lochhas (Germany)
    has helped with the names of some uncredited cover artists on German 'pulpy magazines'.
  • Eli Eshed (Israel)
    helped with information of Israelian editions.
  • Ernesto Vegetti (Italy)
    former webmaster and bibliographer of the site with the index of all Italian sf and fantasy. This site and Ernesto personally helped me enormously with information on most of the Italian translations. He scanned many Italian covers and even donated several foreign books and magazines.
  • Day (Japan)
    transliterated the Japanese titles in western characters for this site and helped with many cover scans. He was surprised to discover that I knew more Japanese PJF translations than he did...
  • Laurynas (Lithuania)
    helped with information and cover scans of some of the Lithuanian books.
  • Willem Hettinga (Netherlands)
    a good friend, and a fellow SF collector, helped and still helps with information. He bought while on vacation many translated editions for me, for instance from Portugal, France, Germany and the Czech Republic. He even donated some books, for instance a Russian edition he found in former East-Berlin.
  • Jan Grijze (Netherlands)
    a former SF, PJF and ERB collector, helped when I first started this project in 1987 with lots of information and photocopies of articles, interviews and fanzines. In 2006 he sold many of his PJF items to me, he stopped collecting.
  • Frits Ferwerda (Netherlands)
    a good friend, and a fellow PJF collector, lent me several of his PJF first editions and other books, when I did not have them yet, to scan the covers; he also donated a very rare hardcover edition.
  • Harry Pinkster (Netherlands)
    a friend and former colleague, gave me the idea to bring the PJF Bibliography online in 1998, after he had done the same with his beer label collection. While on vacation I buy local beer for him, so even if there are not that many —or none at all— PJF books to collect I can collect new beer bottles for him. Alas, I have to take the full bottles back home because Harry wants to drink the beers himself...
  • Frouwke Dijkhuizen (Netherlands)
    my former wife for 25 years, for her support while I searched for PJF editions while on vacation in other countries, and for keeping up with me while I did spent so much time at home with my already huge PJF collection and this online bibliography.
  • Michael Damminga (Netherlands)
    a good friend, and a collector of books, magazines and many other collectibles, like blues music and movies, lent me several of his items to scan the covers.
  • Jacques Don (Netherlands)
    a friend and former colleague, who is a regular visitor to Denmark, donated the two Danish book publications.
  • Arek Nakoniecznik (Poland)
    helped with information and cover scans of Polish books.
  • Carlos Silva (Portugal)
    helped with some cover scans and additional information on Portuguese editions.
  • Dan Radulescu (Romania)
    provided information about some Romanian editions.
  • Constantin Dumitru (Romania)
    helped with information of some Romanian editions, and scanned some covers.
  • Roman Sorokin (Russia)
    helped with information about many Russian editions and cover scans; he even donated several Russian books.
  • Andrei Meshavkin (Russia)
    provided information about some Russian editions.
  • Jose Miguel and Rosa Maria (Spain)
    webmasters of a once existing Spanish PJF site, helped with most of the information and cover scans of Spanish translations, before I had my own copies of the books.
  • Arturo Villarubia (Spain)
    provided the information about a new Spanish translation of a story.
  • Hans Persson (Sweden)
    helped with information and cover scans of Swedish translations.
  • Tor Ygdevik (Sweden)
    made a photo of the cover of the Swedish Efter King Kongs Fall for this site.
  • Simon Jones (UK)
    provided the names of the cover artists of several not credited covers.
  • Val Edwards (UK)
    recognized that the uncredited cover artist of the 1983 Sphere edition of The Lord of the Trees is in fact Les Edwards.
  • Lee Barrie (US)
    an ERB and PJF collector, helped me with lots of information. He also bought me several US books by PJF and even got me some items signed by Boris Vallejo. I have exchanged these for copies of Dutch and other foreign ERB books.
  • Michael Croteau (US)
    a PJF collector, and webmaster of The Official PJF Web Page, provided information and photocopies of several items.
  • Rick Beaulieu (US)
    a PJF collector of all (international) publications, and moderator of the former The Official PJF Forum, helped with information and scans of some books.
  • Fred Fischer (US)
    collector of PJF's books published internationally, helped with new information on story publications (reprints), unknown publications of books, and also donated anthologies, magazines and fanzines.
  • Daniel Getz (US)
    a PJF collector, had regularly helped with information, scans and books by or about PJF. He also made copies for me of a taped interview with PJF and of the Riverworld (2003) movie.
  • Craig Kimber (US)
    a fellow PJF collector, helped with the cover scans of two German pulp editions and donated a Tarzan comic with a published letter by PJF.
  • William D. Vernon (US)
    helped with a cover scan of a book with his interview with PJF in it, and donated both volumes of The Sound of Wonder.
  • Roger Reus (US)
    helped with missing information, for instance on the contents of the fanzine Wold Atlas #4 and missing letters.
  • George H. Scheetz (US)
    one-time editor of Farmerage, and good friend of the Farmers, has sent information about a published letter in the fanzine Philosophical Gas.
  • Jean-Marc Lofficier (US)
    provided information and made cover scans of several older French editions in the early days of this online bibliography.
  • Andrew J. Breitenbach (US)
    helped with information about the cover artist of a book.
  • Don Glover (US)
    provided information about the cover artist of a program book.
  • Marc Witz (US)
    informed us about the cover artist (Fred Pfeiffer) of the 1975 Bantam edition of Doc Savage. Years later Win Scott Eckert discovered that the cover art actually had been done by Roger Kastel.

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