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Kastner, Jörg - "Mowgli, Kapitän Nemo und der bemerkenswerte Wurm"
Subtitle: "Sherlock Holmes und Philip José Farmer"
Essay, in which Kastner describes the Sherlock Holmes related stories by Farmer: The Other Log of Phileas Fogg, "The Problem of the Sore-Bridge — Among Others", "A Scarletin Study", Ironcastle, and The Adventure of the Peerless Peer.
  • (German)
    The Soft-Nosed Bullett-In Nr. 1, January 1989
    [Magazine of the German Sherlock-Holmes-Gesellschaft "Von Herder Airguns. Ltd.", edited by Kathrin Jaeck & Corinna Koch.]


Kastner, Jörg - ""Neues" aus Peoria"
Subtitle: "Philip José Farmer in Deutschland - Die letzten fünf Jahre"

An essay and review of the publications of Farmer's work in Germany for the past five years. Books as Das phantastische Land (Ironcastle), Dayworld (Dayworld), Weltraum Aventüren (The Grand Adventure), and Jenseits von Raum und Zeit (The Classic Philip José Farmer).
  • (German)
    Science Fiction Times Vol.32 #9, September 1990
    [Critical magazine, edited by Harald Pusch.]


Kastner, Jörg - "Wider die Etikettierer"
Subtitle: "Philip José Farmers Fleisch und die (Selbst-)Zensur"

A very long and thorough essay, and review, about the three translated novels in the German omnibus Fleisch: The Image of the Beast, Blown and Flesh. The German publishers didn't dare to publish the two 'pornographic' novels, The Image of the Beast and Blown, till this publication in 1989. Only Flesh had been translated before (in 1971), and published in a much censored version as Der Sonnenheld.
  • (German)
    Science Fiction Times Vol.32 #8, August 1990
    [Critical magazine, edited by Harald Pusch.]

Gabriele L. Berndt

Kastner, Jörg - "Zwischen Sex und Religion"
Subtitle: "Die Phantastischen Welten des Philip José Farmer"
A very long and thorough essay about Farmer and the main themes in his fiction, sex and religion, but also biology, Tarzan and Farmer's use of other author's works to write 'sequels'. A great deal of Farmer's oeuvre is mentioned in this essay.
  • (German)
    Phantastische Zeiten Issue 5/88 (Heft 6, October 1988)
    [Multi media magazine, edited by Michael Uffelmann.]


Katz, Harvey A. & Warrick, Patricia S. & Greenberg, Martin H. - "Mother"
An introduction about the psychological aspects of Farmer's story "Mother", a story of a mother-son relationship. The son has not resolved his Oedipus complex. «...The ending of the story is quite powerful psychologically...».
  • Introductory Psychology through Science Fiction, edited by Harvey A. Katz, Patricia S .Warrick & Martin H. Greenberg
    Rand McNally College Publishing Company, ISBN 0-528-62001-6, trade paperback, 07/1974
    Rand McNally College Publishing Company, ISBN 0-528-62055-X, trade paperback, 01/1977 (2nd)

Todd Sanders

Kemball-Cook, Jessica - "SF Conglomerate"

[No further information.]
  • New Society 36, May 27, 1976

Kemmler, Olaf - "Ein schrecklich ungezogenes Kind"
Article in which Kemmler gives an introduction and overview of the life and career of this 'enfant terrible' of the science fiction world. Many of Farmer's best works are mentioned along the way in this thorough and six pages long article.
  • (German)
    phantastisch! No. 28, October 2007

Michael Gottfried

Kiausch, Usch -"Kidnapping Tarzan and Frankenstein"

A shortened transcript of a dialog between Brian Aldiss and Philip José Farmer, held one evening (March 23rd) at the 1990 Conference on the Fantastic in the Arts, the eleventh annual IAFA conference, at Fort Lauderdale in Florida. Both authors are talking about their stories based on other writers' work, like Venus on a Half-Shell and Frankenstein Unbound, and why they choose to do so. Also about their disappointment about books, The Unreasoning Mask and Report on Probability A, that did not get the attention from the readers they deserved.
  • (German)
    Das Science Fiction Jahr 1991, edited by Wolgang Jeschke
    Heyne (Band 4760), ISBN 3-453-04471-1, paperback, -/1991
Patrick Woodroffe

Kindt, Annemarie - "...Zie ik brede rivieren..."

Article about the Riverworld and Farmer's writing career in general on the occasion of the publication of the first two Riverworld books in the Netherlands. The author concludes that the books are very badly translated ("...stupid, careless and blunt...") and she urges the readers to buy and read the books in English "...because they are worth it...".
  • (Dutch)
    Holland SF Vol. 13, No. 2, March 1979
    [Clubzine, edited by Annemarie Kindt.]


Klein, Gérard - "Philip José Farmer ou Comment devenir un petit dieu (1)"
[No further information.]
  • (French)
    Fiction Nr. 174, May 1968
  • Online: read it here

Philippe Druillet

Klein, Gérard - "Philip José Farmer ou Comment devenir un petit dieu (2)"
[No further information.]
  • (French)
    Fiction Nr. 175, June 1968
  • Online: read it here

Mario Sarchielli

Klein, Gérard - "Préface"

A lenghty foreword - twenty pages long - to the French edition of the novel Inside Outside.

Jackie Paternoster

Klein, Gérard - "Présentation"
An introduction to what is called Farmer's opus magnum, the complete Riverworld series, published in France in two boxed omnibuses.
  • (French)
    Le Cycle du Fleuve, volume 1
    Robert Laffont (Ailleurs & Demain), ISBN 2-221-10076-X, trade paperback, 11/2003

Jurgen Ziewe

Klein, Jerry - "Writing Peorian Comes Home"
Article by the journalist Klein, based on an interview he had with Phil, about Farmer's life and work, like The Lovers, To Your Scattered Bodies Go, his plans for the biography Tarzan Alive, and the reason of his move back to Peoria.
  • Peoria Journal Star, Sunday, February 7, 1971
    [Local newspaper. With a photo of Farmer.]
  • "Philip José Farmer: Out of Confusion, Surprise", by Ed Conner
    Moebius Trip
    Issue # 8, March/April 1971

    [Fanzine, edited by Edward C. Connor. This article includes and completely reprints the newspaper article. Conner added some 'forewords' and 'afterwords'.]

David Lewton

Knight, Bill - "Tarzan's Illinois Roots"

A review essay about PJF's The Dark Heart of Time (a Tarzan Novel), which "...features treasure hunting, betrayal, escapes from certain doom, and ambitious interpretations of history and religion, and the wry wit Farmer brings to all of his writing..." and about John Taliaferro's Tarzan Forever (The Life of Edgar Rice Burroughs, Creator of Tarzan). It's called a shame that the Illinois State Library is not giving Edgar Rice Burroughs credit for being an Illinois author.
  • Illinois Issues Volume XXV, No.10, October 1999
    [Magazine of the University of Illinois at Springfield.]

Knight, Tracy - "Afterword"
Some nice words how this story came to be, after more than three decades lying in Farmer's basement and finished by Danny Adams, "This novella is truly a product of timelessness and folded space." Knight much enjoyed the story.

Dominic Harman

Knight, Tracy - "Foreword"
Three quotes were sent by Knight to Farmer over the years. These quotes describes a lot about Farmer's living, thinking and writing.

  • The Philip José Farmer Centennial Collection, edited by Michael Croteau
    Meteor House, ISBN 978-1-945427-12-1, hardcover, 07/2018
    Meteor House, ISBN 978-1-945427-11-4, trade paperback, 07/2018
    Meteor House, ISBN 978-1-945427-15-2, deluxe hardcover, 09/2018

Mark Wheatley

Knight, Tracy - "
A Man Bigger Than His Works" (A Fragmented Appreciation)
  • Farmerphile Issue No. 3, January 2006
    [Fanzine, edited by Christopher Paul Carey & Paul Spiteri.]

Charles Berlin

Knight, Tracy - "The Trickster Awakens: Philip José Farmer and Venus on the Half-Shell"
An article on the how and why Farmer wrote the novel Venus on the Half-Shell, about the trickster motif used herein, and the chasm this book after its publication created "...in the nascent relationship between Farmer and Vonnegut...".
  • Farmerphile Issue No. 5, July 2006
    [Fanzine, edited by Christopher Paul Carey & Paul Spiteri.]
  • The Best of Farmerphile, edited by Michael Croteau
    Meteor House, ISBN 978-1-945427-08-4, hardcover, 07/2017
    Meteor House, ISBN 978-1-945427-07-7, trade paperback, 07/2017

Keith Howell

Körber, Joachim & Kohnle, Uli - "Philip José Farmer - Eine Bibliographie"
A bibliography of the original publications of the books and stories as well of the German translations till 1984. The blibliography has many errors.
  • (German)
    Knaur (Band 5779), ISBN 3-426-05779-4, paperback, 07/1984

Peter Goodfellow

Kramer, Alexandr - "Farmer, Philip José"

Entry about PJF's writing career and work with information about the Czech translations.
  • (Czech) 
    Encyklopedie literatury science fiction, edited by Ondřej Neff and Jaroslav Olša, Jr.
    AFSF, ISBN 80-85390-33-7, hardcover, -/1995
    [Joined publication with H&H, ISBN 80-85787-90-3.]

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