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Palumbo, Donald (ed.) - "Erotic universe"

The relationship between sex and the fantastic in science fiction is explored and discussed in fifteen essays in the volume Erotic Universe. Four of these essays, actually written by Judith Bogert (two essays), Valerie Broege and Leonard G. Heldreth, discusses also work by PJF, especially Flesh, Image of the Beast, Venus on the Half-Shell (wrongly credited to Vonnegut) and the story "Father". The story "My Sister's Brother" and the novels The Lovers and A Woman a Day are also mentioned briefly.
  • Erotic Universe (Sexuality and Fantastic Literature), edited by Donald Palumbo
    Greenwood Press, ISBN 0-313-24101-5, hardcover, -/1986


Penzler, Otto - "After King Kong Fell - Philip José Farmer"

Introduction to the story "After King Kong Fell" about Philip José Farmer and several of his well known works, like Riverworld, The Lovers, Dayworld and Venus on the Half-Shell, and about the story at hand.
  • The Big Book of Adventure Stories, edited by Otto Penzler
    Vintage Crime / Black Lizard, ISBN 978-0-307-47450-6, trade paperback, 05/2011

Rafael DeSoto

Pergameno, Sandro - "Prezentazione"

Introduction about parallel worlds and alternate Earths. A subject written about from the early days in sf, in classic novels as The Blind Spot by Homer Eon Flint & Austin Hall (1921) and Murray Leinster's Sidewise in Time (1934), till more modern writings from John Brunner, Poul Anderson, Keith Laumer, Philip K. Dick and this novel by Philip José Farmer.
  • (Italian)
    Roger Two Hawks
    Nord (Cosmo 156), ISBN 88-429-0158-X, paperback, 
    Nord (Tascabili Fantascienza 24), ISBN 88-429-0759-6, paperback, 03/1994

Boris Vallejo

Pergameno, Sandro - "Prezentazione: Farmer, il dio burlone"

Introduction about the themes in the stories included in this Italian edition of Riverworld and Other Stories and in PJF's work in general, about why Farmer used fictional authors as pseudonym, but as the title (translated: "Farmer, Lord of the tricksters") already indicates, especially about Farmer's use of the trickster as a character in his work.

Michael Whelan

Pergameno, Sandro - "Prezentazione: Philip José Farmer, fabbricante di universi"
Introduction to and overview of Farmer's books and stories, from "The Lovers" and the John Carmody stories to the Riverworld and World of Tiers series, about the diverse styles he successfully used in these and in "Riders of the Purple Wage" for instance.
  • (Italian)
    Il mondo di Lavalite
    Nord (Cosmo Oro 39), ISBN 88-429-0336-1, hardcover, 09/1979
    Nord (Cosmo Oro 39), ISBN 88-429-0336-1, trade paperback, 09/1988

Franco Storchi

Perkins, Michael - "The Essex House Novelists"

This is chapter six from the book, in which Perkins writes about the start of the Essex House line and the 42 books that were published. Farmer is mentioned in this article as one of the major contributors with three novels, The Image of the Beast, Blown and A Feast Unknown: "...Farmer makes probably the best use of a classic science fiction approach to erotic fiction...". Philip José Farmer also has written afterwords in five other authors' books in the Essex House line.
  • The Secret Record (Modern Erotic Literature), by Michael Perkins
    William Morrow, ISBN 0-688-03121-8, hardcover, -/1976
    William Morrow, ISBN 0-688-08121-5, trade paperback, -/1977
    Masquerade Books, ISBN 1-56333-039-3, paperback, -/1992


Perret, Patti - "Philip José Farmer" (photo)
A book with black and white photos of 82 authors. Each is accompanied by a brief essay, comment or poem by the author. Farmer wrote a brief, but funny essay with his picture. All photographs by Patti Perrett.
  • The Faces of Science Fiction, by Patti Perret
    Bluejay Books, ISBN 0-312-94148-X, hardcover, 10/1984
    Bluejay Books, ISBN 0-312-94147-1, trade paperback, 10/1984


Pichaske, David R. - "Philip José Farmer"
Entry with a biography about Farmer's life and work. About his significance Pichaske writes: «Filled with sex, violence, and fictitious religion, Farmer's work appeals to Freudians, Jungians, and science fiction readers, with whom he has achieved the status of a cult writer.»
  • Dictionary of Midwestern Literature (Volume 1: The Authors), edited by Philip A. Greasley
    Indiana University Press, ISBN 0-253-33609-0, hardcover, 05/2001


Platt, Charles - "The Importance of Being Unsophisticated"
Platt calls Farmer "far from being sophisticated, he was enduringly naive". He had met several literary sophisticated people, but «...The people were horribly unimaginative. Their lives were limited. Their ideas were boring...».

Laura Givens

Platt, Charles - "The Strange Relations of Philip José Farmer"

Essay. An exploration of the biological ideas Farmer used in these books: Strange Relations (especially in the stories "Mother" and "Daughter"), Flesh, The Lovers and The Alley God (especially the story "The Alley Man"). Platt states that despite some shortcomings "...Farmer has written truly remarkable stories around fascinating biological ideas."
The essay is illustrated by Brian McCabe, who also did the cover. The front cover is illustrating the novel Flesh.
  • Zenith Speculation #7, December 1964
    [UK fanzine, edited by Peter R. Weston.]

Brian McCabe

Pohl, Frederik - "Foreword: The Bravest Writer I Knew"
In his introduction Pohl describes an anecdote with Phil about his middle name José, which is often misspelled but even more so wrongly pronounced, as Pohl himself did. About Phil: «Science-fiction writers are required by law to have good imaginations, but a writer who can imagine in plausible detail alien races, planets, and institutions enough to keep a dozen different series lines going over a period of years earns my admiration for his courage. He took chances way beyond the daring of most writers, and made them all work.».

Keith Howell

Pohl, Frederik - "Guest of Honor: Philip José Farmer"
The essay starts about Phil's first steps in his career as a science fiction writer, with the story "The Lovers": «...it happened to be a very good story. It still is...». Pohl continues with some of Farmer's other work, and finally explains the how and why of his middle name, José.
  • RiverCon XX, September 1995
    [Prgram Book, edited by Bob Roehm. The front and back cover of the prgram book is credited to the four 'Special Artist Guests': Alan Clark, Debbie Hughes, Mark Maxwell, and Kevin Ward.]

Alan Clark, Debbie Hughes, Mark Maxwell,
& Kevin Ward

Post, J.B. - "A Look At Sex In SF"

Essay and review of Farmer's The Image of the Beast, published by Essex House in 1968. Post likes the book, although the story could do without the erotic passages, and wants more: «...Mr. Farmer presents some interesting ideas about vampires etc. but more questions are raised than settled. Hopefully in ensuing volumes these questions can be put to rest...»
In the same issue is a far less positive piece about the same book by Ted White; see here. And in issue # 465 a very positive essay by Norman Spinrad, see here.
  • Science Fiction Times #464, March 1969
    [Fanzine, edited by Ann F. Dietz.]


Power, Dennis E. - "Afterword"
A lengthy essay –25 pages– about this novel, with comparisons and references to other author's work, like Walter Miller's A Canticle for Leibowitz. And works by Sir James George Frazer, Robert Graves and Joseph Campbell. Power: «...It might be easy to categorize Flesh simply as a post-apocalyptic novel that involves a fertility cult. ... as in most of his works, there is more going on than first meets the eye...»
  • Flesh
    Titan Books, ISBN 978-1-78116-301-6, trade paperback, 08/2013


Power, Dennis E. - "Asian Detectives in the Wold Newton Family"
  • Myths for the Modern Age (Philip José Farmer's Wold Newton Universe), edited by Win Scott Eckert
    MonkeyBrain Books, ISBN 1-932265-14-7, trade paperback, 10/2005
  • Online: read it here

John Picacio

Power, Dennis E. - "Creative Mythography: The Conundrums of Kickaha"
Article, which starts with: "The character of Paul Janus Finnegan, or Kickaha, presents the Farmerian scholar with a few mysteries; that of his lineage, his parentage and the conundrum of his existence." With this article Power tries to solve the mysteries and riddles around Kickaha.
  • Farmerphile Issue No. 7, January 2007
    [Fanzine, edited by Christopher Paul Carey & Paul Spiteri.]

Shannon Robicheaux

Power, Dennis E. - "Images of the Soul"
An article about the possible connection between the otherwise unrelated Traitor to the Living and the Riverworld series.
  • Farmerphile Issue No. 8, April 2007
    [Fanzine, edited by Christopher Paul Carey & Paul Spiteri.]

Keith Howell

Power, Dennis E. - "Jungle Brothers, or, Secrets of the Jungle Lords" Article.
  • Myths for the Modern Age (Philip José Farmer's Wold Newton Universe), edited by Win Scott Eckert
    MonkeyBrain Books, ISBN 1-932265-14-7, trade paperback, 10/2005
  • Online: read it here
    [As by David Vincent, Jr.]

John Picacio

Power, Dennis E. - "Oh the Humanity"
What is the connection between Farmer's novels The Green Odyssey, Jesus on Mars, Dare, The Other Log of Phileas Fogg, A Barnstormer in Oz, the World of Tiers and the Riverworld series?
Leave it up to Power to come up with a theory about this surprising connection.
  • Farmerphile Issue No. 14, October 2008
    [Fanzine, edited by Win Scott Eckert & Paul Spiteri.]

Charles Berlin

Power, Dennis E. - "Philip José Farmer and The Case of the Two Jungle Lords"
A study about the differences, the agreements and the relation between Farmers stories The Adventure of the Peerless Peer and "The Adventure of the Three Madmen". Power makes some very interesting deductions.
  • Farmerphile Issue No. 12, April 2008
    [Fanzine, edited by Win Scott Eckert & Paul Spiteri.]
  • The Best of Farmerphile, edited by Michael Croteau
    Meteor House, ISBN 978-1-945427-08-4, hardcover, 07/2017
    Meteor House, ISBN 978-1-945427-07-7, trade paperback, 07/2017

Keith Howell

Power, Dennis E. - "The River Not Taken"
A description of the differences between the original Riverworld story Owe for the Flesh – much later published as River of Eternity – and the first two published Riverworld novellas "Day of the Great Shout" and "The Suicide Express". Included with the essay is a four page letter from Phil to editor Frederik Pohl, in which he explains more ideas for the first novella, and his ideas and outline for yet another story "In the Valley". That story was never written.
  • Farmerphile Issue No. 15, January 2009
    [Fanzine, edited by Win Scott Eckert & Paul Spiteri.]

Keith Howell

Power, Dennis E. - "White-Skinned Grey-Eyed God"
Article in which Power researches the origin of the name or names of Tarzan, or Zan Tar, or Sahhindar, or ....
  • Farmerphile Issue No. 9, July 2007
    [Fanzine, edited by Christopher Paul Carey & Paul Spiteri.]

Charles Berlin

Power, Dennis E. - "When Day Breaks the Stone God Awaits"
Are the worlds of Ulysses Singing Bear -in The Stone God Awakens- and the Dayworld series the same? Or otherwise related? Because stoning technology is used in both worlds. In the article all kinds of connections are being made between these and other PJF stories.
  • Farmerphile Issue No. 10, October 2007
    [Fanzine, edited by Win Scott Eckert & Paul Spiteri.]
  • The Best of Farmerphile, edited by Michael Croteau
    Meteor House, ISBN 978-1-945427-08-4, hardcover, 07/2017
    Meteor House, ISBN 978-1-945427-07-7, trade paperback, 07/2017

Jason Robert Bell

Power, Dennis E. & Coogan, Dr. Peter M. - "John Carter: Torn from Phoenician Dreams"

  • Myths for the Modern Age (Philip José Farmer's Wold Newton Universe), edited by Win Scott Eckert
    MonkeyBrain Books, ISBN 1-932265-14-7, trade paperback, 10/2005
  • Online: read it here

John Picacio

Powers, Richard Gid - "Introduction"

This introduction is followed by Farmer's comments.


Powers, Richard Gid - "Introduction"


Preiss, Byron - "Introduction"
An introduction to the story "Greatheart Silver in Showdown at Shootout".
  • Weird Heroes - Volume 1, edited by Byron Preiss
    Pyramid (A3746), ISBN 0-515-03746-X, paperback, 10/1975
    Ibooks, ISBN 0-7434-7955-6, paperback, 04/2004
    [Also with an author's foreword and afterword by PJF.]

Jim Steranko

Preiss, Byron - "Introduction"
An introduction to the story "The Return of Greatheart Silver".
  • Weird Heroes - Volume 2, edited by Byron Preiss
    Pyramid (A4044), ISBN 0-515-04044-4, paperback, 12/1975
    [Also with an author's foreword.]

Jim Steranko

Preiss, Byron - "Introduction"

An introduction to the story "Greatheart Silver in the First Command".
  • Weird Heroes - Volume 6, edited by Byron Preiss
    Pyramid (M4037), ISBN 0-515-04037-1, paperback, 04/1977

Steve Hickman

Preiss, Byron - "Introduction"

An introduction to the story "Savage Shadow".
  • Weird Heroes - Volume 8, edited by Byron Preiss
    Jove/HBJ (M4257), ISBN 0-515-04257-9, paperback, 11/1977
    [Also a foreword by PJF.]

Steve Hickman

Pringle, David - "A Feast Unknown"

Critical essay and review of the novel A Feast Unknown. "...It has a strong sexual (and specifically sado-masochistic) content which many readers may find repugnant. Certainly, it is unsuitable for children. However, it is not merely a sick and exploitative exercise in 'talking dirty': it is written with a verve and imaginative force which have kept the book alive. At times it is very funny, but it can be seen to have a serious purpose ... a fantasy-romance quite unlike any other in modern popular fiction..."
  • Modern Fantasy: The Hundred Best Novels, edited by David Pringle
    Grafton, ISBN 0-246-13214-0, hardcover, -/1988
    Grafton, ISBN 9-246-13420-8, trade paperback, -/1988 
    Peter Bedrick, ISBN 0-87226-328-2, hardcover, -/1989
    Peter Bedrick, ISBN 0-87226-219-7, trade paperback, -/1989

Max Ernst

Pringle, David - "Philip José Farmer"

Entry, with an overview of PJF's writing career, mentioning along the way -with a brief summary- every major novel, story or series.

Dave Christensen

Pringle, David - "Philip José Farmer"

Entry, a short introduction to his writing: "Besides being an enormously inventive and daring sub-creator of his own astonishing world, Farmer is also a kind of Midas, in that his literary touch turns pulp icons into gold."
  • The Ultimate Encyclopedia of Science Fiction (The Definitive Illustrated Guide), edited by David Pringle
    Carlton Books, ISBN 1-85868-188-X, hardcover, -/1996
    JG Press, ISBN 1-57215-212-5, hardcover, -/1996 

from the film Metropolis

Pringle, David - "The Unreasoning Mask"
Critical essay/review in which Pringle praises PJF's The Unreasoning Mask highly: "...a late work which shows us Farmer at his most intriguing ... The Unreasoning Mask is a metaphysical space opera on the grandest scale ... this is a work of outrageously extravagant fancy, narrated for the most part in rather dry style... it is a a very odd book from a wayward talent...".
  • Science Fiction: The 100 Best Novels, by David Pringle
    Xanadu, ISBN 0-947761-11-X, hardcover, 10/1985
    Xanadu, ISBN 0-947761-10-1, trade paperback, 10/1985
    Carroll & Graf, ISBN 0-88184-259-1, hardcover, -/1986
    Carroll & Graf, ISBN 0-88184-346-6, trade paperback, -/1987
    Carroll & Graf, ISBN 0-7867-0481-0, trade paperback, -/1997


Pringle, David and Clute, John - "Philip José Farmer"

Entry. This article is with permission of the authors published on this site, as "The Most Anarchic SF Writer".
  • The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction, edited by John Clute and Peter Nicholls
    Orbit, ISBN 1-85723-124-4, hardcover, -/1993
    St.Martin's Press, ISBN 0-312-09618-6, hardcover, -/1993
    St.Martin's/Griffin, ISBN 0-312-13486-X, trade paperback, 11/1995
    [With an updated supplement.]
    SFBC (no #), no ISBN, hardcover, 02/1996
    [With an updated supplement.]
    Orbit, ISBN 1-85723-897-4, trade paperback, 11/1999
    [Updated version.]
  • Grolier Science Fiction: The Multimedia Encyclopedia of Science Fiction
    Grolier, CD-Rom, 1996
    [An updated version from the 1993 book.]
  • ("The Most Anarchic SF Writer")
    Online: read it on this website.
  • (Spanish: "El excritor más anárquico de la ciencia ficción")
    La odisea de Green (Delirio Ciencia Ficción 130), trade paperback, 10/2019

Chris Moore

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