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Zelazny, Roger - "Foreword"

Back when it came out Zelazny had enjoyed Night of Light, where he first encountered Father Carmody. Roger Zelazny knew there were more stories about him, but came accross only one of them. So, "...it is good to see all of Father Carmody together in one place. He is an interesting person, leading a colorful life."

Janny Wurtz

Zelazny, Roger - "Introduction"

It is with high praise that Zelazny writes of Farmer and the publication of this third novel in the World of Tiers series. He had read the first two novels in this series, which "were of the adventure-romance sort, and I felt they were exceedingly good examples of the type. They are different from his other stories, styles, themes, different even from each other, and hence, as always, incomparable."

Jack Gaughan

Zelazny, Roger - "Introduction"

Zelazny cites several others and himself to show that "...Philip José Farmer is a difficult - perhaps impossible - author to categorize simply...". He then describes the different aspects of PJF's writing, "...the man who has written everything from sex novels to religious allegory, from highly experimental stories to tales of grand cosmological contrivance...", giving examples along the way. "...There are writers who become masters of a certain kind of story and spend their lives repeating themselves and running variations. Philip José Farmer is not one of these. As I was saying... I have been most impressed by the range of his imagination...".
  • To Your Scattered Bodies Go
    The Easton Press (The Masterpieces of Science Fiction), no ISBN, hardcover [no dustjacket], -/1986
    [Reprinted -/2000, with different cover illustration.]

Richard Powers

Zelazny, Roger - "Philip José Farmer"

An appreciation of PJF, where Zelazny writes about his admiration and even confesses that his own Amber series owes a lot to Phil's World of Tiers series. He believes that sooner or later everyone steals from Phil. Zelazny: "...There never was another writer like Philip José Farmer and there never will be again. Treasure him...".
There is also a PJF bibliography till 1979, which gives As You Desire as a published book (it's not).
The cover depicts a scene from PJF's The Wind Whales of Ishmael.
  • Norwescon 2
    Northwest Convention Fandom Inc., Program Book, 03/1979
William Warren, Jr.

Zeuschner, Bob - 
"Essex House, Tarzan and Time's Last Gift"
  • Farmerphile Issue No. 3, January 2006
    [Fanzine, edited by Christopher Paul Carey & Paul Spiteri.]
  • The Best of Farmerphile, edited by Michael Croteau
    Meteor House, ISBN 978-1-945427-08-4, hardcover, 07/2017
    Meteor House, ISBN 978-1-945427-07-7, trade paperback, 07/2017
Charles Berlin

Živković, Zoran - "Philip José Farmer"
Essay about the start of Farmer's writing career, about the publication of "The Lovers" and mentioning most of his novels and series. Like Wold Newton, Opar, World of Tiers, and Riverworld.
Ivica Bartolić
& Ljudevit Gaj

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