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Naha, Ed - "Farmer, Philip José"

Entry, about Farmer bursting upon the sf scene in 1952 with "The Lovers" and how he "...continued to pen interesting tales along sexual, emotional lines, including A Woman a Day (1953) and "Rastignac the Devil" (1954)...". Several more stories and novels are briefly mentioned, like the "Father Carmody" series, The World of Tiers series and Riverworld.
  • The Science Fictionary (An A-Z Guide to the World of SF Authors, Films & TV Shows), by Ed Naha
    Seaview Books, ISBN 0-87223-619-6, hardcover, 12/1980
    Wideview Books, ISBN 0-87223-629-3, trade paperback, 


Nati, Maurizio & Pergameno, Sandro - "Philip Josè Farmer"
PJF's name was written with a wrong accent on José. A portrait about the life and writing career of Philip José Farmer, mentioning and discussing most of his work written till then. Farmer had a huge influence on science fiction, according to the writers. A bibliography of the Italian publications is included.
Also in the magazine Farmer's story "Il mondo a fette solo-di-martedì" ("The Sliced-Crosswise Only-on-Tuesday World").
  • (Italian)
    Volume 1, No. 1, May 1976

Oliviero Berni

Németh, Attila - "Philip José Farmer (1918 - 2009)"
A remembrance of Farmer's life and writing career, with works about Tarzan and Doc Savage, his follow-ups on the works by Jules Verne, Herman Melville and Kurt Vonnegut, Farmer's Riverworld series and more.
In this issue also a translation of "The Voice of the Sonar in My Vermiform Appendix".
  • (Hungarian)
    Galaktika #229, April 2009

Jack Zhang

Neurox, Slide - "Le cas Philip José Farmer"
A long essay, a 'dossier', about the themes and ideas in Farmer's work, like his use of the alter-egos Peter Jarus Frigate and Paul Janus Finnegan, sex in science fiction, religion, his myths.
Neurox: "...Voilà. J'espère avoir avoir un peu éclairé ceux qui connaissent le prolifique Farmer, intrigué ceux qui l'ignorent encore et satisfait ceux qui aiment ses livres. Inutile de préciser que ce dossier est incomplet, tant est riche son oeuvre...."
  • (French)
    Planète à Vendre! n° 9R/033, February-March 1992
    [Illustrated by Vincent. The fanzine has the top right cover cut off with each issue.]

J. Toni

Nevins, Jess - "This Shadow Hanging over Me is No Trick of the Light"

  • Myths for the Modern Age (Philip José Farmer's Wold Newton Universe), edited by Win Scott Eckert
    MonkeyBrain Books, ISBN 1-932265-14-7, trade paperback, 10/2005
  • Online: read it here

John Picacio

Nicholls, Peter - "Introduction"
Farmer wrote a comment on seven points of the introduction.


Nikkonen, Raimo - "Philip Jose Farmerin bibliografia"

A very thorough bibliography of Farmer's book publications until 1984. It lists every known US and UK edition, and only one foreign - not a Finnish but a French - edition. Both the article and the bibliography are heavily illustrated with many book covers.
  • (Finnish)
    Portti, Issue 1/1984
    [A special Philip José Farmer issue, with an article by Ari Harenko, this bibliography, the story "Äiti" ("Mother") and a Farmer oriented cover illustration.]

Reijo Purontakanen

Nikolavitch, Alex - "Préface"
A foreword in this huge omnibus with all seven World of Tiers novels, about the influences Farmer had with these novels. As Edgar Rice Burroughs and William Blake. Also a critical look at every one of the seven novels included.


Nowak, Ludovic - "Lorsque José ose (1)- Vienne: Le rut comme but"
Essay about Farmer and the influences in his work from Sherlock Holmes and Sigmund Freud, his love for exotic, erotic and religious stories. Farmer chooses for the absurd and strange or controversial tales rather than for the more common ones.
See also the next two entries.
  • (French)
    Proxima Nº 5, 02/1985 (1st trimester 1985)

Benoît Bonte

Nowak, Ludovic - "Lorsque José ose (2)- Deuxième partie: Le voile ôté"
Remove the veil, means the last part of the French title. The veil from subjects like sexuality, something Farmer did with his novels The Lovers, Flesh, The Image of the Beast and Blown for instance. Nowak reviews these works and others in his essay.
See also the entry above and the one below.
  • (French)
    Proxima Nº 6, 05/1985 (2nd trimester 1985)
    [This issue also includes Farmer's story "Patrouille de l'aube", translation of "The Henry Miller Dawn Patrol".]

Patrick Marcel

Nowak, Ludovic - "Lorsque José ose (3)- Troisième partie: Le tigre et le chibre"
The third part of Nowak's essay about Farmer and his work is mainly about the sexuality and erotism in his stories. This time in combination with the influences Phil Farmer's work had from Edgar Rice Burroughs and his Tarzan stories.
See also the two entries above.
  • (French)
    Proxima Nº 7, 08/1985 (3rd trimester 1985)
    [This issue also includes Farmer's story "Le moindre de deux maux", translation of "The Leaser of Two Evils".]


Nuninga, Zacharias L.A. - "Bibliography"
This Philip José Farmer bibliography lists first printings of books and first publications of shorter works, plus any revised or expanded versions. Also all the non-fiction by Farmer. Period: 1946-2018.

  • The Philip José Farmer Centennial Collection, edited by Michael Croteau
    Meteor House, ISBN 978-1-945427-12-1, hardcover, 07/2018

    Meteor House, ISBN 978-1-945427-11-4, trade paperback, 07/2018
    Meteor House, ISBN 978-1-945427-15-2, deluxe hardcover, 09/2018

Mark Wheatley

Nuninga, Rias - "The International Appeal of Philip José Farmer"
The first meeting with Farmer in translated form, with German and Dutch books, and the reason to start buying and then collecting the original US editions and all the other editions worldwide. In the article also some statistics about PJF's published work around the world.

Charles Berlin

Oppenheim, Ph.D., Dr. Bennett L. - "The Smartest Man in the World, or, Admiring Philip José Farmer"
Another tribute to Farmer and his work in Farmerphile, "...a tribute fanzine to one of the most important and influential writers to grace the "sci-fi" landscape in our lifetime..." according to Oppenheim, who tells us what influences Farmer has had and still has on his personal and professional life.

Jason Robert Bell

Oth, René - "Jenseits der Grenzen. Philip José Farmers Ausflüge"

Introduction. An article about Farmer breaking the taboos of sex and religion in science fiction, discussing along the way The Lovers, the stories in the collection Strange Relations and some of the stories about Father Carmody, none of which are included in this German collection however. The stories included in this collection "..give the reader exciting and exotic travels through time and space till the end of consciousness..".

Olga Rinne

Oth, René - "Weltenmacher in Philip José Farmers Wissenschafts- märchen"

[No further information]
  • (German)
    Luxemburger Wort, February 7, 1974
    [Newspaper in Luxembourg]

Oth, René - "Philip José Farmer - Weltenmacher zwischen Eros und Mythos"


Olga Rinne

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